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  1. I will say some of the above reviews sound like brown noser comments.
  2. Agreed about the superstructure music but it apparently isn't an exact copy and has been somewhat modified.
  3. There are a few tracks on the OST that could be concert suites but it doesn't seem they would based on Rose's or Holdo's themes. It's likely the end credits suite will be played at concerts since it features new material.
  4. I say it's always best to form an opinion before hearing or seeing anything.
  5. From what I've read (here and other places), Rose's theme is actually pretty good. Maybe Williams found a new crush.
  6. Don't lose hope yet! The OST is yet to be heard! Will this be the fourth time we've heard this piece in a Star Wars film? 1x Star Wars 2x ROTJ 1x TLJ
  7. Ooh, I hadn't seen that one but I saw a playset (it may have been LEGO?) a while back that had a similar scenario but with other characters as well.
  8. I'm glad I didn't change my vote so I can be right for once.
  9. Since this is a continuation of TFA, it's not surprising there aren't many new themes since most of the returning characters already have established themes. Adding too much more thematic material could have turned into a mess. Williams was pretty thorough with developing themes/motifs in TFA. Even the First Order had a theme/motif in TFA so I hope it is utilized more. What really surprises me is the lack of theme/motif for the Porgs considering how much they've been marketed. Like with TFA, I imagine the OST presentation will be superior to the film version.
  10. Since the cat's out of the bag, what was the spoiler pic?
  11. Seems like some people have abandoned the forum already. I'm going to be selective as to what I read until I see the film on Thursday.
  12. Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! I'm really looking forward to hearing all the new music and new statements of existing themes, particularly Rey's theme. I will say rehashed music is disappointing to me. "Burning Homestead" in TFA was really distracting, but that was tracked in and beyond Williams control at the time. It seems the superstructure chase music was a deliberate choice but not surprising if Johnson really temped the film with only Williams music. Is this in reference to...