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  1. John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    I've heard them, that's why they're not in my playlist.
  2. Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Maybe we'll finally see Poe shirtless this time.
  3. I really have no expectations for Episode IX, score and film, right now. I'm mostly looking forward to more cool renditions of Rey's theme.
  4. John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    "Miracle of the Ark" is the only Indy track in my playlist. I find it to be brilliant, actually. I don't feel the Indy scores to be terrible by any means, they just haven't resonated with me like other blockbuster scores such as SW, HP and JP.
  5. So long he doesn't end it with throne room or binary sunset again, I'm good.
  6. John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    Not sure how unpopular this is, but I'm not the biggest fan of Williams Indy scores. Aside from a few tracks and short round's theme, I just don't feel the love for these scores. Maybe a proper expansion will sway me.
  7. Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Delayed from June to the end of July now? Once Solo is out, Disney will have a good 1.5 years to promote this film without stepping on the toes of another SW film. I'm hoping Abrams will throw a bone every now and again during production like he did with TFA.
  8. On a positive note, an American skated to Doyle's Cinderella last night. It was quite lovely.
  9. Supposedly JarJar was supposed to have a larger role in at least AOTC but Lucas bowed down to the haters and gave us romance instead.
  10. Also, I wouldn't consider the desperation (Holdo) theme to be little at all. It appears at least four times in the film including the big and powerful statement at the climax of the Resistance's most desperate hour.
  11. So, when will someone skate to Rey's theme? It's gonna happen.
  12. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    Based on past polls, TESB (or ET) wins around here. SW is definitely the best SW score, though.
  13. It's interesting that Johnson made Rose more concerned about freeing the abused animals rather than freeing the abused slave children.
  14. Nowadays you can bring the movie with you to the toilet!