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  1. FilmManiac79

    Have you seen E.T. 1982 version on the big screen?

    I saw " E.T." and "The Dark Crystal" as a double feature at the drive ins. Nightmares soon followed (I was 3)
  2. FilmManiac79

    Jerry Goldsmith's Top 10 Scores

    It's a solid score, but it's hardly anything like the original. I like it well enough, but it definitely wont blow you away.
  3. FilmManiac79

    Jerry Goldsmith's Top 10 Scores

    This is no easy task: 1. Poltergeist 2. The Edge 3. Legend 4. Star Trek TMP 5. Lionheart 6. Gremlins 7. The Wind and the Lion 8. The Secret of NIMH 9. Alien 10. King Solomon's Mines And here's 11-20 11. Rudy 12. First Blood 13. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend 14. The Burbs 15. First Knight 16. L.A. Confidential 17. The Final Conflict 18. Under Fire 19. Hoosiers 20. The Boys From Brazil
  4. FilmManiac79

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Just rewatched Jaws 3...I think I'll get this score. I enjoy it more than "Jaws: The Revenge" I'm hoping Jaws 2 gets done next...along with "Jaws" next month for its 40th anniversary. (I really would want a La La Land Elfman/Batman type set for Jaws 1 & 2...but that would be TOO awesome)
  5. FilmManiac79

    Watchmojo Top 10 Movie Score Composers

    It is. So I was wrong about that. I admit it. But sales records is not an indication of how good a soundtrack is. I'm sure a good chunk of the people who bought it, got it solely for that damn Celine Dion song...
  6. FilmManiac79

    Watchmojo Top 10 Movie Score Composers

    Zimmer above Goldsmith? Now now...
  7. A few months ago, the YouTube channel Watchmojo posted their Top Ten Composers list. Thoughts? I'm down with #1 (as I assume most here would be)...but the rest of the list bugs me. What do you think they got wrong?
  8. This is incredible. I've heard a few of the "Empire" tracks before, but none from the other films. Thanks for doing this!
  9. FilmManiac79

    RIP BB King

    Watch out Larry and Stephen...
  10. Listened to the whole thing last night. The OST was great, but the full score was really a treat.
  11. FilmManiac79

    RIP BB King

    I saw him in concert about 7 years ago, and it was probably the best show I've ever seen. First Ben E. King a few weeks ago, and now B.B. King!
  12. FilmManiac79

    The Quick Question Thread

    The AMC (or was it IFC?) special with Spielberg and Williams from a few years ago...is it available anywhere now??
  13. Awesome news! I was crossing my fingers for "Warlock"...and Intrada delivered. I was hoping for "The Ghost and the Darkness"...and they delivered again! Now if La La Land can knock it out of the park with the Williams release that hopefully happenens soon, I can rest easy until TFA...
  14. FilmManiac79

    "Supergirl" DVD

    So this may be old news that doesn't deserve its own thread, but I had to bring it up. So I had rented "Supergirl" from Netflix, just so I could hear the Goldsmith score in action. Right away, I was caught off guard when the menu popped up, and John Williams "Superman" theme was playing! Anyone else ever notice this? Could this have been an accident by someone who worked on the DVD? I know there's the one track from the score with the 25% composed by Williams for the short Superman reference, but its crazy that the music would play during the menu. Anyone?