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  1. Same in the sense I saw Jedi first. Gladly erased the ewoks from memory by the time of the others.
  2. Having watched Star Trek's II and III lately (plus IV), I primarily revisited my Horner scores. They've held a fix on me since I was little when I was plumped in front of the TV watching anything whilst mum did housework (this believe, III is my most watched Trek movie to this day). But outside of hearing Dad play John Barry of a night, Horner (next to Barry Gray in Thunderbirds et al) was mine somehow. So often have I watched II and III that listening to certain tracks I can picture the scenes to a T. Anyway, I put together for my phone a playlist for the train (the crème if not THE crème de la crème of his ST works) Prologue and Main Title (III) Enterprise Clears Moorings, Surprise Attack, Kirk's Explosive Reply, Battle of the Mutara Nebula, Enterprise Attacks Reliant, Genesis Countdown (II) Stealing the Enterprise, Spock Endures Pon Farr, Bird of Prey Decloaks, A Fighting Chance to Live (I once edited it on my laptop as Sixty Seconds to Live, weirdly), Genesis Destroyed and End Titles (III) It's taken until now to fully appreciate the separate themes. I read in the liner notes how there's Kirk's theme, Spock's and the Enterprise's. Now Spock's I know well enough but Kirk's always seemed interchangeable with Enterprise. I always claim to be tone deaf and on my time here, I'm none the wiser about specific terms. Anyway, this week I got a handle for Kirk's theme. I'd ramble on further about each track but needless to say, I always enjoy the sweeping of the theme (and how III's is just enough different to II, great shame Horner somehow couldn't do IV- I know there's reasons why but it round out the 'trilogy' perfectly), the near nautical sound of Enterprise Clears Moorings (how great music is that a scene taken from The Motion Picture seems vastly different with a different composer. Both great of course), how even to this day after several viewings/listens, both Surprise Attack and Stealing the Enterprise still ratchets up the tension. With the former you can picture the two ships closing in and that last dialogue: "Lock phasers on target"/"They're locking phasers" and with the latter, the closer Enterprise gets to the doors and the music going full tilt. The emotive nature of Fighting Chance to Live ("Zero...zero...zero, de-struct zero"). Anyway. The greatest gift of late was getting the expanded for II and III. Worth every penny.
  3. What are you standing around for? Do you not know a jailbreak when you see one?
  4. Really don't need reality. We're in our own world (Our own little world)
  5. The good times are coming, they'll be comin' real soon. And I'm not just pitchin' pennies at the moon.
  6. Solid breakdown of the score which arguably, by a mile, is the best thing about the film. One bit I always liked is how you hear the 'end titles' from the first film in the background of this ones -almost faint in some respects. And the main theme always sound, to my mind, quite savage which almost ratchets up tension as well as the original theme in the first film.
  7. John Barry- Beyondness of Things, Eternal Echoes, Raise The Titanic Jerry Goldsmith- Players (love this score more than perhaps I should), Masada and QB VIII (via the 40 Years of Jerry Goldsmith collection) Lalo Schifrin- Bullitt Bullitt was my first Schifrin score both listened to and brought. Great sound to it (i.e Just Coffee, The Architect's Building, Shifting Gears etc)
  8. Relatively often but looking about, there's books I've managed to re-read after a 4-5 year period.
  9. I listed to a rash of scores for the first time: Saturn 3, Elmer Bernstein Psycho (the Joel McNeely recording) Cinderella Liberty and The Reivers, Williams and then The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing. For good measure I added to the playlist on my phone, the song (Dream Away Child, Sinatra) and it all tied together nicely. Love the sound of Cat Dancing throughout. Something about Williams pre-Jaws/Star Wars.
  10. Listened to a few lately, over D-Day: Michael Kamen's Band of Brothers (highlights are Parapluie and Discovery of the Camp) Williams' Saving Private Ryan and then, after, John Barry's Robin & Marian. A quietly beautiful one in its way. Such as in Over the Wall/Escape as the theme builds at a gentle canter, gradually increasing.
  11. Well, I'll definitely consider the LLL DAD release. I'm not as keen on TWINE's score beyond a couple of tracks. I'll have a look at some point.
  12. I slipped towards, what might some consider the dark side...David Arnold's Die Another Day and Tomorrow Never Dies. seriously considering the LLL expanded for DAD. My CD (brought when it came out in 2002) has packed up..
  13. Because the 90s were a long time ago. Toy Story 2 is twenty years old...
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