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  1. The Inaugural JWFan Reading Survey

    I've always read often, my to-read pile of books brought and added from my current collection is immense. When I moved house the other month it took up a couple of boxes. Seem to be constantly trying to wear them down. So for first pool, first option. Second poll, first option. I prefer books, actual books. Nothing like a secondhand bookshop, the smell, the disorder where you can roam and get lost for a while (two said havens are on the Isle of Wight and Wimbledon). Never tried Kindle or whatever, I like picking a paperback from my bag on the Tube or the bus (which is where I get most of my reading done now). It is as Nicholas Meyer said on his Wrath of Khan commentary: "I can't imagine the 21st century without books, I can't imagine the 22nd century without books. I can imagine it without people, I can see where that's going. But if there's people then there will be books. I have to believe that."
  2. Well, looks like I'm going in stone cold. Not searched for details online, sought out snippets, track listing whatever. A matter of going to see the film and listening to it in any shape or form there and then.
  3. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Tora! Tora! Tora! compared to the Bay film, a snip at just over 2hrs. It also has the benefit of a Jerry Goldsmith score.
  4. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Listened to a clutch of Schifrin's: Dirty Harry, Dead Pool and Kelly's Heroes then went festive with Bruce Broughton's Miracle on 34th Street. Man's gotta know his limitations.
  5. The Empire Strikes Back.
  6. How do you show your appreciation for John Williams?

    I play his music, I try to spread it at work. His music that is. Seem to recall when I was trying to shift a spare copy of Force Awakens, that my Star Wars nut friend at work wasn't keen. I said, but it's the music that makes it what it is. No dice. I remember trying to get my Dad to listen to Williams, he's a big John Barry fan and wasn't keen on trying something non-JB. Then the other month told that he listened to Saving Private Ryan and was surprised it didn't 'sound the same as most of JW's work'. So...well, yeah.
  7. What are you drinking tonight?

    Carling, Kronenburg and Blandford Flyer. Not vintage but it sees the day out.
  8. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Watched the Dirty Harry sequels over the past week or so and now Patriot Games. Take Ford's Ryan over what came after anytime. Tends to be who I visualise as 'President Ryan', something helped by Air Force One I guess. Shame Baldwin didn't do this and Clear and Present Danger.
  9. What's your favorite thing about John Williams?

    Well, I'll say what I like is that he seems quite humble and not above himself. Small beer. I scrolled up to the original post.
  10. Veered between the Dam Busters Theme (as heard in the film and the melody afterwards when we see the doctor driving to Wallis' home) and then Rey's theme.
  11. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Hunt for Red October, Poledouris (Intrada) again Sudden Impact, Magnum Force, Schifrin I watched the Dirty Harry sequels lately and the music is the one good thing as they get closer to the end. Otherwise, I've listened to 'regular' music lately.
  12. Too rich for my blood I think. Maybe next year..
  13. Very much tempted. Found an expanded score as such on YouTube, the highlight is Ice Palace Car Chase. The Titanic release also tempts but can make do with what I have in that regard. DAD it is.
  14. Which film have you seen more than any other?

    absolutely, I can't remember massive disagreements but we must have knackered the VHS' of some of these films. Still remember the old ITN/ITV idents for the Final Countdown. My Dad had a knoack of cutting the breaks out when recording. Wish I had them now, be like a museum piece. Grease 2 should be the bane of anyone's life, really Haha. I dare- say the likes of Summer Holiday, the Young Ones and Sound of Music were the films that could prove quite divisive on Sunday's.
  15. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Jaws 2 (2CD from Intrada) Spielberg/Williams -still dig the climax of "Out to Sea/Shark Cage Fugue" on this version. The triumph. Quiller Memorandum- John Barry (also Intrada).