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  1. Good Boys - sort of like if the Inbetweeners had been 12 year old Americans. Pretty funny.
  2. http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2015/09/15/man-trapped-in-budweiser-warehouse-resorts-to-drinking-his-own-urine/
  3. After some of the other title rumours ('Genoma Of A Woman', anyone? Yeah, thought not) No Time To Die is fine by me. This is actually only the 4th time in 25 movies that 'Die' has featured in the title, BTW.
  4. Wasn't sure where else to put these pics ... I spent last week on holiday in Nottingham, and one evening I went to this Art Deco cinema for a screening of Terminator 2 -
  5. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - it's very entertaining, if overlong and a sense that it's more a string of vignettes than anything else (not the first time I've felt that way about a Tarantino flick). Leo and Brad make for an excellent pairing, there's a lot of humour and (as DiCaprio's Rick Dalton tearfully contemplates his washed-up future) some heart too. Glad I had read about (and therefore hung around for) the little extra bit in the end credits (Tarantino goes Marvel, lol) - it's a fun thing that ties Once Upon ... to several of QT's previous flicks.
  6. A love for the Bond movies was passed down from my late father, and that led to my reading all the Fleming novels and short stories and quite a few of the continuation ones, too. Love the character ... the first action hero, you might say. I do like Craig, but I harbour a hope that with the next actor we can move away from the 'this time it's personal/weight of the world on Bond's shoulders' plotting and return to something more akin to 2 hours of escapist action-adventure.
  7. A Lonely Place To Die - a group of friends on a hiking-and-climbing holiday in the Scottish Highlands stumble across a child being held captive in a pit, free her and head for the nearest town in order to get her to safety and inform the authorities ... however, it's not long before the kidnappers are in pursuit. Quite engaging chase thriller, with Melissa George and Sean Harris.
  8. Sounds like the remake might be more your thing, which would put you in a very select group lol.
  9. I'm waiting until I get home. It's frowned upon in the office, strangely enough .
  10. I have never seen Ocean's Twelve, but I have heard about the bit that revolves around Julia Roberts' character looking exactly like ... Julia Roberts. Yes yes, your meta self-referencing is all very clever ... but surely the same thing applies to Clooney, Damon etc and yet as far as I know the film doesn't acknowledge this? Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like something that would mess badly with my suspension of disbelief and throw me right out of the movie.
  11. Yeah ... for something so long it's surprisingly light on action and out of the 3 characters that 'go', I knew about the contracts of 2 of the actors ending with this film so no surprises there (and the remaining one failed to move me). It's not terrible, by any means. But Infinity War was better.
  12. Kevin is left 'home alone'. The burglars utterly fail to break in, thanks to the sophistication of today's home security systems. They give up less than halfway through the film, and for the rest of it we watch a completely untroubled Kevin amuse himself with the endless modern-day entertainment options available. The family return, all *OMG WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE FORGOT YOU!* ... Kevin shrugs and says 'It was fine, really'. The End.
  13. Alternatively, if you returned to drinking for long enough it would eventually be just like playing Pokemon Go ... you'll see lots of funny little creatures that aren't there in reality!
  14. Yeah. Ragnarok is a significant improvement.
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