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  1. From its Wiki page - 'Emma Thompson reprising her role from Men in Black 3 and Tim Blaney reprising his role as Frank the Pug from the first two films'.
  2. You shouldn't be wasting your time with that superhero rubbish Richard, apparently it leads to you being unaware that the sex thriller is not dead and seemingly that's important or some shite.
  3. I can get the trucks out! But I don't think I can control the fire!
  4. As I recall the success of Basic Instinct got quite a few 'erotic thrillers' greenlit by major studios in the 90s, but that tailed off into them becoming a low-budget straight-to-video staple. And then online porn kinda killed that off.
  5. Hanna - it's more a bucketful than a pinch of salt that's required for this 'if Jason Bourne was a teenage girl' action-thriller. Pretty daft, but the cast are game enough I suppose. This has been developed into a series on one of the streaming services, I understand. Good God.
  6. Like a midget at a urinal. I was going to have to stay on my toes.
  7. It was painfully slow and desperately unfunny, if I recall rightly.
  8. Is this some sort of pedantic thing about it only being called that from '81 onwards and not on its initial release, or something? Because otherwise, I'm very confused.
  9. I was 6 when A New Hope was released, so understandably I don't really remember much about 'how things were before' in terms of the movie landscape ... I do recall its huge impact on me personally, however. Then there's the effect on cinema and TV in its wake ... the likes of Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers on the small screen and Star Trek, The Black Hole and Flash Gordon on the big one. Even 007 ended up in space in Moonraker, despite the announcement at the end of his previous adventure that he'd next be seen in 'For Your Eyes Only'.
  10. It didn't bother me, but then again I don't remember a note of it. Standard for me with most scores nowadays, really.
  11. X-Men : Dark Phoenix - a bit more low-key than Apocalypse, but still fun to watch Marvel's mutants do their thang. I had the screen to myself, which was bliss .
  12. Last night it was Budweiser Budvar, which shits all over the Yank one that stole its name in every way. As the presenter of a beer appreciation thing I was at a couple of months ago put it about 'Bud' - 'When you're brewing the world's biggest-selling beer, flavour is the enemy' .
  13. At first I thought this thread was about none of the screenwriters who worked on Supes 4 wanting to take any credit for their contributions, which would be understandable given how it turned out.
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