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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, this may already seem an unusual procedure for me to speak to you all before we begin this memorial/appreciation topic about even the music of a certain dead film and television music composer, but... I know this film and TV composer guy has been dead for a decade already but I am a great fan of this guy's scoring style. In fact, according to TV Tropes, this guy "was a very prolific composer so awesome he even scared the hell out of his peers....He was known for his thunderous, percussive orchestrations, his love for strange musical instruments, and his inventive integration of synthesizers as the 'fifth element' of the orchestra." And so, to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the death and passing of this legendary film and TV maestro back in 2004, let us talk about and even appreciate the music of Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004), especially his music for film, TV, etc. Let the Jerry Goldsmith Memorial Appreciation begin!
  2. Hi again! So, I was surfing the internet this morning, when I stumbled upon this quote from an Animated Views interview with composer Frode Fjellheim on Disney's Frozen's native spirit (I am not talking about the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans or the more popular song "Let It Go" sung by the character of Queen Elsa in Disney's Frozen, but rather the "Vuelie" that opens the movie.): Is that true? After all, do you remember the opening sound of Lebo M’s African/Zulu chant during the opening Lion King sunrise? Or the native chant at the beginning of Disney’s Brother Bear? Any example(s) of music that not only opens a movie, but also set the genuine musical tone and identity of that movie?
  3. Hello. My name is Timothy. And I am new here to this site. Anyway, I don't know whether or not you could lock it away for good or move it to somewhere else, but I need some help regarding any potential music ideas/suggestions for a movie idea of mine...especially with which appropriate kind(s) of musical instruments (woodwinds, percussion, etc.) as well as which appropriate musical sounds/accents for me and/or a potential music composer to employ to represent the musical sounds of two diverse cultures. Most recently, I was talking about doing a live action/animated movie someday, a movie idea that is to be called ToonTalker, or something like that, and it is to be both an epic, Avatar-esque love story involving an animated cartoon human girl and a live action human boy as well as an animated cartoon fantasy-meets-live action reality epic coming-of-age saga. But it is also to be one about some clash of good versus evil in which both humans and highly-stylized Genndy Tartakovsky/Samurai Jack-esque (and largely 2d hand-drawn) animated cartoons will come together into conflict with an evil Aku-like Dark Lord and his terrifying hordes of evil minions in service to said Aku-like demon—all told through the eyes of two distinct characters (one live action, the other animated) and their respective families, two distinct worlds tethered into each other by some portal (like, for example, one inside a TV set) that allows free passage between both worlds (and complete with a change in aspect ratios to contrast the two worlds: the live action world of the Humans to be shown mainly in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with the animated world of the Toons (along with the climactic battle scenes, the great collision of the two worlds climactic finale, and the happy ending) shown in a 2.39:1 aspect ratio), and two distinct cultures. (I am really adamant that the live action family of the live action human boy and his cultural heritage be American, and I am also really adamant that the animated cartoon family of the animated cartoon girl and her cultural heritage be Japanese) But anyway, in the case of the music score that I have in mind for my ToonTalker movie idea (the score for which is to be at once lush, ambitious, epic, cinematic, romantic and imbued with an ethnic flavor with some bits of toon music thrown in for some of my movie idea's more comedic bits), I have a question: Which appropriate kind(s) of musical instruments (woodwind instruments, percussion instruments, etc.) and musical sounds/accents should I, or even a potential music composer, employ in order for the music score for my ToonTalker movie idea to represent the musical sounds of the diverse cultures of the live action human boy’s live action American family and his animated cartoon love’s animated cartoon Japanese family, respectively? That is the question. Any suggestions? And can any of you look up or research the appropriate kind(s) of musical instruments (woodwinds, percussion, etc.) and musical sounds/accents that is/are native to the respective American and Japanese musical cultures for me please? Thanks! I'd appreciate it if you do!
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