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  1. London Symphony is way out of Sydney Symphony's league.
  2. He's not... That Tweet is a joke. People still haven't figured this out?
  3. Bump. Anyone seen this around?
  4. The Themes of Howard Shore's The Hobbit

    You are correct; it plays when the Nine float up around Sauron before Galadriel banishes him. Really chilling moment in the film. It's a real shame that the soundtrack doesn't include it in that track. Can someone determine which cue from DOS it was probably tracked in from?
  5. The Themes of Howard Shore's The Hobbit

    3:51-4:09 of "The Darkest Hour" is The Dwarf Lords, I'm pretty sure.
  6. The Themes of Howard Shore's The Hobbit

    1:33-1:48 Descending Thirds in "Sons of Durin"? I don't think so... Also, just in case it hasn't been mentioned before, I've been listening to DOS tonight and thought I'd point out that Tauriel's theme at 1:10-1:26 in "The Forest River" is not just the A section; the B section serves as counterpoint beneath. Same goes for 2:35-2:58 in "Beyond the Forest"; the A and B themes coincide. You all have probably no doubt noticed, but Jay's original post doesn't seem to make that distinction so I thought I'd throw it out there.
  7. The Themes of Howard Shore's The Hobbit

    Is there a similar thread with breakdowns of the LOTR themes/tracks? Would be very helpful to ultimately have these all in one collection.
  8. The Themes of Howard Shore's The Hobbit

    The chords are exactly the same, just slowed down a lot and it would seem in groups of three, rather than four. I actually half expected the Fellowship Theme to make an appearance at the end. It caught my attention when I was revisiting the score the other day. Then I double-checked out of curiosity and it just so happens that that track ("An Ancient Enemy") underscores the flashback of Azog's orcs taking Moria. Not a coincidence.
  9. The Themes of Howard Shore's The Hobbit

    Here's one that seems to have been overlooked. Moria/Khazad-dûm music (from FOTR) at 2:02-2:37 in AUJ 1-09.
  10. The Gerhardt Star Wars Recordings

    We don't complain about the Hollywood Studio Symphony because they do explicitly this sort of work for a LIVING. They are trained and used to performing at their best at a moment's notice, with little to no rehearsal. These players in the National Philharmonic may be among "the best" in London, but they make their main living by playing in normal season orchestras that have more rehearsal time available. They aren't as good at sight-reading or getting a cohesive sound with others as the members of the Hollywood Symphony are. Being the best at one's instrument doesn't automatically mean you are the best in a pick-up ensemble scenario. And it shows in these recordings. A friend of mine is a regular member of the Hollywood Studio Symphony, and I can honestly say that while he is a great player, he has not "won a big gig" (i.e. Principal or a tenured section position of a major orchestra). Yet the soundtrack recordings he plays in, still sound overall more flawless than recordings of the "big name" orchestras. It's simply a matter of how one is used to making one's living. He is better accustomed to learning on the fly and playing his best in a studio setting than even the best symphony player in the world. Yet the best symphony player in the world is the best at turning out meaningful, moving classical performances weekly, year-round.
  11. The Gerhardt Star Wars Recordings

    Exactly. It's not a regular famous orchestra playing concerts weekly with a deeply rooted history like the London Symphony is.
  12. The Gerhardt Star Wars Recordings

    The OST version sounds more convincing, coming from a brass player. There are intonation and articulation issues littered all throughout the Gerhardt recordings. And some players simply have bad tone. "National Philharmonic" actually isn't very well known. On the other hand, LSO and their brass are both legendary.
  13. The Gerhardt Star Wars Recordings

    Not sure why everyone seems so wrapped up in these Gerhardt recordings. Check out "Luke's First Crash", for instance; at 0:50 the tuba/trombones don't sound nearly as clear and strong as in the OST version, and at 1:58 there is a really nasty trumpet clam...
  14. Any word on when this will be released? Maybe I'm missing something, but the press release doesn't seem to indicate.
  15. It's actually not uncommon practice for a pianist to have the sheet music in front of them, for 20th century and post-20th-century works. That being said, I'm just in general not a big Lang Lang fan.