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  1. Arpy

    The JWfan Arpy Art Thread

    Something I'm working on atm. A weird tree/deer/thing.
  2. Did a marathon of all the films before seeing TFA with a couple of friends and we all noticed how well Revenge of the Sith held up, of course there were some iffy CGI in places, but the production design, the cinematography and overall look were still amazing.
  3. How is it a biased dismissal? I read her article openly and honestly, knew nothing about her prior work. I didn't dismiss her without first reading what she had to say. I don't read the Washington Post, I don't follow classical music or literature concerning classical music. I don't think this article was a sincere concession of being biased. That's it.
  4. I didn't even realize the film series was animated...
  5. Yes, the writer claims she's now changed her tune, and only just concedes that she might be wrong, but so what? I didn't gather anything from that article that in any way had any positive outlook on film scoring (Outside of JW's contributions) and instead felt an extremely condescending tone. 'It's alright guys, film music might not be that bad after all, still not great, but it's okay...well, sometimes...maybe Williams is okay, the rest...not so much...but yeah...' It's no different from CC (Film tracks) conceding that Hans Zimmer and RCP are not the Antichrist. It's too little, too late and is utterly meaningless. Honestly, I don't like dubstep, I really can't listen to it and avoid it like the plague, but I wouldn't go so far as to view it as a music that's beneath me or any other genre of music, just because it doesn't fit the conventional terms of what makes 'good' music. I'm not going to trash someone else's appreciation for it either. I didn't follow this writer before I read this article, and I doubt I'll follow her work anytime soon.
  6. Since the film concert series, it's not hard to understand why orchestras will add them to their programming, they obviously draw in large crowds of people who wouldn't think about going to a concert of classical music. Film music is more accessible, it's that simple.
  7. Arpy

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    It was a toss up between Nixon and Presumed Innocent! I hate to admit it, but Schindler's List has never really done anything for me, I've seen the film multiple times and just can't remember the score outside of the theme.
  8. So what if the actors want to publicize this kind of content, that's what they do. It's not a matter of how people should react to these kind of posts, @Richard No one's forcing you to care about it. You say other people don't feel the need to share their lives on social media, but understand that actors have a responsibility to their fanbase and share these posts because people are fascinated by this phenomenon. Ordinary office worker Joe doesn't have millions of followers on social media, most people's lives only have meaning valuable to them. Also, don't you think Boyega sharing that pic might also be to dispel the belief that actors have it easy, like what you were haranguing in the first place?
  9. @Jurassic Shark Dumbledore's really makes my bum hole raw but the others work fine, lot's of fun.
  10. Arpy

    Your current audio equipment..

    My new Sony Walkman arrived, will update this post later when I have a bit more time! What I can say now though, is that it sounds brilliant, really brings the music to life in a way my phone couldn't.
  11. 'J.J. just called, we need the score in six months!' Williams:
  12. This question has been really bugging me, because all the scores from both franchises have been begging for expansions. Although I'd have chosen Potter because it's been a franchise closer to my heart!
  13. The Children's Suite really is fantastic! It makes me wish that film composers, especially Williams, would be given some extra room to be able to write these suites that encapsulate the essence of the score in several themes. What makes this suite special IMO are the circumstances which afforded Williams time to write these pieces from a place he must've truly cared for - not just as music for music's sake, but music that could be educational and inspire listeners to explore the orchestral soundscape.