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  1. Arpy

    Anyone else sick of Disney?

    Today's Disney is built on nothing more than corporate interest and how much they can acquire. Pixar is where it's at in terms of keeping the animation alive.
  2. @Wizarding News Is your source Rita Skeeter?
  3. What's interesting about the 2002 scores is that you can hear Williams was in the same headspace, as each score shares similar DNA, yet displays Williams' versatility to shift to multiple genres. AotC is underrated.
  4. Padme lost the will to live though after giving birth to twins... Ah well, this is good enough for me.
  5. It's one of those that I wish I had picked up back when it came out to save me the anguish all these years later!
  6. Finally found this for a reasonable price:
  7. After seeing all the marketing surrounding the film - statements from the actors about how progressive it is and how it's meant to be empowering for women, and then watching the film, I didn't come away with any of those sentiments. Those messages need to be straightened out during the writing process which is this films greatest detriment, not Brie Larson's acting. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at how jumbled this film was - it has six writers!
  8. Everyone shat on the ending when it was actually Kubrick's idea.
  9. Arpy

    Are you experiencing JW expanded soundtrack fatigue?

    The destination is where the future unwritten scores are. Expanded scores to films not yet made! Waiting fatigue is just called impatience!
  10. Arpy

    Are you experiencing JW expanded soundtrack fatigue?

    Why would I experience fatigue for expanded scores when I've waited decades for them to come out?
  11. Saw the film last night and thought it was okay as far Marvel films go, it felt like it was missing a few plot threads and could've done more to strengthen the emotional elements and bonds between characters. Oh, and they basically reduced Nick Fury to comic relief, which offered some funny moments, but kinda ruined the mystique and nobility that I always associated with his character. The score felt like Toprak had absorbed every trick in the book regarding orchestral film score writing, but had no voice of her own to offer to compensate this. There's a main theme, and hints of a theme for the films multiple villains, but that's it, the rest of the score is generic orchestral fare that sounds like a handful of other composers. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to hear this type of writing in the sea of RCP clones, but I didn't come away from the film thinking 'Ah, that's Toprak, that's distinctly her style'. In that sense, although there's no Zimmer power anthems, it kind of makes me wonder whether the score itself would've benefited from a clearer anthemic approach - combined with the synths of course. I think the producers etc. wanted a Williams-esque score and consciously used a temp score filled with his and as @Lockdown mentioned - Giacchino's music that Toprak had to work to. The space battle at the end was clearly temped with Star Wars music!