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  1. This is their reaction to seeing the Carnotaurus: What kind of schlock is this?
  2. A year after Fallen Kingdom? The military would've destroyed those Dinosaurs in a month, not to mention the armed citizens who would've taken a few down!
  3. The graphics and overall aesthetics don't look too bad! I'm struggling with what to invest time in these days. Recently finished Man of Medan, the sequel to the anthology series that began with Until Dawn back in 2015. It's an experience that is better had with multiple players instead of the single player option I went through. The entire mystery is solved too early on in the game - which is fine when the threat becomes more real once you know what you're dealing with, but because it's a cinematic game, the entire survival horror aspect is thrown out half-way through and doesn't go anywhere. The characters are paper thin, the horror is cheap, it doesn't feel like the full experience Until Dawn was, where the mystery is slowly revealed in turn making the horror more juicy.
  4. Luke: Oh god, the paparazzi are here, did they follow you? Alright, just stand still and don't make any movements whatsoever, hopefully they'll fly off.
  5. I felt like the camera wasn't going to stop spinning around Rey and Luke!
  6. The way I see it, the overabundance of marvel shows will eventually saturate the market to the point it explodes, like a buildup of pressure. Marvel can announce all the IPs it wants but it should come down to what works and what doesn't - of which there's no guarantee. It doesn't come off as a celebration of what came before, it stinks of corporate greed. Now we have the Elementals, which undoubtedly means something to the comic book fans, but to everyone else? With Thanos we had little hints of his involvement that meant you didn't have to read any comics to know who he was. From what I've seen of those shows, it at least captures of the spirit of heroism that none of the DC films have achieved.
  7. I was hoping this concert version would be something Williams would've recorded for the Williams/Spielberg set.
  8. I was under the impression this was a reboot altogether, ignoring the previous film and sweeping it under the rug.
  9. Perhaps the Gondor Reborn statement somehow links to the coming of the fourth age, with the Thorin's embrace of Bilbo a little nod to Frodo's quest which would bring about a new era of peace between the races?
  10. It looks like they salvaged the good actors/characters from the original film. This is perhaps the strangest incident of a reboot I've seen, from it's conception to taking actors from the previous film, coming out only a few years after the original. Excuse my ignorance, but is this actually a reboot, or a retelling within the same world? How does this fit in with Birds of Prey? Does it? My head hurts...
  11. The energy in that Lost World performance was amazing, although I thought the conductor was having an imaginary duel with ghosts.
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