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  1. John Williams Michael Giacchino John Powell Murray Gold Thomas Newman Alexandre Desplat is a runner up, along with James Newton Howard.
  2. I reckon Disney and Co. told him to keep his schedule clear just in case. Abrams produced a few things in between TFA and now, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Westworld come to mind, so he wasn't exactly hanging around with his hands in his pockets.
  3. Do you feel it with your hands?
  4. What score, or scores convinced Disney to hire John Powell? Did they listen to his Bourne scores, a film with espionage-y themes or did they perhaps listen to Pan or the HTTYD scores?
  5. After many years of neglect: John Powell's How to Train Your Dragon! I was surprised it was still available to order from a few places, I thought it would've gone OOP a while ago.
  6. Star Trek Discovery (2017 TV Series)

    Russo's score for the game 'What Remains of Edith Finch' was good, and I wish him the best here, but the main theme is not a Star Trek Theme!
  7. Aw man, I didn't even know he was scoring Tomb Raider!
  8. Junkie XL getting thrown in at the deep end on nothing more than his RCP credentials. Seriously , he's been given some very big opportunities and most of the time I think they're serviceable scores. Add some synth beats, some strings and endless drumming and you're set apparently...
  9. I wonder how difficult it will be for them to play-in all the microedits and the butchering of Scherzo... Will it be like other LTP in other countries?
  10. I really want to catch that, but an expanded HP set is something I crave more!
  11. Will Harry Potter sell faster though? Hmmm @Josh500another poll is in order!
  12. Whilst I thought this movie was just another shit in the bucket for Scott, I think McBride's presence as a character was the most similar thing I could find in the film to the tone and character that Alien (1979) gave us. For once he wasn't playing an idiot, but a space trucker, and I think if the film had returned to some of the more basic roots that the original is known for, I think I would've been much happier with the film. Somewhere along the line, like Lucas did with Revenge of the Sith in needing to close the gap prematurely, Scott was thinking: "Okay, I guess we should just have the xenomorph link right here, right away; people will be pissed if they don't see the xenomorph." Then resulted in two hours of bad decisions, half of which can't simply be forgiven to 'flustered humans don't think reasonably in stressful situations', because you begin to sacrifice all believability in your story if your characters aren't convincing.
  13. I'm looking forward to hearing Mothersbaugh's score. I'm hoping this film works out, but something tells me somewhere it will fall into the clutches of the MCU fatigue.