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  1. Taking more risks than usual to course-correct the overall stale quality of the films. Before Doctor Strange nearly all of the MCU films lacked any stylistic qualities and appeared to be the product of a committee of suits. Are they terrible films, devoid of fun or heart? No, but they never tried to make that a prerogative from the beginning, they are cinematic adaptations of comic books in every sense of the word 'cinematic' and in that translation they lost the style and what made each superhero unique and individual. Oh, and the reshoots were a problem that was multifaceted from the beginning. Star Wars is a huge franchise and has a huge legacy behind it - one of the reasons TFA worked so well is that I think it took what it needed, revamped what should be and paid respect to the original mythos of Lucas's Star Wars. Kathleen Kennedy et al. are the guardians of that legacy and are bloody well sure not to drop the ball when it comes to where the heart of these films are coming from. Rogue One had a near impossible task to fill, it was the first standalone film and from the beginning there was conflict in what the tone of the film was to be without sacrificing the core themes and imagery of the universe. In the case of Solo, it was clear that Miller and Lord were butting heads with Kasdan's script and vision and that they didn't seem to be taking their work seriously. Reshoots are a necessity these days, but should be taken as a sign that the filmmakers, Edwards, Johnson and Howard were keen to keep to Lucasfilms ideals and not let it go to the dogs if it did fail.
  2. All we need is the random capitalization of words and a profound ability to spin up bullshit making it an artform unto itself, then you'll have skyy38 2.0.
  3. Oh God, it's another one of those threads... Can't we have a thread for this discussion, it always pops up when someone thinks writing music is easy or that they could've done better, because 'it's a simple theme that anyone could write'. When you use that line of reasoning, the ground beneath your feet will crumble immediately. I get people are disappointed that the theme wasn't their cup of tea, believe me I've been there and shared that feeling multiple times, but the answer is not to spout nonsense about the compositional prowess of the composer and confuse your ideas of what makes a good theme with that of what the composer produced.
  4. Yes, but I feel there isn't enough meat on the bone for the two themes to warrant separate suites.
  5. But...but...but what about Corellia Chase? That's a fantastic cue!
  6. The theme is cohesive as fuck. What on Earth are you dribbling about?
  7. The opening of the track reminds me of the opening of the Gusty Gardens Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy:
  8. Chicken in the Pot is the Canto Bight of the Jabba Flow of the Cantina Band we never knew we needed!
  9. Thank you @mrbellamy and @Breadstick Basilisk
  10. Which tracks feature the love theme?
  11. I love the 'marching band-esque' percussion for Here they Come, a welcome little sprinkle of change from Powell! Flying with Chewie is sublime, Powell letting his hair down and just doing what he does!
  12. Just gave the album a once-through, first impressions: Powell has done a great job with this score, handling his own themes and Williams'! I think Powell has been allowed to do his own thing here where Giacchino was always shadowing Williams' by sounding authentically like pastiche patch-work. I think however that Powell's sound is still erring on the side of RCP here, which is distracting because it doesn't match the style of the other scores at times making it jarring to hear the older themes appear in a new modern context. Both this and R1 both make good attempts to sound like a part of the same musical tapestry, but I feel expresses how Williams is possibly the sole suitor for the series, that no-one can deviate for the fault of not sounding 'Star Wars-y' enough, sounding like pastiche or sounding completely different. Ah, but I'm not disappointed by any means, I adore Williams' new Han theme suite which just outshines everything else, until next year of course...
  13. I think I love The Adventures of Han more than the entire TLJ score! It feels like such a throwback to some of the swashbuckling action of something like Hook and has strains of the heroism of SW! And I haven't even heard Powell's stuff yet!