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  1. Arpy

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I guess Bilbo wasn't a Jedi after all, and with the changing of your username you have symbolically done so hand-in-hand with the character of Luke in The Last Jedi - denouncing the Jedi way. It's like poetry...
  2. Arpy

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    You just listed four films right there - quite a bit to release by my estimation. All of the The Dark Knight Trilogy would have to be 2 discs each of score, right? That's not including Batman vs. Superman, and the yet to be produced Batman film.
  3. Arpy

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    A lot of the comments, those that weren't anti-female Who, also agreed that the music was just the wrong choice. I couldn't stand the song when it was on the radio, and to hear it in what is an otherwise brilliant look at the new series is quite a dampener on that joy. There are shots in the trailer that look quite cinematic - perhaps the closest any of the seasons have come to looking like a film!
  4. Westworld Season 2 OST arrived today and the Intrada Alien score (my first Jerry Goldsmith purchase, believe it or not!) and the first set of the anime Death Note's score. Westworld Season 2 doesn't mince any sounds, it's direct and probably contains the most important cues from most of the episodes. Djawadi seems in his zone when writing this style of electronic music - the droning, drums and some dark symphonic aspects that serve as a good accompaniment to the show's style and stories. The packaging isn't gatefolded like the season 1 release - this time it's a standard jewel-case. The discs have a maze pattern that is unlike the familiar 'maze' from the show, probably a stripped back version considering the events of the season. The Alien 2 Disc Set contains a book with a wealth of information and a cue-by-cue analysis which is very helpful in assorting the cues depending on which version of the film and which version of the score was used in the film. I think it's a shame Scott went for the more 'alien' sounding score, but the presentation of both is a good exercise (probably for Goldsmith too) at hearing one composer's take on a score, twice! Death Note (vol.1) is presented in some interesting packaging and being a Japanese release meant a majority of the text and graphics are in that language. The set I got was in as close as I could tell, pristine condition, sealed, which made me feel guilty for opening it. The music for the show is arranged to give both composers of the show a good sampling of their work, a combination of Post Rock and gothic orchestral stylings. Many of the guitar pieces are quite catchy and quickly became earworms that were hard to kill!
  5. Isn't it obvious? From his love of trees, of course!
  6. I liked how the trailer gave us a glimpse of that multi-generation-time thing - with Cpt. Marvel cutting between different ages doing the same action, I hope that's an inspirational point in the film! Although, as far as trailers go, this was yet another example of giving us the whole movie in two minutes...
  7. I honestly don't know which came first! Haha!
  8. I've been a fan since Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!
  9. Got back into Tomb Raider recently - with the release of the new game and was reminded of the most recent Lara Croft, Camilla Luddington.
  10. The actors need those shoulder mounted flashlights from Aliens to see what's going on. Or the audience will have to mail in an order for night-vision specs...
  11. Yes, it's obvious it was put through several color-grading and corrections to get that murky. That doesn't explain anything - the film looks like they dropped the camera in the dirt and then smudged it around the lens. It was intentionally color-graded that way - probably to try and convey a sense of grittiness. All the life is kinda sucked out of it! The whole film reminds me of going to a restaurant where they dim the lights so much so that it's difficult to see what you're eating, let alone what the person across from you looks like...
  12. A friend of mine was railing me for defending TLJ, they said their favorite SW was RotJ! Good times...
  13. There's no reason why they can't wrap up the story in this film. To me it's more befitting that this sequel 'trilogy' should end as just that: a trilogy. The last two had no problems doing so... I'm fairly optimistic for this film, I think it's easy, as it has been for the last eight months, to let the disappointing fan reactions get to me - and others - that this film is on troubled waters. I know Kennedy, Abrams etc. will all be working overtime to get it right, also working ol' Williams like a child in a third world sweat shop.