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  1. Record labels probably enquire or are sought out as part of the studio's marketing campaign to produce an album. Following Balfe's sentiments, I can understand a score's primary function is to service the film before living a second life outside of the film - this doesn't mean Balfe believes his work is dogshite.
  2. They did. They were aware of his days with Troma and the tweets and Gunn apologized around the time publicly for his tweets. The tweets were disgusting, detestable and just unfunny, but the man's acknowledged them and has changed since then. Funny that a conservative news website brings them up for his anti-Trump sentiments, Disney shakes Gunn before the crazed liberals and SJW's attack them for not taking any action against him! This story is so sensationalized and rancid that it hasn't affected my view of Gunn or his films. The accusations against Kevin Spacey have cast him into hiding, but they don't stop me from acknowledging he's a great actor and some of my favourite film roles are with him. It's possible to separate the actor from his personal life.
  3. Cruise seems like one of those people who loves the work they do and has a passion for his craft and the process of filmmaking; he's passionate and enthusiastic in the interviews and bts of most of his projects, which makes it strange to think he's also a delusional crackpot who's in bed with Scientology. Who has the power in this scenario? McQuarie or Cruise?
  4. Arpy

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Apparently no Daleks this season. Might be pre-Dalek?
  5. Arpy

    Star Wars - The Clone Wars

    Once they shed the banal, useless, diversionary stories to fill-in time Clone Wars had some great moments - enough so to flesh out the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka.
  6. Arpy

    Celebrity Praise for John Williams

    There's no doubt if Williams had scored Breaking Bad, the score would be great.
  7. Here's the signed sheet! The sheet says it's from the 'Back to the Future Suite' probably created for the credits or an extra suite summarizing and reprising the themes. I'll have to get it framed.
  8. I just needed some background to take a pic so put them on one of my coffee tables! I just rewatched Empire of the Sun because I hadn't seen it in it's entirety before, only about half - to familiarize myself with the film and score. Glad I bought the sets! On Lincoln: I bought the score from a seller on Amazon who lived in Europe I believe, when I opened the package it was unsealed, not only that but it was manufactured in Australia where I live, so on some weird trip around the world, Lincoln managed to go from Australia to Europe and back again! The seller probably bought the Australian stock. Lincoln, like War Horse is another score I saw in stores but for whatever circumstance I never took the chance to buy it then and there.
  9. My package from La La Land arrived today, and one from Amazon!
  10. Arpy

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    Oh, it's all inconsequential, but I'm not the one who can't live with the fact those instances exist.
  11. Arpy

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    I can understand what you mean from that perspective, I went through a similar phase with the Marvel/DC Superhero films, I loved them when they were just Spider-Man and the X-Men and Batman and Superman, but fell out of touch with what I liked about them recently. I grew up with the Harry Potter books and the films came out at a developmental age all the way through high school for me. I've grown out of certain fascinations with the series I once held, but I still remain a fairly committed fan.
  12. Arpy

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    People can't grow into Star Wars, Harry Potter or any other fantasy/sci-fi text? Harry Potter is a young adult text, but the themes and stories are multi-generational. Why is discussing/debating Harry Potter or YA texts in general seen as an infantile endeavor by you, when in today's social circles, people can openly discuss and share their enthusiasm for Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars like it's anything else? I think being able to discuss these geeky topics as if their any other form of literature is something to feel positive about that we can finally get over asinine remarks like these:
  13. Arpy

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    Deathly Hallows Part 1 was the better of the two parts, I think they did well in capturing the 'road trip' vibe of the book. @Holko On the Battle of Hogwarts section: I think one of the decisions they made when it came to adapting that section to the book is the fact that they have certain liberties to add visually to the story that is necessary for a translation into film. Personally, I didn't think the duel went on long enough, and the spectacle of the fight was something that I wanted to see in the film, instead of being locked-in to Harry's perspective, the film can move around and see multiple characters' perspectives at once. Harry's explanation felt deserved by that point as I assume people who had not read the books wouldn't be clued into the changing of the ownership of wands and the significance it had to the final duel. I think it's a bit harsh to claim the films (Deathly Hallows 1&2 or the rest) were 'hours of missed potential'; the burden of having to successfully adapt a book that not only ties into the established storylines from the film series with the book, but to give the film enough gravitas and poignancy to be the send-off that it needed to be must've been an incredibly daunting task, and accounts from the filmmakers and Rowling describe exactly that. To me, as someone who adores the books and the films, it didn't seem like a mistake when for instance, in Half-Blood Prince the Death Eaters set fire to the Burrow - a scene which got fans in a right knot. Or when Lily's eyes weren't the correct colour (I couldn't tell) because in both instances they didn't impact the story. I wanted to see the Death Eaters to be far more untamed and violent and attempting to destroy the Burrow just added to that which wasn't in the books. Now, for Lily's eye colour I think they weren't going for necessarily the significance of eye colour, but the very importance of the similarity of the structure/shape of their eyes, that one family member can share similar eyes in more ways than just colour. After all, the eyes are like windows to the soul, they're the most expressive and familiar features we have.
  14. Arpy

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    Eh... In the book it was a simple duel in the Great Hall, there wasn't anything special about the death other than there was some sense of finality - in the film too. His soul survives in a limbo state, but I felt that could be open to the possibility of his return if other forces or people choose to act on them. I don't think that's lazy writing, I think it's a reaffirmation of the cycle of history repeating itself, but the idea of the effect they used for Voldemort's demise in the film enrages you to the point of wanting to destroy the disc?! ... Anywho, as I've probably brought up before, one of the only disappointments with the adaptation in changing something was that Harry broke the Elder Wand in the film. In the book, he returns it to Dumbledore's tomb where its power will eventually fade too (a callback to the theme of death and that Harry had become the 'Master of Death'), but not before he uses it to repair his own wand. It would have been interesting to see the conversation between the Dumbledore portrait and Harry, but it probably didn't work in the context of the film because a few scenes prior we had the King's Cross Heaven scene with Dumbledore which was kind of his send off...
  15. Arpy

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    Yeah, never really understood the criticism there. The impact of Voldemort's death wasn't lessened by the way they portrayed it in the films, the look on Fiennes' face as he dies is actually quite powerful - the cruel, soulless being had tears in his eyes as if for one last fleeting moment before the end he was human again.