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  1. Arpy

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    Sounds awesome! Williams is a busy man!
  2. The close-ups felt awkward at times, a departure from the rest of the films. Jude Law was a perfect Dumbledore
  3. Arpy

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Pages with worthwhile content = 2 ish.
  4. I think CoG is where Yates' style works best, especially in Paris.
  5. One week closer to disappointment!
  6. No! Chase Through Coruscant is fan-fucking-tastic!
  7. Arpy

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    The Indian-influenced take on the Doctor Who theme was lovely. Unfortunately in Australia, the host of the talk show cut over the end titles! Bastard!
  8. Arpy

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    I was gonna say they should get Silvestri to do the score, but then I remembered the title of the thread!
  9. Arpy

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    Yes! Get DeVito to do a redub! Please!
  10. The death of BloodBoal should be worthy of recognition in the archives of JWFan.
  11. Arpy

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    It looks bizarre, but surprisingly entertaining, I just feel as though this is like some sort of Pokéxploitation where it hasn't really introduced the Pokémon world but will happily use the beloved characters for whatever end. Ryan Reynolds seems to be doing Deadpool here too.
  12. Arpy

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    This is the Jurassic World sequel we needed: Poké World: Fallen Region
  13. MM will tackle them by bending down to their height so they feel more comfortable talking to longer cues.