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  1. Picked up The Danny Elfman Batman Collection when the sale was on, was never too familiar withthe scores, so rediscovering them has been a great experience!
  2. The show, in varying degrees of success, makes Crichton's original seem quite quaint in comparison. _ One of the elements that makes the show so watchable is that it takes the plot to places that are often too daring to go and it does it without breaking the believability. I think there was a point in season 2 where they almost jumped off the deep end but I think season three might offer more to the reasoning than we have seen thus far - I'm hoping.
  3. The entire half of Revenge of the Sith that was unreleased - It Can't Be, the music for Obi Wan's Utapau adventure - leaving Coruscant, arriving on Utapau, leaving Utapau, I am the Senate, parts of the Mustafar duel that were left out, film mixes of cues etc. etc. Jesus, these prequel scores needed two disc releases upfront!
  4. Is there not some levity, though, that we should permit to works of fiction. We can look back retrospectively and see that perhaps for a group of people, the film could be perceived as portraying racist or problematic views, however, we must also see that there's no way to appease the sensitivity of everyone who receives these works of fiction. I had heard of the displeasure of Indians who believed the film had alienated their culture further to western audiences, although, I don't think anyone with a modicum of respect or decency, or half a brain cell ruminated for more than a second that Indian delicacy was as ludicrous as it is portrayed in the film, though a ploy to show the culture shock for Willie and Short Round. At that moment in the film, it felt to me like it was meant to be a fakeout, a moment to unsettle the protagonists and the audience. Just like in the world of gaming, we can commit to acts of extraordinary violence, acts that could be demeaning to a race or a culture and we can come away from the experience of playing those games recognizing that the representations of race, ethnicity, gender etc. and the violence perpetrated against them are fictional and nothing more. Problematic, but fictional. How do we go about gauging and policing how people are to respond to works of fiction? If someone is offended, how do we produce films that tiptoe around those issues, where expressions of culture can't be anything other than accurate and inoffensive?
  5. Oh shit, some random people liked Rogue One's score and that must mean they're some authority or speak for a majority of fans...
  6. @Datameister I'm sure the kids who grew up with ToD are now suffering from some form of racial bias and now look back at their childhood with regret and suicidal thoughts, instead of thinking how cool it was for Indy to throw a bald guy into the jaws of crocodiles by inciting the power of some magical stones, or when Short Round smashed the brainwashed Indian kid, releasing him from his nightmarish existence. Jesus, I think most people are aware of the social wrongs in an Indiana Jones film, but also recognize fiction from fact. I'm sick of this retroactive social criticism of scifi and fantasy films as if everyone in the past responsible for these children's films were racist bigots.
  7. I'd imagine red would make a great colour for targets, making things a little easier for the Resistance - but Kylo Ren probably thought they looked cool.
  8. That's flatly untrue @Datameister there was the Thuggee cult that were the main antagonists. What of the village of Indian people who alerted Indy to the Cult's villainy and that their children had been kidnapped and forced into child slavery? In either case, it's a fictional portrayal of a particular culture, in a particular time.
  9. It looks like The Hobbit. It even has Gandalf.
  10. The Phantom Menace is so socially and culturally aware and prescient in its portrayal of Asians and people of colour in a space setting.
  11. It's true, we've been blessed in recent years. However, it took a great deal of time and the coming together of several groups of people just to make something like Harry Potter happen. Harry fucking Potter, something that's popular, something you would've thought the studios would throw money at! When in reality, it took two different studios allowing the label to produce the set, along with Williams's approval. It feels like a narrowly won victory that shouldn't have to be such a damn close call! I'll jump for joy and be as giddy as everyone else here when we can get Star Wars and Indy, but I'm not going to set my hopes up and then wait years feeling like I'm owed something.
  12. I doubt Bob Iger or Disney Marketing give a rat's arse about expanded Star Wars scores. They'll take a look at their new "remastered" sales and see that they don't need to release anything more. A release like this needs to come from negotiations between a label and Williams' team. I'm pessimistic about anything happening anytime soon.
  13. She won't die, she'll be the one to save Bond.
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