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  1. @crumbs My guess is that they're bringing all their material to the standards of the industry i.e. if they're going to release games/films/animations in surround sound - utilizing elements of music at their disposal, it makes sense for this mastering to take place.
  2. I like Banning Back Home, it's a nice change of sound from the rest of the score.
  3. John Paesano's score is alright, but it's a patchwork of material from the first two scores, and is mostly synth.
  4. It's embarrassing there's this kerfuffle over an unreleased cut of the film, of which I've seen people use to try and defend the nonsensical theatrical cut 'Look, the Snyder Cut fixes all the problems guys!' BvS was the final nail in the coffin for me with the DCCU, it's a putrid film and represents everything wrong with modern superhero films. What throws everything off is that it has huge tonal problems which have the gritty Nolan aesthetic of the Dark Knight Trilogy smashed together with elements of comics/graphic novels all wrapped up in Zack Snyder's dull filmmaking style. The saving grace is Affleck's Batman, whom seems determined to rise above the absolute schlock of the rest of the film.
  5. Has Williams' influence swayed? You know, many composers for film and tv these days will always cite him as an influence and inspiration. As Williams has aged since those golden years, it's only natural to see a decline in interest, however, his reputation is still there, his clout and respect all intact and still very much an influence.
  6. I don't think Zimmer's name attached to any film is what will corral audience demographics. Where are the statistics showing a correlation of Zimmer's involvement being a factor of Box office success? What? Didn't you see the torrent of social media responses to the trailer music that wasn't Williams at all? Even music he doesn't produce is widely lauded!
  7. How was BR2049 indicative of Zimmer starting to show cracks - it seemed like a decent score.
  8. Yes, animation in general is given greater creative freedom and more lively scores! A lot of the time I've noticed the music in anime plays a huge part of being able to communicate ideas with the audience - especially when it's just exposition and scenes with little to no dialogue. I also love how they have an appreciation for the orchestra and the symphonic sound, but also allowing for hybridization with other styles and genres. @Not Mr. Big I'm afraid to start One Piece as it looks like a long series! I've just started Hunter Hunter, which is in the vein of Dragon Ball and Naruto which seems to be good so far, yet it's 150 or so episodes... @Nick Parker Real Folk Blues is great, I love the version from the end of the series!
  9. Couldn't find any threads on Anime music, so why not start this one? I've been intrigued by the music of Japanese composer Yoko Kanno's music for the last few weeks after watching the series Cowboy Bebop. It made me want to find more her music and I came across some really great cues from other anime series. I haven't seen this anime, but I found the sound of this cue to be reminiscent of Williams' music for A.I. in spots. Another score I love is for the series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Anyone else watch/listen to Anime and their scores?
  10. Every edition forgot to edit out the stormtrooper hitting his head, so clearly Lucas liked it! Thought Disney might edit it out or make the stormtrooper shorter, or put a CGI cushion on the door...
  11. The story slightly reminds me of Philomena. I'm intrigued by the score in the trailer so I might catch this when it's out!
  12. Right now Australia is on fire.
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