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  1. @Dieter Stark I've noticed the same phenomenon with several films. Some of it I believe is the fuller sound of a 5.1 mix with surround sound too that gives the music a real presence. I was watching LotR:TTT recently and a cue stood out to me that hadn't on the CR set because it had, as you describe, an 'extra oomph' to it, in the instruments and the bass.
  2. Those motifs are the 'The Post/Quidditch' rips that William Ross reminded John to use.
  3. I've seen an article circulating that casts doubt upon McGregor's involvement, based on past interviews where he's given some pretty harsh comments on his involvement with Star Wars (autograph dealers, crazy fans etc.) on one side and that the work wasn't his type on the other. I guess these people seem to have forgotten a really powerful factor in negotiations with McGregor, and Disney has the answer: shitloads of money.
  4. That's funny, it was the complete opposite for me, and I hadn't heard the score outside of the film then! The themes are crystal clear, each developing over the course of the film and reaching a satisfying conclusion.
  5. Stop nitpicking @Holko ! You dusk-light-phobic, CG animation-hatin' fool! The Hidden World is Powell's greatest work!
  6. It's brilliant. Not sure what people seem to have problems with; it's a perfect ending to that series and one DreamWorks' finest animated series they'll have for a while. Not only is Hidden World a great film, but it features one of the best scores of last year.
  7. They're playing it like they need to piss! Like the JP reprise in The Lost World! Slow down!
  8. Oh, don't worry, I was there to intercept them before they were launched, I swapped them out with the master tapes for Hook...
  9. Oh no, there's a Star Wars score canon now? Sorry Kevin Kiner and Joel McNeely, you're going in the EU black hole of non-canon music!
  10. I wonder how many notebooks he's filled with sketches for music that'll probably never be played or heard, compositions that he's poured his time into. Or if he subtly reworks some things for whatever score he's working on...
  11. Lord of the Rings has the overall better films, better stories, better production etc., but the entertainment and larger legacy, I feel, goes to Star Wars. As for trying to choose which scores...
  12. I hope we get a new theme - worthy of recognition in the JWFan archives. That's my one wish for this score is to have a new theme that represents some feeling of legacy, fate, Star Wars, everything! A theme that can tie all the other themes together.
  13. Rey and Kylo go into the ruins of the Death Star and find Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine dancing, hand in hand to some alien waltz, composed by J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  14. Parts of the instrumental and the song I can tolerate. My favourite opening of the new Bonds has been Casino Royale, now there's an opening song!
  15. Which part? The instrumental was included, but the song itself wasn't, thank god. I can't stand Sam Smith.
  16. Went on a little OOP hunt and claimed these CDs: Memoirs of a Geisha - John Williams in mint condition for a decent price. Always wanted this score, so I'm happy to have it - now just to wait for next year when LLL announces their expanded version... Meet the Robinsons - Danny Elfman Wall-E - Thomas Newman. The carboard packaging design is amazing, one of those times when I love owning something physical as opposed to a jewel-case. Spectre - Thomas Newman (not OOP, but not in stores) Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith is fucking atrocious so I'm glad it wasn't included. Doctor Who: The Snowmen and The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe - Murray Gold - the last CD to complete my Gold Doctor Who OST collection.
  17. Anything that endures for as long as The Simpsons is going to wane in quality and interest, unless there's a shake-up every now and then. The only show that could last in perfect glory is Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  18. @igger6 nice write-up! It's odd, GE seems to be capitalising on all the imagery annd characters that are iconic to the franchise, yet as a point of immersion, it means no 'theme' music plays in the park. It's a theme park! You want to be immersive, Disney, how about making customers earn a living working as a slave on Tatooine, introducing galactic credits as currency! Immersion isn't simply about being tricked into believing you're in a different world, rather it tends to be what we make of it in our interpretation. It seems to be a strange dichotomy of accepting film music's role in a film, but playing it in a theme park would somehow break the illusion - which is nonsense. Disney should be blasting out all the themes, all the music that for many people was part of the immersive qualities of the films, as a point of familiarity too.
  19. Not to bog an already bogged MCU thread with more Potter, but I think the discussion was born from a jab at Feige, who probably didn't have much to do with the grand plan, rather making a tonne of films to proffer in the new Disney Totalitarian regime.
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