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  1. For people in eastern Canada or US. I’m looking forward to performing it.
  2. Love Sibelius 2. Performing it in October. Definitely some voicing and harmony resemblances between Williams and Sibelius. There are most certainly worst composers to be influenced by out there.
  3. Haha. I guess I should have read your post first...I posted a photo and video in the original thread. In any case. A very nice end to a great evening.
  4. I was at Tanglewood yesterday to see SW LTP. We had a nice surprise encore... Grounds are nice. 20190816_223722.mp4
  5. Believe or not, we only have 1 rehearsal on the 14th, dress rehearsal and concert on the 15th...possible repeat on the 16. Going to be intense.
  6. Do any of you know if the Signature editions for solo instruments, like Malice towards none for trumpet and piano and The Days between for oboe and piano are actually done by Williams himself? Just wondering if JW is actually doing the piano parts.
  7. I'm not sure. But it must be a combination of rights, equipment, technicians, etc...big productions. We're playing HP1 in November with my orchestra, I'm curious to experience this type of project from "under" the screen.
  8. I guess that’s where his jazz background comes into play.
  9. Adventures of Han. Fantastic piece. I also really like what Powell did with it.
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