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  1. ricsim88

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Nice interview. I actually really like what Powell has done. I really enjoy this score and have listened to it quite a bit. Probably more than TLJ actually...
  2. John Williams, JS Bach, Mahler...beautiful trumpet writing.
  3. ricsim88

    Which Star Wars Trilogy album do you prefer?

    There's no doubt in my mind that it would have been much better. To me the Skywalker symphony recording just sounds like a quickly put together project, with not much attention to details. There's a terrible Tuba "cack" in Forest Battle which is inexcusable. Happens at around 0:57, there's no way it should have stayed there.
  4. That’s good way to describe it 😃 I wish we played more of it here. I think Mahler 4 is up in a few months. But it’s the smallest one.
  5. I feel the same about classical music. I play it at work so why would I listen to it. Especially that my orchestra is small. We won’t be playing Mahler and Strauss anytime soon...might as well listen to JW.
  6. ricsim88

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    Maybe it was those Belgian beers I had before bed..
  7. ricsim88

    RUMOR: John Williams plans to retire in 2019

    As much as I share your enthusiasm for a new JW SW score in 2019, the guy is 87, with fairly severe hearth issues. Let’s stay realistic gents. There’s still a chance he won’t ever write another movie score. Let’s make sure that we don’t live in the future, but we appreciate the decades of incredible music he wrote for us to enjoy. I hate to be such a Debbie Downer, but he won’t live forever. Like all of us. And I won’t tell you about the nightmare I had last night..
  8. Yes, absolutely, high D, not B. Which to my ear makes it even worse. Not an excuse, but I really don’t listen to this recording much. Although I love Phil Cobb’s playing. Thanks for waking up my memory For what it’s worth, the third on the last chord of ESB works great. The 5th on that LSO SW recording, not so much.
  9. ricsim88

    Which Star Wars Trilogy album do you prefer?

    I’m ok with the SW Gerhardt’s. Definitely not a fan of the other 2. JW and the LSO have those 2 covered by a large margin in my opinion. I definitely find the playing of the Utah symphony far superior than Skywalker symphony, which is basically a freelance orchestra. Although some tempi are too fast on some cues. Imperial march for one.
  10. I was actually thinking the same earlier today. I don’t dislike the LSO recording, obviously it’s an amazing orchestra and a very good recording. Although I don’t like the high B natural (third of the chord) in the first trumpet part on the last chord of the SW main title. I find it in very poor artistic taste. I only listened to the Dudamel recording once, in my car...but I already find a lot of incredibly nice musical things about it. I can’t wait to listen to it again with my headphones.
  11. ricsim88

    Star Wars Symphonic Suite?

    Me too. There’s something a little odd about that Skywalker symphony CD.
  12. ricsim88

    Star Wars Symphonic Suite?

    My first version of this was a cassette tape....I killed it by playing it so much. Great album.
  13. ricsim88

    Star Wars Symphonic Suite?

    Not a big fan either.