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  1. When I went in July, we were told repeatedly "Hey, no photos during the performance." As soon as Williams came out, nearly everyone in the audience had their phones out and were taking pictures and videos. Once the concert began, people taking pictures were quickly admonished. So, to answer your question, you're good to bring in your backpack and take pictures, absolutely. You just can't during the performance (but some people did anyways).
  2. Luke and Leia don't necessarily need to be together in order for the theme to show up. Luke mentions Leia to Rey in TLJ and we briefly get a fragment of it, but I agree that instances in which the theme are allowed to appear are indeed limited.
  3. A very happy birthday to you, @Ricard. Hope it was a good one.
  4. I'd rather have 8+ hours of Ewan as Obi-Wan than 2 hours.
  5. but wouldnt luke have used the force to massage the milk out??? smh ruin johnson doesnt understnd star wars
  6. I've never seen Jaws 2 but I might give it a go tonight.
  7. A new arrangement, you say? Honestly, and I can't even tell you why, but I'm really hoping for that one to return as well. If the rumors are to be believed that... ...Then I can see the need to indulge in a reprisal appropriate. Say, for example, that... Williams has always said that he loves returning to Star Wars partly because he has this large tapestry of themes to draw from and add to so I'm hoping that he feels able to just go crazy and have fun with this one.
  8. It'd be funny if, while we're here talking about how the quote is getting blown out of proportion, the score to TROS actually did somehow have every single Star Wars theme in it.
  9. I hear a little 1941 in there! Thanks for sharing, bud. Good stuff.
  10. Usually something needs to be rated first before it can then be overrated.
  11. Damn, I was hoping that somehow McCarthy would return.
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