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  1. I was upset with the current music "leak" making the rounds on there that I feel is complete bull when nobody was talking about the legitimate discovery you guys had made haha. I do want to clarify that in my adjoining comment to that post I make it clear that the find comes from these forums and not from myself, even though some users continued to assume I made the discovery.
  2. I know! This is so infuriating. How I wish he was scoring Craig's last entry! This just feels right.
  3. I feel bad for Williams possibly being in an even worse rescoring situation than TFA and under more severe time constraints.
  4. Let's see... E.T. Close Encounters of the Third Kind War of the Worlds Indiana Jones 4.
  5. Or perhaps a little sad. But, hey, if you guys get a kick out of it, that makes the effort worth it in my book.
  6. We go through our occasional ups and downs. But when the forum is good, it's really good.
  7. Just 3 months away, my man. Just. 3. More. Months. Loving the positive vibes.
  8. 33 reviews in and the film currently sits at a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  9. This actually worked a lot better than I was expecting it would.
  10. A very late happy birthday to Sir Disco of Stu and a timely happy birthday to @rpvee and @Justin, the latter of which has been gone for over 10 years now.
  11. A key element missing musically from the post-Williams Potter films (aside, of course, from Williams himself) were scores that didn't just support the films they accompanied but that also dared to interact with and engage in helping to create the visual narrative as well. I think a great example of this is in the first film when Harry first discovers the Mirror of Erised and looks into it to see his dead parents standing alongside him. The scene shows Harry's entire approach towards the mirror and his revelation. Now, Williams could have easily, and quite logically, chosen to start playing his wonderful family theme for the film right when we first make the discovery alongside Harry of what the mirror can do (i.e. when we first actually see his family - at 1:04) and it would have fit nicely and hit the proper emotional beats and what have you. Instead, Williams holds off, instead scoring Harry's approach and discovery with something a little more somber but still effective. It isn't until Harry himself reaches out and touches the mirror (1:40), physically both reaching out with longing for something he can't have and seemingly summoning the next bit of music in the process, that Williams allows the family theme to be heard. It's so subtle but so incredibly genius. You don't even really notice it if you're not paying attention to it. On one hand, you have the visuals dictating the score in that it isn't until we see Harry touch the mirror that we hear the theme. On the other, we also have the score interacting with the visuals and, by extension, dictating our own emotional experience because by delaying the usage of the theme Williams is picking and choosing when we, the viewer, get to feel that maximum emotional impact. On an even larger level, Williams doesn't use the theme until Harry himself, by virtue of being so overcome with longing that he is moved to physically react to what he is seeing, reaches his most emotional moment of the scene, and, by waiting until then to play the theme, so also allows us to share with Harry in that emotional moment. Just sublime.
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