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  1. In no particular order (and with many more I'd like to list...): Crumbs Mrbellamy Mr. Big Will Loert HM: Sharky Stu TGP
  2. Cerebral Cortex

    Your favourite EPIC cues

    Recently went through the Starship Troopers soundtrack for the first time in quite a spell and had forgotten how good the soundtrack was in parts.
  3. Cerebral Cortex

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    The finance manager for Coca-Cola is named John Williams so we at the very least still have some John Williams involvement.
  4. Cerebral Cortex

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    The ones with puns in their titles.
  5. Cerebral Cortex

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    Always gets my blood pumping.
  6. Cerebral Cortex

    Failed April Fools Nonsense

    As far as heart disease goes, definitely.
  7. Cerebral Cortex

    The Birthday Thread

    Many a happy birthday be bestowed upon @Sweeping Strings and @Sharky.
  8. Cerebral Cortex

    John Williams and your family

    I thought we were your family. 😥
  9. Cerebral Cortex

    Star Wars: Episode IX - Early Score Predictions Thread

    I'm hoping we get a theme or two from the prequels in IX, if only just so there can be a Star Wars score that musically spans all 3 trilogies (and Talk of Podracing in TFA doesn't count 😄).
  10. Cerebral Cortex

    Star Wars: Episode IX - Early Score Predictions Thread

    Also curious if, should Han appear in some capacity, say via flashback, if Williams will feel compelled to use the Han theme he now has at his disposal.
  11. Cerebral Cortex

    Video Game Music

    I definitely 100% get what you mean. It truly elevates the game and tinges everything with this sort of somber sadness. To this day I can listen to Stickerbush Symphony and still find myself getting emotional over it. There's that resonance, as you mentioned. While I quite enjoy the Tropical Freeze soundtrack, I can totally understand why, especially when compared to the first 2, it might not be as enjoyable of a listen.