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  1. "I wrote a shitload of bitchin' new music for this motherfucker." - John Williams on TLJ, probably
  2. Anyone good with Photoshop?

    As it currently stands, I have been unable to realize your current proposed vision. However, while researching on the internet, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this pic of you two outside the entrance to the ride standing uncomfortably close to one another.
  3. It's kinda nuts that in less than 3 months time we will have gone from the film being released to being able to possibly have the all the music that appears in the film.
  4. This would coincide with what Johnny said about Rian wanting to do something like this. Glad to hear it's actually happening. Thanks for the intel, Digital.
  5. Thanks for putting out all of these rips, @Chewy. Really appreciate it.
  6. The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday, @crumbs. Hope you're having a good day, buddy.
  7. Anyone good with Photoshop?

  8. Variety reports Spielberg held secret table read for Leonard Bernstein biopic, possibly to shoot after Indy 5 instead of West Side Story.
  9. James Bond #25

    Probably just some bad lighting. He looked fine on Colbert.
  10. 90th Academy Awards (for 2017 films)

    The best actors/actresses and supporting actors/actresses get more time for their speeches than everybody else, I believe.
  11. 90th Academy Awards (for 2017 films)

    He said "thank you John Williams for providing such an amazing piece of music," or something like that. Yes, Keane and Kobe both were on stage together.
  12. Christopher McQuarrie To Direct Mission Impossible 6

    Because she's scoring it instead.
  13. A Life in Music: New recordings of JW by the LSO

    Damn. I was okay with this release until you went and said that.
  14. Know anyone who actively dislikes film scores?

    Now, that is quite true. I hadn't considered that, if I'm being honest.
  15. Know anyone who actively dislikes film scores?

    I feel that this generation currently is very musically open-minded and receptive, perhaps because of how much more readily available music is now. Whatever the reason, it is something that is great to see (or hear, I suppose).