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  1. Give this link a whirl.
  2. I'm fairly certain it's a 1981 issue.
  3. Indiana Jones is one of those franchises where, good or bad, I'll take as much as I can get as long as Ford, Spielberg, and Williams are collectively behind the wheel. Spielberg seems aware of how the audience generally felt about KOTCS and has been humbled a bit with recent films like The BFG. For the first time in a long time, Spielberg has something to prove, and that alone is reason for some excitement.
  4. I'm still not quite over the fact that Williams scored a Kobe Bryant short film. So surreal.
  5. I'd proceed with caution. Some folks on the web are saying@facebookmail.com is legitimate while some are saying it is a phishing scam. This article is quite a few years old so I'm uncertain if it's still relevant but it details how to tell the difference between a legitimate and phishing email. Linky Hope you get it sorted out. That's a bit unnerving.
  6. Well, shit. This went from being something that I was kinda looking forward to to being something I'm really pumped about. Sounds great!
  7. All this talk about bringing it to the attention of the owner when you should be taking this up with the cat. Talk it out, see if you can reach some sort of agreement. If not, sure that feline's ass for everything it's worth.
  8. Welcome to the forums, bud! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. We must document Williams' life in terms of B.D. and A.D. (After Daisy).
  10. I would just like to make note of the fact that his pacemaker entered his life right around the same time Daisy did. All I'm saying. But Jay's right. He certainly does look better. In a lot of pictures of Williams in 2014 or so, you don't see him smiling a whole lot. Well, I mean, you don't see Williams smiling a whole lot anyways, but seemingly not a ton even for Williams. In 2016 and 2017, he seems a bit more relaxed and happy. I wonder if he even felt all that great in the year or so before getting his pacemaker. At any rate, it's great to see him continuing to chug right along with an equivocal vitality and exuberance.
  11. That's pretty cool, Thor! All I really have to say. Just came by to verbalize that. ...Okay, I'm out.
  12. Confession: Any post with a Galaxy Quest quote in it will automatically get a like from me. Just how it works, I'm sorry.