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  1. And you can hear it so clearly in the film, too! When it first appears in TFA, the initial couple of seconds are fairly lucid but it quickly becomes tough to make out parts. The first time it appears in TLJ, it comes out blaring, unmistakable, crisp. I am still just beyond thrilled by how kindly the mix is to the music this go-around.
  2. I think it's also just the case of Williams kinda deciding to kick back and just have fun with the music for this installment. I don't think it's a stretch to say that he probably felt a lot better health-wise during the scoring of TLJ. He possibly saw TLJ as an opportunity to, now with renewed vigor, really maximize the potential of the themes he had written in TFA, as well as to celebrate his 40th year with this franchise, and I think that attitude is reflected in the music and in his usage of prior themes. The score just seems so much more consistently spritely and fuller than TFA, and I guess I can't help but see that as in somehow being tied to Williams' own vitality. I don't know. Possibly a stretch.
  3. Another pic of Hamill at the recording sessions.
  4. Man, oh man, the scene when Luke steps out to face Kylo with nothing but Williams' score slowing building to a feverish high has to be one of the moviegoing highlights for me this year. Shot and scored perfectly.
  5. I'm trying to avoid spoilers regarding the film and score, but I can't help but ask: do we get any Luke and Leia's theme reprisals?
  6. True to your avatar, you traveled to far-off lands and came away with the prize. Congrats, bud. You're a regular Dr. Jones.
  7. I'm glad Crumbs ended up getting his choir after all.
  8. It is exciting to be getting a sequel score treatment from Williams that in a way sounds more in the vein of how Shore did the Lord of the Rings scores than how he did the two previous Star Wars trilogies.
  9. As much as I can't wait to hear the score, part of me really enjoys this part of the experience. That is to say, these final few moments of us all waiting in excitement together leading up to a score this special are kinda fun too. In isolation, the anticipation is sickening, but anticipating with other people who you know are looking forward to the score as much as you are makes it almost enjoyable, if that makes sense? I don't know.
  10. Williams talks THE POST (Video)

    All before the actual score has even been released.