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  1. Cerebral Cortex

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    If anything, I'd say it strengthens, not dilutes, the case made for the ingenuity behind those initial melodies and their versatility to see them lend themselves so effortlessly to a musical context far removed from what they were originally intended to be used for.
  2. Cerebral Cortex

    Official Discord Thread

    First, this week JWFan announces it'll be expanding its social media presence. Now you're telling me we have our own Discord channel? We've never been this hip!
  3. John Barry. When you get those horns blasting through the soundscape? It is unmistakable.
  4. I have also heard on good authority that they do still plan to have a life size cardboard cutout of Williams in the main lobby for everyone to take pictures with after the concert. So there's that, too.
  5. Cerebral Cortex


    Having a thread on the forum with both "Hans Zimmer" and "SpongeBob movie" in the title amused me. Simple as that. We've had lamer justifications for separate threads in the past.
  6. Cerebral Cortex

    Favorite Star Wars finale and end credits music?

    Perhaps the jumbled nature of the end credits is representative of the possibility that there was a decision made late in the game to change the music for them? I have no proof whatsoever to back this up, just a thought.
  7. Cerebral Cortex


    I'm not sure. It has been a while since you and I have had one of our signature one-on-one SpongeBob movie chats so I'm not sure how to effectively gauge your disinterest and assess whether or not it could possible increase.
  8. So, um, yeah. Apparently Hans Zimmer is scoring the new SpongeBob movie.
  9. Every picture of George Lucas from the past couple of years has him looking like he was told exactly 1 second ahead of time that he was about to have his picture taken.
  10. Cerebral Cortex

    THE LAST JEDI - Disney Records OST

    Thank you so much for all your efforts, Manikin. I'm sorry for all the hassle on your part.
  11. Cerebral Cortex

    Favorite Star Wars finale and end credits music?

    TFA and ESB are easy favorites for me, but, I'm with you, I've got to throw ROTS's end credits into the mix as well. Lots to love about this one. That powerful and sweeping rendition of Leia's theme is fantastic, like you said. That segway from Leia's theme into Battle of the Heroes, two seemingly incongruous musical works, is sublime (love how Williams decides to transition from an OT theme from the first film to a PT theme from the, at the time, last film to bring it full circle). The rendition of the Force theme we get at 8:58 is so hauntingly beautiful, probably my favorite statement of that theme we've gotten from the whole franchise. And, to top it all off, you've got to love how Williams fires up the OT credits tradition of concluding with Luke's theme for the big finale. He kinda leaves the music hanging in the air at 11:14 or so, almost as if to fool you that he is done, but then those familiar swirling strings start ramping up for the first time since ROTJ as he gives us that one last encore (so he thought!) and it's just so... perfect. Gotta love it.
  12. I feel like Williams is too classy a guy to specifically ask someone to work on a project only to then just abandon that project for another project.