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  1. I'd rather have 8+ hours of Ewan as Obi-Wan than 2 hours.
  2. but wouldnt luke have used the force to massage the milk out??? smh ruin johnson doesnt understnd star wars
  3. I've never seen Jaws 2 but I might give it a go tonight.
  4. A new arrangement, you say? Honestly, and I can't even tell you why, but I'm really hoping for that one to return as well. If the rumors are to be believed that... ...Then I can see the need to indulge in a reprisal appropriate. Say, for example, that... Williams has always said that he loves returning to Star Wars partly because he has this large tapestry of themes to draw from and add to so I'm hoping that he feels able to just go crazy and have fun with this one.
  5. It'd be funny if, while we're here talking about how the quote is getting blown out of proportion, the score to TROS actually did somehow have every single Star Wars theme in it.
  6. I hear a little 1941 in there! Thanks for sharing, bud. Good stuff.
  7. Usually something needs to be rated first before it can then be overrated.
  8. Damn, I was hoping that somehow McCarthy would return.
  9. I was saddened to see quite a few people in my section leaving during the encores. By the time Williams came to close things out with his final encore, I was one of only 4 people that remained in my row in the middle section. Seeing people walking out with their backs to the orchestra during Indy just felt really wrong, haha. Is it to get ahead of the traffic or something? This was a once in a lifetime experience, you spent the money to get the tickets, you made the trip out there. Why can you not just sit there and enjoy the entire concert? Why must people always be in a rush to not enjoy things in life? Perhaps I'm overreacting. Was just a bit upsetting.
  10. I should have made some sort of effort here in the thread prior to the concert to try and do a makeshift meetup of sorts. Would have been awesome to have met some of you folks.
  11. He did not, unfortunately. Fantastic! It sounded like they maybe played it at a slightly faster speed, but that could have just been my ears playing tricks on me.
  12. Bad joke. I'm totally kidding. He didn't say any of that. Yes. This one, for instance, ends with a brief variation of the main theme from Schindler's on the violin.
  13. Perhaps I'm still just reeling from the experience of seeing Williams live but I feel like that arrangement of Leia's theme is my favorite take on the piece. Like rpvee said, and I hadn't really thought about, it seems to nicely sum up Leia's character as a whole. I can't help but think that some of the more intense violin parts were written with Carrie's passing in mind. When Williams came out, he gushed quite a bit about Mutter and how wonderful she was but all he said about David Newman, who conducted the first half, was "That fucker has to work on West Side Story. I really dodged a bullet on that deal," which I thought was a rather crass and surprisingly tasteless thing for him to say. Joking aside, concert was fantastic, as was to be expected. Williams seemed in good spirits and health. Was super impressive seeing how deftly and energetically he manned the podium. When it came time for him to conduct "The Duel" from Tintin, his baton was nearly a blur. He gave four encore performances. First one was the new arrangement of Yoda's Theme, followed by his Star Wars main titles/end credits arrangement from ANH that he usually plays at concerts, third was the new arrangement of "Remembrances," and then he closed up shop with some good ol' Indiana Jones. Williams came out a fifth time and mimed with his hands under his head like a pillow that he needed to go to bed. One neat little bit of trivia is that Alan Silvestri was in attendance with his wife in the third row or so to watch Williams.
  14. Sending the happiest of birthday wishes your way, @Nick Parker
  15. Right, but it's not like Williams knew that when constructing the score.
  16. While I agree that Williams not developing Battle of the Heroes throughout the course of the film, like he did with DOTF in TPM during the 3rd act, may seem like a bit of a missed opportunity, there's also something to be said for the power that comes with restraining a new theme and unleashing it in the final moments. Take Jedi Steps at the end of The Force Awakens, for example. Rey's getting in the Falcon, she's heading off to find Luke. Everything is pretty much wrapping up on another Star Wars film. But, in the final minute and a half, Williams, even though he has already provided us with a score rife with new memorable themes, decides to go "Oh, and there's also this..." and just drops an entirely new theme on us. He could have hinted at it earlier in the film throughout the many times the characters mentioned Luke, or he could have just had Rey ascend the steps with some variation on her theme. But instead he chooses to squeeze in one more theme. There is a certain emotional heft (or Force, if you will) that accompanies the piece specifically because you as a listener are completely blindsided by it. It's like Williams giving us a mic drop moment, as the kids say. It's the cherry on top to what was already a fantastic score. I think the same can kinda be said for Battle of the Heroes in ROTS, even though I definitely get where you're coming from.
  17. Really holding out for some sort of legacy theme that is not only film appropriate but that is also meant to serve as a capstone for Williams and his relationship to the franchise. Something that really embodies the heart of the franchise as a whole much in the way I would say Giacchino and his Yorktown theme does in Star Trek Beyond would be awesome.
  18. Happy birthday wishes to both @Incanus and @Dixon Hill. Hope you both have excellent days.
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