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  1. The Custom Covers Thread

    This is really cool, but it's also really pixelated. Especially in and around the red outline of the SW logo. What happened?
  2. The Custom Covers Thread

    My first one:
  3. I feel like this chart is proving my point
  4. I've always seen Star Wars fans as geeks and Trekkies as nerds. Don't ask why.
  5. Not his next (the Charles Manson pic) but his 10th one. And that would be ST if he really chooses to do it. I would much rather see something substantial that has a lasting impact. Not a summer blockbuster with a bunch of nerds running around in pyjamas.
  6. Seems weird that he would make an entry to an existing franchise his last ever film.
  7. The Custom Covers Thread

    It's still over a week to go
  8. Fantastic Star Wars Music Podcast - Star Wars Oxygen

    Would you mind sharing your sources? i wanna get disappointed too.
  9. The Custom Covers Thread

    ***EDIT*** BloodBoal you beat me to it ************ Here's Star Wars. Game covers btw are a bit tricky since their styles and designs are all over the place. Which makes it hard to come up with a uniform covers series that fits everything.
  10. The Custom Covers Thread

    I find the lack of faith in custom covers here disturbing.
  11. Woah, another list! NAME: heidl LOCATION: Austria (I don't think I'll have to explain further, the country is small enough already) AGE: 35 SEX: male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: An IT-related job with free internet FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Last Crusade, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Road to Perdition, The Elder Scrolls games, Sunshine, The Lord of the Rings, Signs, Fight Club, Sideways FAVORITE FILM(S): Fight Club, Aliens, LotR, Adaptation, Children of Men, Apollo 13, Lost in Translation, Magnolia FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Fincher, Spielberg, James Cameron, Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Spike Jonze, Alfonso Cuaron SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Making and listening to music, going to the cinema, making custom covers, watching soccer, Science Fiction stuff, postapocalyptic novels and games, The Elder Scrolls games (the only ones left that I still play through), board games+drinking (a lot of fun) VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: I started shamelessly promoting my blog RANDOM THOUGHT: I wonder how one single human can come up with enough time to reach 10.000 and more posts on this board
  12. Alrighty then: Top10 essential John Williams tracks Top10 film scores no-one knows 10 things to improve iTunes My favorite 10 things to do when I was single The top10 episodes of Firefly 10 reasons why FOX is a pure breed of evil Top10 custom covers series on HQCovers Top10 Play-along tracks for drummers 10 essential guitar film scores My 10 guilty pleasures of Pop
  13. Aaah... I love lists! BEST SCORES OF 2016: Arrival Firewatch Game of Thrones - Season 6 Rogue One Star Trek Beyond TOP 10 BEST TRACKS OF 2016: Thank Your Lucky Star Date (love the woodwinds at 1:23) Night on the Yorktown (epic!) Stranger Things Main Theme Hope (Rogue One in a nutshell) Light of the Seven (GoT) Kangaru (Arrival - listening to this for the first time was mind-blowing) Xenoanthropology (Arrival - its percussion track is so damn haunting) The Jurassic Park theme in Swiss Army Men The Last Stage to Red Rock (The Hateful Eight opening titles) BEST CATALOG TITLES OF 2016: The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection BEST FILMS OF 2016 The Shallows Arrival Rogue One 10 Cloverfield Lane The Neon Demon The Lobster SPECIFIC HIGHLIGHTS OF 2016: Inside (the new game from Playdead. What the actual fuck!?) SPECIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2016: The lost opportunity that was the Warcraft score HGW stepping down from the Alien: Covenant gig
  14. Didn't Kylo drop his helmet when he was facing Han? He was certainly not wearing it during the final battle and - looking at all the doomsday action around him - I doubt there was time left to pick it up before fleeing the planet. So maybe we're up for an updated mask in EP VIII.
  15. Fantastic Star Wars Music Podcast - Star Wars Oxygen

    Really a wonderful listening experience. The whole RFR is great actually, but the SW Oxygen's are the definite highlight. Speaking of podcasts. I'd also recommend the last Tracksounds SoundCast featuring a bunch of illustrious guests, such as Kristen Romanelli (FSM Online), Eric Woods (Cinematic Sound Radio) or Doug Adams (you know him... ).