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  1. Thanks to a very generous soul I managed to buy 6 tickets next to each other for the Saturday concert. This feels absolutely unreal to me, gonna see a living legend irl for the first time, in my homecountry! And it's finally an appropriate time for me to quote this post from the RAH thread:
  2. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Some new covers of mine: Full resolution download here: https://hqcovers.net/2018/01/22/blade-runner-2049-by-benjamin-wallfisch-hans-zimmer/
  3. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    A friend and me collaborated on a fun little project that turned the ALIEN saga into an animated TV show for kids. We had a real blast and we thought you might get a chuckle or two out of it... Here's our text: "The Alien Adventures" by Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Elliot Goldenthal, John Frizzell And here are the artworks:
  4. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Take a look at this thread and prepare to spend hours and hours downloading images: http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=176706 My cover is basically puzzled together from various different(ly oriented) images. It was quite complicated to end up with a square version, but I just can't stand distorted images.
  5. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    I have both the original and the prequel trilogy on the plate for the upcoming year, probably within the next 2-3 months. And based on the source material I've collected so far, I'm sure there will be plenty of covers that'll match your tastes. I know these schedules sound ridiculous as it's still just fucking custom artwork we're talking about. But I do like to take my time and sometimes things grow out of control (see Prometheus or Stranger Things for example), especially on a project of this scale. @JTWfan77: I will "cover" your requests as well.
  6. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Today I have finally published my latest blog post for The Last Jedi. If you're interested, this way. As a teaser, here's my latest (but not final) piece for TLJ: (sorry if I spam some of you on my various social media channels. I'm only advertising...)
  7. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Awesome! I'd love to add this one to my blog, if you don't mind? Also, as requested, here's my idea of a custom cover based on Paul Shipper's incredible poster.
  8. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Thanks and yes, that's definitely on the table. But first, another one based on the official poster art:
  9. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    This is really cool, but it's also really pixelated. Especially in and around the red outline of the SW logo. What happened?
  10. heidl

    The Custom Covers Thread

    My first one:
  11. I feel like this chart is proving my point
  12. I've always seen Star Wars fans as geeks and Trekkies as nerds. Don't ask why.
  13. Not his next (the Charles Manson pic) but his 10th one. And that would be ST if he really chooses to do it. I would much rather see something substantial that has a lasting impact. Not a summer blockbuster with a bunch of nerds running around in pyjamas.
  14. Seems weird that he would make an entry to an existing franchise his last ever film.