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  1. It sounds a bit slower compared to what you hear in the film. The woodwinds should also be more accented in the beginning.
  2. Lockdown

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Hopefully they'll get rid of her and overdub the original oboe solos 😂😂
  3. I think it may have been a source cue based off of the title alone, but I still think it is Williams material. I understand why 3m2 and 3m4 are missing though. 3m2 La Cumparsita (comp. Gerardo Matos Rodriguez) 3m4 Weiner Wald (comp. Johann Strauss)
  4. Are these cues present? 2m3 Pre-Dinner Music 4m3 Mina's Death 5m2 On the Road 6m3 Disorder in the Asylum
  5. Thin Red Line I know for a fact will be. I heard people saying Superman and Schindler's List would be so I just rolled along with it. Lol.
  6. I mentioned that, it's a possibility I guess, but I know that will upset some as only some consider Chamber and Prisoner being worth it, whereas some consider Philosopher's Stone being the only one worth a purchase. The only thing that makes sense of combining those scores into one boxset is the fact that it's by Williams, other than that, I'd be extremely disappointed if the latter 5 scores do not receive the same treatment.
  7. Because they will. It doesn't add up being Black Friday releases to the say the least considering they would take up 3 of the 5 approved releases for Black Friday. If it's not WaterTower, or later down the line La La Land, we at least know for a fact it won't be Black Friday, unless it is considered *one* approved release, which I highly doubt. We know Superman, Schindler's List, Thin Red Line, and that leaves only 2 spots left. It doesn't add up to me.
  8. Wow thanks for that insight
  9. Lockdown

    The Official Intrada Thread

    I'm hoping for Willow as well. But I know the titles coming aren't it. At least not from Intrada.
  10. I personally don't think these titles are part of La La's Black Friday's batches, but time will tell I guess. I had always heard that WaterTower / Warner wanted to release these on their own.
  11. Darn now the sessions are worthless!!