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  1. Lockdown

    The BFG - FYC Album

    Someone here has to have it!!!!
  2. Lockdown

    The BFG - FYC Album

    So, who has this?
  3. Anyone recall where the Something Wicked Intro is on the set? Never mind!
  4. I don't know why he would need to do that, but I also didn't configure this set either. I hope something will come to light, as this really shouldn't be happening on official sets..
  5. Maybe a re-pressing of Prisoner is in order? https://imgur.com/a/kneHmwD
  6. Knight Bus, Drum Overlay for Buckbeaks Flight, Reviewing The Recent Past and Knight Bus alternate as well. All of which are lossless on the OST, correct..? (Specifically Newspaper Headliner Part 1) The odd thing is though, most of the cue itself is lossless, but they are a number of cues edited together, so you can tell where the edits were made and can see the clear cutoff at 16kHz..
  7. Can we discuss now why POA uses lossy sources in about 4 cues?