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  1. The Chronological Film Score Thread

    Has anyone ever combined The Lego Movie OST with the FYC and knows the chronological order for that?
  2. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Don't worry. They'll have an Amazon CD-r manufactured soon enough!
  3. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I'm not sure if this is a double post or not, sorry if it is. He's quitting after Episode IX. I'm sure we all saw this coming. Who will score the Star Wars franchise, if they do indeed continue the Episodes? http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/entertainment/2018/03/composer-john-williams-to-quit-scoring-star-wars-franchise.html
  4. How does one even purchase it from Movies Anywhere if all they do is redirect you to other retailers?
  5. Any reason for Brian Tyler's material appearing on the Ragnarok FYC? ("Counterproductive Anger Release") Also, isn't Doyle's material on here as well (in "Where To?")
  6. Wait, what are you talking about? Every Lord of the Rings film has had an FYC CD set released..
  7. Okay so last time I posted this, no one responded. But I think the similarity to these is a little insane lol. Also, this.
  8. Lol my Mother just made the connection between this song and the new theme from The Last Jedi. (Fun with Finn and Rose) Does anyone else hear it? Listen to the vocal melodic line.
  9. I'm faster than the updatee wew lad