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  1. Alex

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    POA is the best film and HBP is the worst. These are just facts.
  2. I think Horner was better at: - Evoking emotion in general through his music - Choral writing - Ethnic music And JW: - Action music - Integration of leitmotifs - Concert arrangements of his music - Americana - Orchestrations I think Horner was far more adaptable than JW but I think the overal quality of JW’s writing is better. It’s also worth noting that Horner may have not even reached his peak. Can’t we just love them both?
  3. I don’t think we’ll ever know. JW wrote some of his best works in his 60s and 70s, it’s sad that we’ll never get to hear what Horner could have written at those ages.
  4. Alex

    John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

  5. Alex


    Mexico is great. I spent 6 months living there and never had any problems. The touristy places are all pretty safe.
  6. Alex

    The Official Future Films Thread

    That Zemeckis film looks good. Steve Carell is very underrated as a dramatic actor - he was awesome in Foxcatcher
  7. Alex

    The temp track or similarities thread

    That hack John Williams stealing from the master Giacchino
  8. Alex

    John Powell kicks ass

    I just discovered the End Credits from Ice Age 3 and they’re awesome
  9. JP states that this is them rehearsing so maybe they're just have a run through. No evidence to suggest that they were recording anything separately.
  10. That trumpet flub around 2.16 is annoying the hell out of me
  11. I realise offence is subjective, but is there really that much to be “offended” by in a Star Wars film?
  12. Everyone thinks the Empire were bad, but they were creating jobs when they built that Death Star. Do you know how many people became unemployed thanks to Luke Skywalker?
  13. The film has bombed simply because no one was crying out for it. That, combined with the problems during backstage, the divisiveness of TLJ and the simple fact that we’ve gone into Star Wars overkill. People went to see Rogue One because it was something new - (oooh a anthology film unrelated to any of the Episodes, that’s different!). I also think future anthology Star Wars film need a bigger name in the lead role for them to be a draw for potential viewers. If it was a Han Solo film starring Harrison Ford, for example, people would go just for him.
  14. The brass always sound better when it’s recorded in London, I’ve noticed.