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  1. Alex


    Answering one of Jay’s questions:
  2. William Ross didn’t write anything new for CoS, this has been confirmed multiple times on this forum. Wasn’t it Mike Matessino who said that JW just couldn’t stop writing for it and was sending music over to London as late as the final recording sessions?
  3. Alex


    I’m rewatching this and I forgot just how differently it’s shot compared to Better Call Saul. Has a completely different feel. Lots of hand held camera work.
  4. Alex


    Looks like Jesse had time for a buzz cut whilst on the run
  5. This was most definitely used as a temp track for the opening scene in TLJ
  6. I saw It: Chapter 2 today, or as it should be known: “Jump Scare: The Movie”. It’s more or less the same movie as the first one, except the kids are adults now, and they introduce some convoluted ritual nonsense. It was almost 3 hours long and it felt it. I thought it was never going to end. Bill Hader was great.
  7. I really hope this isn’t true. I wish JK Rowling would just leave HP alone now. This means they will have to recast Snape, which sucks, because that is Alan Rickman’s role.
  8. I got Spider-Man 2 on DVD one Christmas, so I ended up watching that before the first one.
  9. Film composing has always seemed such a scandal-free zone* *Unless you count Nicholas Hooper getting the Order of the Phoenix gig
  10. Alex


    You can see pictures of Hank and Gomez above the water cooler
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