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  1. Honestly I think it was worth having the Canto Bight scenes just for the music JW wrote. I can't stop listening to "Canto Bight" or "The Fathiers"
  2. The man is 85 years old ffs, be grateful he's still writing anything, let alone Star Wars music! It's a great album. Quite frankly it's incredible how superior the orchestrations and lines of writing are compared to any other current composer.
  3. America

    Soon only Tom Hanks will remain!
  4. Apologies if this seems like an ignorant question but why don't they just release FYC albums instead of the OST albums?
  5. America

    The Rock vs Trump in 2020. We are officially living in a movie.
  6. Rogue One is a waste of time imo. You know what's going to happen, there's too many characters they expect you to care about. Plus CGI Tarkin..
  7. Fair play to Rian Johnson for actually trying something a bit different. It's not perfect by any means, but I'm glad he backed himself and didn't make a safe, generic, fan appeasing film (words that could potentially be used to describe TFA).
  8. The Fathiers is slowly becoming one of my favourite JW action cues
  9. Episode IX will end with a new arrangement of Yub Nub, do not worry.
  10. I'm actually finding myself drawn more to Rose's theme than Rey's 😬 *hides*
  11. This score reminds me a lot of Prisoner of Azkaban. JW is clearly on top form here and there are some outstanding individual cues (we must remember that he is 85(!) years old) but I do agree with some of the previous comments that there isn't really an "identity" as such.
  12. I think the first track is my favourite ever opening to a Star Wars movie.
  13. I also feel this trilogy will suffer due to having different writers.