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  1. So the Toy Story 4 score is basically a lot of music from all the other scores mashed together
  2. Testosterone levels off the chart
  3. So is CC talking out of his a*** here or..?
  4. I watched Vice on a plane the other day. It’s a weird film, but Christian Bale is incredible in it. I watched an interview with Dick Cheney after it, and I didn’t realise quite how much Bale completely transformed into him. As a film it does kinda shout at you and I imagine it could be described as “liberal propaganda”.
  5. Most of the longer tracks actually don’t start too badly, but then they gradually involve into standard Zimmer droning and thumping.
  6. I swear more people were involved in writing this film than with Captain Marvel
  7. I watched the new Aladdin. I enjoyed it. I had quite a unique experience I think, because I’ve never actually seen the original. However, it’s full of moments where you just sigh, roll your eyes and say to yourself “Guy Ritchie”. Not sure he was the right choice for this film. Edit: Whoops, wrong thread, feel free to shunt me over to the correct one
  8. I remember reading CC’s Fallen Kingdom review where he states (when talking about the brachiosaurus scene) that he stopped reading HP when Dumbledore dies because he felt betrayed. That’s when it was confirmed to me that his opinions on HP cannot be taken seriously.
  9. Anyone hear that trumpet flub at 0.49 in “Godzilla Main Title”?
  10. So does Menken actually write the original score these films? I’ve read various rumours that there are composers who just adapt his songs into a score. I think James Horner may have mentioned something about it.
  11. I’m still furious that Samwell Tarly lasted until the end. He’s the luckiest man in Westeros.
  12. The “Friend Like Me” cover by Will Smith and DJ Khaleed may be the worst thing I’ve ever heard. “Carpet Chase” reminds a bit of “African Rundown”. Menken for Bond 25.
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