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  1. Was half expecting the synthesised clarinet from Driving Miss Daisy to come in at the end of that cue
  2. I live for Clemmensen's disdain for Zimmer. Probably my favourite reviewer out there to be honest. He did award The Post 3 stars though which was surprising.
  3. I have more of a problem with the way Mrs Weasley kills Bellatrix in the film. The line she delivers comes across much better in the books. I can understand why she would be the one to kill Bellatrix as she has a history with death eaters (both her brothers were murdered by them).
  4. I believe within the HP universe Veritaserum is strictly controlled and not 100% accurate (like a lie detector).
  5. ... and the theme from Ready Player One 😉
  6. I recently watched The Shape of Water. It’s a beautifully made film, but I wasn’t really convinced by the story.
  7. Yo necesitaba un SIM y Claro fue la primera compañía que busqué 😬
  8. If you listen closely you can hear J.J. Abrams sobbing
  9. A Life in Music: New recordings of JW by the LSO

    Wouldn't* love to hear the LSO performing stuff from Tintin and The Lost World EDIT: Oops would*
  10. America

    Marriage is overrated anyway
  11. America

    Most of my teachers couldn't even connect a computer to a projector so god knows what they would be like with a firearm