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  1. I ordered within the first minute you could and I got a shipping email on the 7th of december. According to the tracking page, the package is still in Los Angeles and I live in Europe so it's a bit weird.
  2. After having seen the movie again, I've done a few changes to my list. It's still not complete as there are cues I know are missing but aren't on the updated list because I can't place them. Anyway, this has more detail than the last list I posted! 1. The Threstal Chase (8:04) 2. Newt and Leta (2:32) Theseus Ministry meeting - Grindelwald arrives in Paris Grindelwald’s Orders 3. Dumbledore (2:11) ”It has to be you” - Newt takes the job The baby Nifflers - newts apartment 4. The Kelpie (1:32) Jacob and Queenie - Queenie leaves - Jacob in the Rain 5. Newt and Jacob Pack for Paris (2:27) 6. Nagini (4:15) The Portkey Queenie arrives in Paris - french ministry of magic Not an old lady 7. Newt Tracks Tina (2:27) 8. Queenie Searches for Jacob (1:35) Nagini & Credence go to Irma Dugard 9. Irma and the Obscurus (2:56) ”For the greater good” Jacob talking about Queenie The Feather Yusuf Kama’s Trap 11. Capturing the Zouwu (1:33) 12. Traveling to Hogwarts (1:06) (first few seconds are used), then a new arrangement and recording of JW’s music from HP comes in instead of the Fantastic Beasts/Macusa theme like in the OST cue) Hogwarts (slightly re-arranged and re recorded JW music). Defense against the Dark Arts (might be second part of 12. Traveling to Hogwarts) Ministry officials question Dumbledore - Travers gets the last word 13. Leta’s Flashback (4:40) Leta’s Flashback (insert?) 10. Blood Pact (2:29) Curing Yusuf Kama Grindelwald calls his followers Polyjuice - Theseus and Leta Tina and Newt enter fresh ministry - Theseus discovers newt 14. Salamander Eyes (2:38) 15. Matagots (2:15) Jacob and Nicholas Flamel 16. Your Story is Our Story (3:21) 17. Leta’s Confession (5:14) Grindelwald Rally - Grindelwald Enters - Speech 18. Vision of War (3:49) 19. Spread the Word (4:01) 20. Wands into the Earth (4:04) 21. Restoring Your Name (6:20) 22. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2:40) End credits: First half of Leta’s Flashback, a shortened version of Matagots (where the big action part of the cue is omitted), beginning of Leta’s Confession and then a cue that is unreleased which sounded a bit like the Jacob and Nicholas Flamel cue (which also is unreleased).
  3. @Jay What listening order do you recommend? I was never a big fan of the album presentation because it had the last piece first...
  4. @JayHow is the spreadsheet going?😀
  5. If you want lossless, then import alac (m4a).
  6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (LLL) by John Williams
  7. Campare any film composer’s conducting with someone like Mutti, Harnoncourt or Haitink and it will be poor in comparison, but that’s normal as they’re composers😂
  8. I heard that the score was butchered by the editor. Apparently Balfe talks about this in the commentary track with the director.
  9. Mr. Who

    The Composer's Thread

    That’s a nice setup! What do you think about Century brass? I use mostly Spitfire’s symphonic strings, brass, winds and orch percussion. I want to get the solo strings as well but my wallet doesn’t agree;)
  10. I always associated this the most with the Chamber of Secrets because of the Opening the Chamber cue but I guess it should be the Stone motif as it was written for HP1.