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  1. Just buy digital music on iTunes. They won't go through your library.
  2. Howard Shore should score this!
  3. Listen to Girl with a Pearl Earring, a much better score that I would call magical. Shape of water doesn't go anywhere IMO, musically, it just says something and then says the same thing a few more times in the same way.
  4. Am I the only one who thinks the Shape of Water score is kind of dull and mediocre? I am a big Desplat fan and love many of his scores but I really don't think this deserved to win...
  5. Balfe isn't scoring Fallout.
  6. Am I the only one who gets annoyed by the fact that there is dialogue in some of the tracks? like prologue for example...?
  7. I would prefer they do something else than Star Wars. Disney is showing Star Wars down people's throats and 2 new trilogies is just too much.
  8. I liked he film as a whole but I did think they gave Rose way too much screen time. I wanted to see more of Rey but undead I got the Rose character for a big part of the movie...
  9. I would have liked a Kraemer fallout score but as he isn't doing it I just hope Tyler or Balfe don't end up scoring it. I would prefer someone like John Powell does it.
  10. Kraemer said on Twitter that he wasn't contracted for Mi Fallout...
  11. Interstellar Gladiator Pearl Harbor Last Samurai POTC3 Inception DVC Hannibal SH2 DKR
  12. Hans Zimmer's DUNKIRK

    Film tracks is such a bad site. The reviewer clearly doesn't know anything about how a film and a film score is made.
  13. In the Titanic commentary, Cameron says that he loved the piano cue Horner wrote but that the demo performance worked so well in the film that he didn't want to have a re-recorded version of it. For that particular scene, the demo performance works so well and I don't think a re-recording would have worked as well. As for why LLL included all those OST versions on disc 1 and labeled film versions as "alternate", I get why they did it, but I would have preferred that they put the film version of southampton and the alt mix of Rose etc on disc 1 instead of the OST versions.
  14. My CD still hasn't arrived actually... I ordered less than 2 hours after they went on sale:/
  15. I agree with all of that. The Portrait cue that is on disc 1 is the worst track on the whole edition and it's a shame that it's on disc 1.