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  1. Kermode is great! Love the BBC 5 show he does with Simon Mayo!
  2. The Official Future Films Thread

    I would like a zimmer JNh collaboration for Avatar.
  3. The Official Future Films Thread

    The trailer says that Tom Holkenborg I scoring it. I think he has done interesting work but let's hope Cameron doesn't like him too much because he can't score avatar 😂
  4. Yes exactly. One has to cut a few things to get the timing of the film version right.
  5. Yes I remember there being like 3 different versions of the MI5 score on the Paramount website. Do you know if WB has uploaded a single FYC score that isn't just the OST in the past few years?
  6. Yes the music used in the opening wreck scene in the film is really great! Especially the part at the end (before "To the Keldysh").
  7. Yes most of it can be recreated, using the LLL edition. Some cues would every difficult though (like Rose and Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave for instance) because it has to do with mixing etc.
  8. People who for years wanted the complete score, wanted the complete score as they had heard in the film because they hadn't heard Horner's rejected cues. I really like how the music was used in the film and I don't care if that was how Horner intended it, I really like it. I do also like the rejected music on the LLL, although honestly, some of it does not seem to fit the movie Titanic. But again, we can like both!
  9. Damn! I would really have liked to hear the full Dunkirk score. The OST is almost entirely made of alts and suites or shortened cues.
  10. THX99, do you know if there's a chance that there will be a complete FYC score, when the OST is already uploaded?
  11. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I'm pretty sure it was just tracked. It was like 20 seconds
  12. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I love the Williams theme but in Justice League it almost became comical and not heroic because of the "darker" superman we had seen in MOS and BVS. It just didn't fit.
  13. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I found the whole score jarring, it had no real identity and was just making noise in the background. The lack of thematic writing was a big issue and the superman theme didn't fit at all.
  14. Yup it was written in the review. Seems to be the music in the film!
  15. Good to hear! I can't wait to hear this edition! One question, what is the track A Promise Kept (Alternate)? Is it the soft mysterious synths that are in the film, but missing from the OST track or something completely different?