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  1. Mr. Who

    Happy birthday John Powell!

    Happy birthday!
  2. Mr. Who

    DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    But superman was barely in justice league and wasn’t even on the posters... I understand the financial aspect but suicide squad was just hard to watch. Margot Robbie who is a great actress is so wasted in that movie
  3. Mr. Who

    DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    I can’t understand why they would cancel MOS 2 but make sequels to Suicide Squad which was one of the worst movies I’ve seen.
  4. Mr. Who

    James Bond #25

    That would mean a Gia bond score and I don't want that...
  5. Mr. Who

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Actually more than 5 hours! Many different and early versions of cues. Also pieces that weren't in the movie or that later on became cues.
  6. This is completely correct. If you look at conductors like Riccardo Mutti or Harnoncourt or Haitink, conducting is their art. Many composers just know the basics and in such a case it might be better to sit in the booth while someone else conducts your music. Being a good composer doesn’t make you a good conductor. It doesn’t mean you don’t know about nuances etc which a composer sitting in the booth will inform the conductor of.
  7. Mr. Who

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    I would recommend nine months as well!
  8. Yes it’s a nice score! Too bad there isn’t a release date
  9. Last jedi is nowhere near as good a score as TFA is.
  10. Mr. Who

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    I hope this gets released in some way
  11. Mr. Who

    James Bond #25

    I think Man from Uncle was great and Cavil did a great job in that movie. He was also great in Mission Impossible: Fallout so i think he would make a great Bond.
  12. Agreed. Complaining about too long albums while at the same time asking for expansions is weird. This isn’t a score I will listen to outside the movie but it’s still a good thing that a lot of the music gets released.
  13. This is great news!
  14. Mr. Who

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    The book is brilliant but the geniuses who made this terrible movie decided to change the whole plot and make everything bad. This movie shouldn’t be called Jack Reacher as it had nothing to do with the books which are great. I was really disappointed when I saw this.