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  1. I feel really privileged because I had the honour of hearing this score before anyone else...in 1994.
  2. Not sure. There was no program.
  3. He did a rather interesting thing, by having the orchestra set up exactly like they are in recording sessions. They even had normal clothes on, not suits and dresses, like they were on a scoring stage. There were 5 percussionists, ranging from drums, anvil etc. 4 trombones, 4 double bass, 6 cello, 25 violins, a piano, harp and keyboard. They performed many themes. Richard's, The Others (Ben), Life and Death, Oceanic 6, LAX, Moving On, Parting and gathering theme. Travelling theme, Desmond and Penny's theme. Mr. Eko. The opening piece from the first ever scene. Plus many more.
  4. At the Dublin Giacchino concert, he had a little technical issue towards the end so decided to have a random QandA session. Someone asked him if he was scoring The Batman. He didn't deny it and was actually quite telling in his nervous response.
  5. Going to the LOST concert tomorrow in Dublin conducted by Giacchino. Just been to the concert tonight of his music as a whole. Fantastic. Premiered a suite from Far From Home too.
  6. She went home to Xelaya. Don't shatter the illusion of which my fragile emotions lie.
  7. That teaser trailer is terrible. Just amateur horseshit. The voiceover is cringeworthy and has nothing to do with Picard. "Lost your faith." What? Picard wasn't religious. Jesus, what a trainwreck of a teaser. I hope the show is nothing like that film-student-level-pretentious garbage.
  8. This looks like it's going to be fantastic!
  9. Been listening to Djawadi's season 8 score. Some wonderful stuff in there. I'd say half of it is great and the other is filler. He still writes great stuff after a decade, like this gem of religious choir perfoming Jon and Dany's theme.
  10. What has that got to do with anything? But if you must know, ROTJ is vastly superior to GOT season 8.
  11. Did anyone notice that Jon spoke to Greyworm about all the murder, then went to Dany to talk to her about it, and Greyworm was already there. Did he teleport? I don't remember any of that happening in Return of the Jedi?
  12. They were burried in a very shallow brick layer, yet the entire castle was falling on them last week...
  13. Personally, I loved the extremely important 'slowly climbing up stairs' scene, followed by the overwhelmingly vital 'slowly walking through rubble' scene, and who could forget the unbelievably mindblowing 'rearranging chairs' scene. Every scene was so dense, it had so much going on...
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