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  1. leeallen01

    Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Every time I've listened to this piece, the little string moment at 0:54 is so familiar to me. For months I've wondered where else I heard Williams doing that. FINALLY after going through every single note of The Terminal (which wasn't difficult considering it's my favourite Williams score) I've found that little thing that reminds me of that above moment in the Catch Me If You Can piece. 0:07 -
  2. I'd kill for The Terminal and Catch Me If You Can. War Horse for the centenary of the war would have been nice too. Also, could you imagine how fun this would be live -
  3. Just went to a Home Alone concert. They played a mini suite including 'Merry Christmas,' from Home Alone 2 as the encore. Lovely.
  4. leeallen01

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I don't get it... it just seems like a shot for shot remake but in bad CGI. What's the point? Money I guess.
  5. Fellowship of the Ring Two Towers Return of the King Titanic Gladiator Jurassic Park Independence Day Casino Royale Jaws Kon Tiki Star Trek Star Trek Into Darkness Star Trek Beyond Raiders of the Lost Ark The Artist Never Ending Story Missed A New Hope last week because of illness (still devastated) and seeing Love Actually and Home Alone over the next couple of weeks.
  6. leeallen01

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    I was meant to be attending the saturday afternoon concert, but am currently sat here in my bed at 3:20am unable to sleep because of sickness. It started yesterday when I had another concert that I had to miss called 'Spielberg in Concert.' I am utterly devastated that I wont be able to go to the LSO Star Wars concert. I haven't been ill all bloody year, and I fall ill exactly the weekend of two huge concerts. I guess life hates me.
  7. Pieces like Matagots make me want more and more for JNH to do Star Wars.
  8. The Batman trilogy scores, as JNH has said, are based around Zimmer's sound. For me, JNH was the real emotion behind those scores, and influenced Zimmer in many ways. But JNH did stylistically shape his contribution to fit within Zimmer's style. Which is why some music that people assign immediately to Zimmer, was actually JNH.
  9. But in the sections and subjects of the film and pieces JNH said he took care of, include that piece.
  10. Howard Shore's material for the Ents. 3:28
  11. Anyone else getting major Ent vibes at 2:40
  12. At least he used a theme from his first score for those 'epic' moments, and not just random trailer-esque notes.
  13. He really pulled out some dramatic string writing in this score, especially the final few pieces. Lots of string ostinato that build and build to huge crescendo. Very effective.
  14. Nice. That plays in the first film in the very emotional scene as Jacob forgets in the rain, so perhaps it has a similar context in this film. I just assigned that moment as an adaptation of the love theme because of its similar shape and melody.