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  1. Favorite Lincoln Melody [POLL]

    Such a phenomenal score. I love the emotionally related themes, but just for pure Williams whimsy I love the score accompanying James Spader and his dealings. Brilliant.
  2. The Perfect Piece of Music

    What is a piece that really stands out to you as perfect; such as not a single note is wasted in the piece and every note makes you think "this is just perfect." It can be the overall feel of a piece or just if it's flawlessly structured so that it flows and hits every second with purpose. I'll start with a random one, which for me is thrilling with every note. Short, but it packs so much into only a minute of music, with full presentations of both main themes in such a fun and uplifting way.
  3. Catch Me If You Can vs. The Terminal

    I adore his Terminal score. One of, if not my favourite Williams score. It feels so personal to him, especially because of the Jazz storyline and how he incorporated Jazz into the overall score. The piece 'Jazz Autographs,' feels like something a young Johnny Williams would have written back in his youth. I love his Catch Me If You Can Score, but Terminal for me is more special. The films I think are equally great.
  4. Catamaran Race - Jaws 2. Viktor Navorski - Terminal. Main Theme - Catch Me If You Can. Tie Fighter Attack - Star Wars.
  5. James Newton Howard thread

    JNH doesn't smile in photos, that must be CGI.
  6. James Newton Howard thread

    It would be a dream if he scored it, but I pretty much had a bad feeling that he wouldn't, so to hear that he will be doing something with the score is at least a positive thing.
  7. James Newton Howard thread

    JNH is returning for Glass. A friend and I asked him at a talk he did in London. He said that he liked what West Dylan Thordson did with Split and so Thordson will be doing Glass, but JNH's exact words were; "I'm not sure how much I'll be contributing, but I'll be doing something."
  8. James Newton Howard thread

    Immense concert. Truly heartwarming experience. A dream to see him in the greatest Concert Hall.
  9. I'm definitely going to do everything I can to get a ticket for this. I just hope I don't miss whatever date they are released! It will be my first ever Williams conducted concert. I have dreamt of seeing the great man in person conducting and I so damn hope I can grab a ticket for this. I'll be coming from the UK.
  10. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I love Zimmer's piano theme for Clark, but his big stuff for Superman sucks. Just constant repeat of two loud notes. No theme there at all. I sincerely hope Elfman uses Zimmer's piano theme for any Clark scenes and Williams' theme for any Superman scenes.
  11. I was there the other week for La La Land in Concert. A gorgeous Hall, with great sound and seating.
  12. Truly fantastic concert. One in a million experience with such a huge guestlist. I never thought I'd get to hear Super 8 and John Carter performed live. Two of my favourites from Giacchino. Andrew Stanton joked about John Carter that "you are about to hear something no one has ever heard live, from a film that no one has ever seen." Some wonderful stories about Giacchino from all the guests, some personal and some professional but all heartwarming and funny. A great night. Now a two week wait for JNH's concert at the hall.