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  1. Just watched the episode 'Home.' The music was yet again fu**ing gorgeous! The series just keeps getting better. I love it beyond words. And the cinematography paired with the music in 'Home' was breathtaking.
  2. The outrage over the lack of diversity in movies today is illogical. For example, only 13% of the US population is black. And only 17% is latino, hispanic etc. Therefore an expected ratio of 70% white and 30% being non-white in movies is acceptable based on the population. But of course different races and ethnicity's tend to stay within their own groups on the whole. Therefore all black casts and all white casts for films is also acceptable. People complain about the stereotypical token cast member of a different race or ethnicity, yet that is the truth of social groups. In my group of roughly 15 friends, we have 1 black friend. That happened naturally. Not by design or by discrimination. So if a film was made about my life, then the cast would have only 1 black person in it. And zero Asian, hispanic etc. That wouldn't be a racist film, it would simply be the truth. Having a token black friend in teen movies is the truth, unless the film explores a group of black teens. Then of course a token white friend may be present. Both are acceptable because both are normally true in todays world. An all black film is fine, as is an all white film or all asian film, if the film is set in their respective communities. But forced diversity in an attempt to 'include' all racial and ethnic groups in one film is simply a false view of the world, and is one of the reasons why people react negatively to films of that kind, because that view of the world isn't familiar to us, and we reject the unfamiliar or untrue.
  3. For the record, I enjoyed Black Panther. It was a flawed film, but still liked it overall, including the score. But we all know why the film was nominated for Best Picture. And it wasn't because the Academy thought it was one of the 8 best films of the year.
  4. Next years Best Picture winner will be titled 'Black Feminism,' A film directed by Oprah, with an all-black transgender cast, but the music, production design, costume design, art direction, cinematography, sound editing and mixing, visual effects are all by white people. But as long as the film appears progessive on the surface, it doesn't matter. I can see the reviews now... "The film has an all-black transgender cast. Therefore it's a great film. Any one who doesn't like it, or who thinks it's good but not the most revolutionary masterpiece of our times, is simply a racist, sexist, homophobic pig."
  5. The hilarious awkwardness of the Academy over-nominating Black Panther to not seem racist, yet by doing so have shown they are.
  6. Wish I could have this but don't have a paypal. I'll just wait til it inevitably finds its way to youtube.
  7. leeallen01

    Who should Score Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines?

    Actually some surprisingly nice stuff. I hear Terminator as well in the piano.
  8. leeallen01

    Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Every time I've listened to this piece, the little string moment at 0:54 is so familiar to me. For months I've wondered where else I heard Williams doing that. FINALLY after going through every single note of The Terminal (which wasn't difficult considering it's my favourite Williams score) I've found that little thing that reminds me of that above moment in the Catch Me If You Can piece. 0:07 -
  9. I'd kill for The Terminal and Catch Me If You Can. War Horse for the centenary of the war would have been nice too. Also, could you imagine how fun this would be live -
  10. Just went to a Home Alone concert. They played a mini suite including 'Merry Christmas,' from Home Alone 2 as the encore. Lovely.
  11. leeallen01

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I don't get it... it just seems like a shot for shot remake but in bad CGI. What's the point? Money I guess.
  12. Fellowship of the Ring Two Towers Return of the King Titanic Gladiator Jurassic Park Independence Day Casino Royale Jaws Kon Tiki Star Trek Star Trek Into Darkness Star Trek Beyond Raiders of the Lost Ark The Artist Never Ending Story Missed A New Hope last week because of illness (still devastated) and seeing Love Actually and Home Alone over the next couple of weeks.
  13. leeallen01

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    I was meant to be attending the saturday afternoon concert, but am currently sat here in my bed at 3:20am unable to sleep because of sickness. It started yesterday when I had another concert that I had to miss called 'Spielberg in Concert.' I am utterly devastated that I wont be able to go to the LSO Star Wars concert. I haven't been ill all bloody year, and I fall ill exactly the weekend of two huge concerts. I guess life hates me.
  14. Pieces like Matagots make me want more and more for JNH to do Star Wars.
  15. The Batman trilogy scores, as JNH has said, are based around Zimmer's sound. For me, JNH was the real emotion behind those scores, and influenced Zimmer in many ways. But JNH did stylistically shape his contribution to fit within Zimmer's style. Which is why some music that people assign immediately to Zimmer, was actually JNH.