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  1. I can't wait for his classic story - "This next piece is from the new Star Wars films. I recall J.J showing me the film, and Daisy was so mesmerising that I told J.J he needed a better Composer than me for this film, and he said 'I know, but Daisy's already dead.'"
  2. Not sure if this has been said yet, but David W Collins of Star Wars Oxygen is back with his own score podcast. https://www.soundtrackpodcast.com
  3. If I remember correctly, JNH said at a composer talk that the score is minimal Tchaikovsky. Apparently it is 75% him, then 20% him in the 'style' of Tchaikovsky, and then 5% actual Tchaikovsky.
  4. What main theme? The other piece is not the main theme. The main theme hasn't been reprised yet in these samples and released pieces. The big swashbuckling theme you hear towards the end of the piece is Newt's Hero Theme from his first score.
  5. The full piece. This score is going to be stunning. JNH really knows how to write big colourful music and make an Orchestra sound so rich and fun.
  6. leeallen01

    How do you rate The Terminal?

    I utterly adore the score and film. It is in my top 5 favourite scores from Williams. And top 5 films from Spielberg. The whole story is about Jazz, and how Tom Hanks' character wants to honour his dead father who loved Jazz, and you can really feel the importance and passion Williams put into the score, considering he and his dad's connection to Jazz. I honestly couldn't love it more if I tried. To me, this piece alone sounds like Williams is pouring his heart into each note. The melancholy of it is so powerful. I imagine Williams was writing this whilst thinking of his father and the times he learned Jazz piano with him as a child.
  7. Self-explanatory really. Not sure if there's a similar thread, but just want to know if people have seen him perform an instrument live in concert, or to share any youtube videos they know of with him playing something. I found this one, which I love.
  8. leeallen01

    John Williams playing instruments

    "Screw this, I'm outa here!" *hums E.T*
  9. leeallen01

    JURASSIC PARK - Live to Projection Concerts

    It was 30 mins before it started. I always like taking my seat early. It was completely full up for the concert. Raiders though was pretty empty.
  10. leeallen01

    JURASSIC PARK - Live to Projection Concerts

    I was in the middle of the circle area at the top. I always sit roughly in that area for most concerts in most places. They played part of 'Visitor in San Diego' at the intermission of the Jurassic Park concert, when the great percussion and frantic violins come in around 1:50.
  11. leeallen01

    JURASSIC PARK - Live to Projection Concerts

    Just in the Birmingham Symphony Hall now waiting for the performance. Saw Raiders on Friday, and now this today. Great way to spend a weekend.
  12. leeallen01

    How good is John Williams as a conductor?

    Watching him conduct in Chicago, especially so up-close in the choir stalls and being able to watch him face-on, I have never been so captivated by a conductor. Part of that is associated with the man himself and the presence he gives off, but mostly it was due to his passion for every note. Every wave of his hands was precise and with a purpose. He added many beautiful little touches as well, like making a plucking motion with his left hand, directed towards the harp player as she plucked the final notes to end Marion's Theme. So, concerning his technical abilities, I am not an expert in the studies of conducting, and wouldn't know, but in passion and feeling, he is at the top for me.
  13. I've heard from a completely unreliable source that the concert will be 2 hours and 30 minutes of the Duel of the Fates ostinato only, played on harp.
  14. I'd love a split of half the concert being classic, popular Williams and the other half being lesser known or at least not his most massive hits. E.g. First Half - Sabrina 1941 The Terminal Lincoln Stanley and Iris The Cowboys Etc etc Second Half - Jurassic Park Star Wars E.T Jaws Harry Potter War Horse Etc etc.
  15. leeallen01

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    Solo: A Star Wars Story. Cannot stand the generic RCP drumloop crap that Powell butchers Williams' music with. The score is 50% Williams Solo theme. 25% Williams Original Trilogy themes and 25% new Powell stuff. Even Williams theme for Han is a little too generic and meh for me.
  16. I was kidding yeah. Sarcasm never works in textual form.
  17. So... thoughts on who should score this? I doubt Howard Shore is interested, and wouldn't fit this film any way, from the sounds of the plot. I fear it will be a generic composer, but I hope for someone who can build a new tapestry of a musical world. My pick would be Bear McCreary. It looks like an overly CGI version of Mad Max Fury Road.
  18. Unfortunately not. My train times to and from home are too close to the concert, so I'll just be at the concert and nothing else.
  19. I always take photos of every single concert I go to, including the RAH. I tend to take them all at the end as the Orchestra takes a bow and the audience is clapping and sometimes standing. No one ever sees me then.
  20. leeallen01

    jon wiliames

    Is this topic about the famous Mexican composer Juan Williames?