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  1. Probably a reference to Rebels. Dark Sabre thing.
  2. I just hope J.J was so unoriginal with his story because of wanting to establish it first before going so left field with it all. I want another risky crazy film like Ep 8, but now from J.J.
  3. I think the funniest thing in the film was when the Resistance were calling for help on Crait, and the rest of the Galaxy was like..
  4. The two major moments I remember it playing were after Holdo and Leia say goodbye and you see Holdo stood watching them all leave. Also when she sacrifices herself.
  5. Not sure if I've mentioned this before but I'm hearing Qui-Gon and Padme's funeral in the first 20 seconds of this piece in the mournful low brass. First 8 seconds of this.
  6. Okay I have to ask! It's driving me crazy. Where have we heard that brass run before? The one that happens just before the TIE-Fighter Attack music hits in 'Battle of Crait?' I swear it's from Empire, perhaps during the Hoth sequence?
  7. I'm angry because I ordered it with the promise of opening day arrival, that was yesterday. I desperately wanted to hear the score before i saw the film, but couldn't because of it not arriving. I want to put it on my phone to listen to constantly, and I want to play it loudly on my CD system, but cannot. I paid for something that they have failed to give me. And I have no idea if I'll even get it in for another week.
  8. That's my plan. But you can't cancel an already shipped item. I will have to wait til it arrives and then send it back to them. Amazon is useless.
  9. Luke and Leia is my favourite SW theme. Cried my manly heart out when I heard it in the cinema especially when I wasn't able to hear the score before seeing the film, so I had no idea.
  10. Yeah and when the force was used, he quoted the force theme. Mental.
  11. I can see how people think it's a mess, but it doesn't bother me so much. We get a good Yoda statement, good Rey, and Luke's new theme, as well as Holdo's theme, so it does enough for me.
  12. Is anyone else totally in love with how Williams ends the score? Those chimes of Rey's theme slightly off and the harp just not fully finishing as you'd expect. He's saying "to be continued" in music form. Gorgeous.
  13. My bad. I'm not good with technology. Thanks for letting me know
  14. I get major flashbacks to Qui-Gon's and Padme's funerals in this piece at 0:10 - 0:28 . I guess it's fitting as Luke is essentially going to die and ascend into the force.
  15. It does make me feel smugly clued into real art and talent when I read idiotic criticism like those mindless hacks who spew their garbage opinions. Just imagine what it must be like to be of that low intelligence. They actually sit there and think to themselves that the score is boring, and nothing compared to trailer music. I sincerely feel sorry for them that they weren't raised better and that they didn't turn out like me, who can actually appreciate greatness. The smugness flows through me.
  16. I think Rian didn't care about J.J's mysteries. No map discussion, absolutely minimal Maz, (THANKFULLY) and no mention of how she found his Saber etc.
  17. I want to see that kid face Ren with his broom stick.
  18. So, this has to be the closest title I can think of for Ep 9, especially considering the entire balance talk in The Last Jedi. Rey vs Ren, The Darkness rising, and the light meeting it. It seems like balance is the big issue set for the next film.
  19. My order from amazon STILL hasn't arrived. They said yesterday, and they clearly were talking bull. And the postman has come and gone and still it hasn't arrived. Count me majorly pissed.
  20. Why are there two people having a stroke in front of the screen? Which is Haldo's theme? Can you point out a moment in the score?