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  1. Not sure if this has been said yet, but David W Collins of Star Wars Oxygen is back with his own score podcast. https://www.soundtrackpodcast.com
  2. Just the fact that he is conducting the London Symphony is fantastic. What a concert it will be. Also seeing the LSO performing the A New Hope concert in November will be a dream.
  3. leeallen01

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    Well Disney want to kill the past, ie the original trilogy, so I bet all the money I have that there will be zero OT characters left at the end of Ep9
  4. leeallen01

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    So Lando will die. They will of course kill Leia off-screen. 3PO and R2 will be vapourised.
  5. Or Williams uses repetitive 2 note moments because that's how he represents the entire score. It's like talking to several equally plain brick walls.
  6. Are you serious? Yeah it must be coincidence that Williams uses the Jaws theme in his Jaws 2 score... It doesn't have to be the exact transcription of his Jaws theme, but he is clearly using 2 notes alternating throughout that piece because he does it all over the score...because it's a Jaws score. Never thought I'd have to explain why Williams uses two note patterns throughout his Jaws score. Also the sky is blue and we breath oxygen.
  7. Really? It's throughout the entire piece. He uses repeating 2 notes on different instruments constantly. 0:00, 0:09, 0:18, 0:33, 0:41, 0:50, 1:19, 1:23, 1:37, 1:40, 1:45, 1:53
  8. leeallen01

    Are film scores overrated on this forum?

    What's a film score?
  9. I love how he makes this feel so happy and like nothing is wrong, and then randomly slots in the Jaws theme in between moments of fun, just to remind us that the shark is always there.
  10. Murray Gold must be one of the great finds of the last decade or so. In 2005, I started to watch the new Doctor Who series and he basically blew my mind week to week. He had a full orchestra and choirs+Tenors, Sopranos etc at his disposal for a tv show, which is itself amazing. But the sheer thematic depth and size he explored for about 12 years is astounding. Just listening to some of his pieces easily sends me to tears. And the power of his orchestration and the weight and meaning of his themes are just bloody brilliant. I'd love to hear him tackle a large film such as a marvel or star wars film. He would blow us all completely out of the park. I mean listen to this glorious works - And there are of course countless hours of his doctor who scores to choose from. I just don't know why this man hasn't been begged to score...well, everything.
  11. leeallen01

    Why isn't Murray Gold Scoring Everything?

    The series is very 'in your face' in its approach to scifi. It isn't exactly subtle. It really goes big and bold in its execution; with the stories, acting, staging scenes, costumes, aliens, and overall settings. The music has to compete with that, hence Gold's approach was big, unapologetically sentimental and melodic. Exactly what the series needed. And his highs were very high. Some of the finest thematic musical storytelling I've certainly ever experienced.
  12. leeallen01

    Why isn't Murray Gold Scoring Everything?

    I watched from 2005 to the end of Matt Smiths reign. I tried Peter Capaldi but ended up falling out of it. Not because of him, but because I was a bit burnt out on the show after 12 years.
  13. leeallen01

    Why isn't Murray Gold Scoring Everything?

    His dedication to melody and his use of voices is breathtaking. If you played this to someone who has never heard it, it sounds not something from a scifi show, but something from a mozart of centuries ago. And this is a man singing by the way - And the way he then uses it as an anthem. Almost 'Land of Hope and Glory' in its power.
  14. leeallen01

    Why isn't Murray Gold Scoring Everything?

    I have no idea how to respond to that...
  15. leeallen01

    Michael Giacchino: Unpopular Opinions

    Oh yay! An official place for Giacchino bashers to spit their unwelcomed opinions. Does that mean actual Giacchino topics where people actually want to discuss his music will now be void of your insufferable dread? Or are you still going to seek attention there too?
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    The Official Future Films Thread

    Official teaser poster released by Shyamalan on his twitter.
  17. leeallen01

    Musical impressions of the sea

    JNH loves swimming. There's obviously Flow Like Water, but this other piece from Airbender always reminds me of a great voyage across an ocean - I also love what Joel Goldsmith did with Stargate Atlantis. He gave his music the sound of the sea.
  18. leeallen01

    Favorite King Kong score?

    JNH for sure. Of course I appreciate the importance of Steiner's original. And I love Barry's, especially his trademark sweeping themes and great use of Church Organ and assortment of exotic percussion.
  19. So... thoughts on who should score this? I doubt Howard Shore is interested, and wouldn't fit this film any way, from the sounds of the plot. I fear it will be a generic composer, but I hope for someone who can build a new tapestry of a musical world. My pick would be Bear McCreary. It looks like an overly CGI version of Mad Max Fury Road.
  20. Had my 3rd and 4th listen through. Really liking this as much as his JW. lovely, strong, gothic themes.
  21. leeallen01

    Who should Score Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines?

    Damn. Was hoping for someone fresh. Looks like they basically said "get that guy who did the other movie with big vehicles chasing through the desert."