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  1. I was just saying the meme of Carrie's words.
  2. What if Poe is a lightsaber, and the lightsaber represents my crushing depression? Star Wars is never truly gone. It's about family. And that's what's so powerful about it.
  3. What if Alderaan is the piece of wreckage, and the planet is the death star? 😮
  4. So considering speculation is always fun, is that location with the death star piece actually the Endor moon? Like another area of it that isn't forest. It can't be Death star 1 because even though Yavin 4 was close when it was destroyed, that deathstar has no connection to Palpatine's death. So it would be logical to assume it's death star 2. It's a bit weird that the destruction of both death stars show them being completely vapourised, so a little retconning happening in order to have a significant piece to stay intact. Also the trailer shows Kylo repairing his helmet with parts of Vader's helmet. So perhaps when Kylo was on Endor retrieving it from the funeral pyre, he was drawn to the death star rubble by the emperor and interracted with Palpatine etc. That could be an interesting thing to explore. Maybe Kylo is going to be revealed to have been good all along, and was just 'corrupted' by the evil spirit of the Emperor. Or maybe I need to get a life.
  5. Nah, but they rape people's nostalgia for dat sweet sweet doe. Speaking of which I can't wait for Lion King!!! I REMEMBER THAT FILM. I RECOGNISE THOSE LIONS!
  6. I do believe J.J. will make an acceptable film. It will be okay paced, visually okay, with some safe ideas with a couple of risky ones that will be 50/50 in working out. It will be better than TLJ (that's not saying much) but it still will disappoint. But it will restore just enough okay feelings that it will keep the slow, dying heartbeat of Star Wars alive enough to collect enough disney dollars.
  7. "If you just accept what you're given, then you'll never get anything better." - Me
  8. If Palpatine is confirmed as having a decent enough sized role, and not just a ghostly cameo, then I'll eventually definitely watch it for his incredible performance alone.
  9. The reason why everyone thought your Palpatine theory was wrong is because it's a terrible idea. But Disney are good at those so it turned out to be true.
  10. So who thinks they will retcon 'the chosen one' prophecy and make Rey the true chosen one and not Vader? It's fun to watch a dumpster fire burn.
  11. Star Wars Terminator Star Trek Jurassic Park Ghostbusters Alien Etc etc. We've all been lucky to live long enough to see all our favourite franchises destroyed. So this is how creativity dies. With thunderous applause.
  12. I think the force theme is criminally underused The Episode 9 score has been leaked btw -
  13. If you want to talk to someone who only shares your exact point of view, then I suggest talking to a mirror.
  14. Just working with what we got. Not our fault if what we got isn't very good.
  15. Someones predictions always turn out to be correct. This wasn't the plan. J.J is clearly just ignoring TLJ. Mark my words; when the trilogy is complete, you will be able to completely remove TLJ and it wont make any difference at all to the overall story.
  16. J.J knows how bad of a character Rose was and clearly wants nothing to do with her. He'll likely just drop her off on a planet somewhere and let the main characters do the major stuff.
  17. I think Rose has the force, because she forced herself onto Finn without asking permission.
  18. But I thought you said we shouldn't think about films too much, and just let it wash over us...
  19. With Palpatine being back, that makes Vaders sacrifice and redemption in ROTJ seem pointless. He killed Palpatine to save his son, but his son became a miserable old man who died because he ran out of force battery, and then Palpatine just came back... So Disney are now trying to destroy the meaning and power of the original trilogy. Thanks Kathleen. Thanks Rian. Thanks J.J.
  20. The Rise of Skywalker. I think we all know who the Skywalker is that the title speaks of;
  21. The title is awful. The teaser was visually interesting though. Rey doing a Matrix jump was terrible. Do we need to make her more into an untouchable mary sue superhero? No Rose in the teaser = brilliant. What looks like a crashed part of the death star is an interesting concept. That is perhaps the Emperor's 'fortress of solitude,' where they must go to face him. J.J. is clearly retconing everything Rian did in TLJ. This looks like a sequel to TFA, not TLJ. He remade Kylo's mask, will inevitably reveal Rey's true parents as someone important. The Emperor will be the big 'overseer' not Snoke. Luke returns. Etc.
  22. Because people keep making excuses for plot holes or writing inconsistency and narrative contradictions. If it's not in the film, then it didn't happen, but people love inventing things to explain away bad writing. They are essentially writing the film for the people who failed at writing it themselves.
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