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  1. The thousands in attendance are collectively thinking "OH MY GOD, WHO THE HELL CARES, JUST GIVE US THE TRAILER ALREADY YOU HACKS!"
  2. If you look closely, you can see Kathleen's hand up the back of Billy Dee's shirt.
  3. I hope ep9 is called Will of The Force. Or WTF for short.
  4. So J.J decided to actually have all the main characters interact in ep9. For the first real time in fact. Finally a good idea. Rey, Fin and Poe together will strengthen the film.
  5. That Star Wars panel is cringeworthy. Kathleen saying no one cares about Star Wars more than J.J. the crowd cheering for images of Rey but not Luke. How pathetic the fanbase is.
  6. Stop writing for the filmmakers.
  7. I will never stop laughing at grown adults screaming while dressed in costumes and waving children's toys.
  8. Nope, it means people are not intelligent enough to understand, or refuse to because of their biases.
  9. This nicely describes the TLJ apologists in this thread. But hey, let's all be happy that it's Star Wars Celebration right now guys!!! I hope we get a sneak peak into the dumpster fire that will be ep9
  10. My patience can only spread so thin before it is torn to pieces by people's lack of understanding.
  11. There comes a point in a conversation where one realises they have been talking to people with low intelligence and an inability to understand basic logic, and they realise they have wasted their time. Unfortunately, for me, that was a long time ago.
  12. It doesn't matter if some people don't notice. If it's there, it's there. Your ability to care doesn't change somethings existence.
  13. Please enlighten me as to how. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
  14. Leia remembering her mother is a contradiction to events. But it doesn't change the narrative in any way. How does her remembering her mother change anything? It's an inconsistency, but not as major as weaponised lightspeed or force ghosts being able to destroy physical objects with lightning.
  15. Where did I write for the filmmakers? I said I couldn't remember if she knew she was adopted. But nice try
  16. Did Leia say Padme? Luke asked do you remember you mother? She thinks her mother is Bail Organa's wife does she not? Can't remember if Leia knew she was adopted. Nope, never said that. Good writing doesn't need explaining.
  17. Also "Some people don't care, so it doesn't matter." Isn't an argument. Never said it wasn't a plot hole. Nope it's just bad writing if it needs explained by someone other than the filmmaker themselves in their own film.
  18. No. It may be weird, but it DOESN'T contradict the narrative. It isn't a plot hole. It's just weird. But it doesn't change anything.
  19. Here's another question I expect many invented excuses for from TLJ apologists. Why did Kylo just forget he could use the force in the throne room? He was about to die being held by the guards, and instead of using the force to just save himself, he decided to stand there and wait until he was saved by Rey throwing him the lightsaber. If Rey wouldn't have done that, Kylo would have died just forgetting he could use the force. In TFA he used the force immediately in defense when Poe shot at him, freezing the bolt in midair. How does any of that narratively contradict them being related? Also there are millions of protocol droids in the galaxy.
  20. Nope that isn't how it's done. That is how bad writing is done. A good writer wouldn't write themselves into a corner that needs deus ex machina to escape from.
  21. You just don't understand. I have explained it countless times. I refuse to continue to just reword my same sentences because you cannot get it.
  22. Vader being Luke's dad and Leia being Lukes sister doesn't contradict any previous events. Lucas sloppily explained 3PO's 'amnesia' but it was explained.
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