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  1. Bayesian

    Deep Blue Sea is 20 years old

    Are we going to be doing this for every movie someone feels nostalgic for? 😛
  2. Bayesian

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    I’ve always found myself agreeing with your posts and insights... except here. But that’s ok, to each his own! Maybe I’m too easy to please. But I admit I’m a little surprised at the visceral negative reaction here.
  3. Bayesian

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    I know I’m going against the tide here, but I actually LOVE the new score and song adaptations. The contemporary sound is great and a fine complement to the ‘92 version. (I cant get enough of the neat harmonies in One Step Ahead!) And Will Smith does just fine too—wisely, he’s not trying to mimic RW (an impossible, hopeless goal) but instead makes the lyrics his own. He’s not a singer, he’s a rapper, and so he raps. No big deal. I think we can appreciate this remake for what it is, especially knowing that the original will always be around to enjoy too. Now to see if the actual movie is any good...
  4. Hmm... yeah.. that’s interesting. Plus he actually hasn’t gotten into the studio yet to record TROS. I bet you’re right, they staged this for Annie Liebowitz.
  5. Bayesian

    What is your most disappointing CD purchase?

    Star Wars in its various incarnations has come up a few times. It’s the cruelest of ironies that the most praised, revered, and reissued scores of the last 50 years have yet to be properly done. So many forgettable scores get a single treatment but at least it’s a good one. But it seems each time they reissue SW or sequels, it’s somehow worse than what came before.
  6. Bayesian

    What is your most disappointing CD purchase?

    Somewhere, Thor is nodding approvingly.
  7. Today I received in the mail a previously-owned CD I bought off eBay (well, three, actually) called Music from the Star Wars Trilogy, by Andrew Hopson "conducting" the "New World Orchestra." This is unequivocally the worst, most disappointing CD I ever bought. I paid $11.99 for this Hopson idiot's lame-ass synthesizer desecration of the OT scores. I want to feel like I got ripped off, but I made the purchase quite willingly.. I was simply misled when I read the words "New World Orchestra" instead of what should have been written there (cretin with a $20 Casio keyboard). Words fail me to describe how awful this CD is. But if nothing else, it inspired me to create this topic so we can all share with each other stories about the worst CD purchases you made. (I didn't see this topic elsewhere after a quick use of the search bar.) So, tell us, what CDs do you regret purchasing?
  8. Bayesian

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    Exhibit A: basically every John Hughes movie
  9. Bayesian

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    I remember the hype leading up to its release in theaters. News coverage was endless, it seemed. People lining up for days, weeks on the sidewalk.. expectations that it would beat all box office records (which it mostly did, for awhile). And when it actually opened, stories of people watching it and then making a beeline for the next showing.. and then doing it again. I remember not being more possibly excited and eager for a movie to come out. The previous November, I bought a full-price ticket to Meet Joe Black just so I could watch the first trailer (word was that MJB was the first film to have that trailer)... and then I walked right out of the theater after the trailer ran. Because I read that was what people were doing to be able to get a first glimpse and no one cared about MJB. So silly now to think back and remember I did things like that. I remember buying the soundtrack a couple weeks or so before the film hit theaters... and gazing at the package art and marveling at the cd in the image of some unknown planet. And listening to it all afternoon. I knew it was a momentous thing because the talk was about JW coming back around to bring SW music to a new generation and how special that was, but interestingly my obsession with JW’s œuvre had not actually started at that point. I knew JW was a big deal and an important composer, but it would be several more years before I really clicked permanently with his music. In fact, I remember being bored by parts of the soundtrack — even right after the opening crawl when it goes mysterious for the Naboo entry scene. I was indifferent to anakin’s theme and basically any slow-ish or quiet parts. But I was obsessed with DotF, the flag parade music, and the droid army march. Couldn’t stop playing those. (It’s obvious to me looking back that my passion for JW began in his rhythmic, brassy, catchy melodies and harmonies and it was much later that I came to appreciate his genius in all the music he wrote that wasn’t outwardly fitting that bill.) Anyhow, I also remember my friends chuckling at the lame dialogue during movie, and me defending it like I was one of the Ep. I producers or something. Because I was waiting so long, so eagerly for this movie, I was loath to hear any criticism of it that would devalue all the time I spent obsessing over it. But I also remember, very clearly, the vague feelings of disappointment in the pacing and dialogue and acting.. and my best efforts to quash them. I ended up seeing that movie in theaters 4 times (the last two times by myself, once my more sensible friends had moved on to other, better preoccupations.) It’s hard to believe that was all 20 years ago.
  10. Bayesian

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Wait, wait... I never knew this! Are you saying Lucas did not intend to direct his prequels (or at least the first one)?? I was always under the impression that was his plan from day 1. And it’s hard to imagine that a director—especially his good friend Spielberg—would turn him down to direct Ep. I. At least without giving Lucas a good reason why (ie, the script), which would mean that Lucas would have realized his dialogue needed real work... which means that the fact that he didn’t rewrite means that he ignored the advice of the man who directed the entire IJ trilogy... can all that be possible?
  11. Let's hope that also means he gave JW that cameo we all want!
  12. Bayesian

    What is your favorite action movie?

    I always thought of Waterworld as a great action movie. Everyone seems to have it out for it, but not me!
  13. Bayesian

    On The Tank (The Last Crusade)

    I like it better than the Least Crusade.
  14. Bayesian

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Ever so true! It's kinda uncanny, even. On a related note, I always thought that the writing from 11:18 to about 12:12 is some of the most foreboding, shit's-about-to-get-real music I've ever heard. Maybe more in an auspicious way than in a bad way. The strings running scales, the flutes chirping away, the meditative pacing... I dunno, it's like the musical dawn to a day of glory.