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  1. My musical analysis skills aren’t advanced enough to offer any examples, but I enjoyed reading your take on that short segment. It reminds us (as if it weren’t already plain to see) that JW is the consummate craftsman.
  2. I thought the feeling around here was that Hook could well have been one of the two that made it through.
  3. I'm a proud collector of John Williams and Danny Elfman CDs. I could never see myself getting rid of them. Someday, years from now, they'll be tangible evidence of an era long past and it'll be fun to pull them off the shelf or out of the storage box and remind myself of the teamwork it took to put together an album, package and design it, get it onto a CD, get it to a store, and get it home. When everything's digital, there's literally nothing to hold onto and you take its on-demand availability for granted. With CDs, you're reminded never to take music for granted.
  4. Is lossless audio truly that much better than 256 or 320 mp3? I have so much music in the latter format (or lower quality even). I couldn’t even contemplate trying to bring my collection up to lossless. I guess it’s a moot point for me, actually, since I don’t see myself converting anytime soon. The effort would take too long and cost too much. It was the same with SACDs back in the day.
  5. Does your affinity for OSTs mean that you also never have a problem with what the composer or album producer includes or doesn’t include from the full score? I ask seriously. Because there’s that thread that talks about JW’s missteps with OSTs that some would argue is borderline sacrilege. If even he is fallible when it comes to album programming, surely there are plenty of OSTs that you must be glad came out C&c so that you could build your own perfect playlist. I just wonder, is all.
  6. Thinking in terms of anniversaries keeps hope alive! So, like, Pandora’s box, wasn’t hope the one thing that she managed to keep in there at the end, the one thing that gave humanity a reason to live? (My greek mythology is rusty.) We need a reason to look forward to the future, and that’s what hope is! LLL Patriot in 2020; I can feel it!
  7. I had no idea! Which Varies, Silva and Telarc albums are these? I'd like to check them out.
  8. I'm late myself to reading this thread, but am thrilled you let us know about this ensemble! Like others here have said, they have a great energy and bombast and no shortage of skill. I rather like their version of the Flag Parade. It's given an expanded treatment here, over three minutes long! Anyone know if this is a JW-written concert version or an adaptation by the conductor Martinez-Orts? I have to think something as fun as this, were it written by JW, would have featured in another concert or album by now. So my guess is that its an FSO exclusive.
  9. To be fair, the article suggests that Black Widow would take place prior to the events of infinity war, so it wouldn’t be like Stark is coming back from the dead. That said, if Marvel were ever to pull that kind of trick on us, it would spell the end of the franchise. What meaning would stakes have in a world where nothing was actually final?
  10. Yeah, it’s hard to fathom where that comment comes from. First, it’s not like the federal government forces us all take a three minute silence on 9/11 or anything. After 18 years, people mark the tragedy in their own ways, if they mark it at all. In my neck of the California woods, this past 9/11 passed with no visible evidence of people making any kind of “big deal” out of it. Second, if the “big deal” comment instead means why do people still think it was such a significant event, well, consider that this terrorist act was completely unprecedented. Four planes and almost 3,000 innocent deaths across multiple places in less than 2 hours and no one knew at the time whether it could have been forty planes and God knows how many deaths by the end of it all. It was terrifying. It also happened to fundamentally change our approach to transportation security, national security and foreign policy. Not to mention that it ramped up a spate of terroristic activity around the world that continues to this day and shaped an American military response that’s cost us a trillion dollars so far and the loss of many thousands of service members’ lives. We will continue to live in the shadow of that unspeakable event for a long time to come. So, yeah, it’s a big fucking deal.
  11. Glad to hear it was a good performance. And it looks like the philharmonie plays in a very remarkable hall, architecturally!
  12. Look at the options for “used & new” beneath the default Amazon purchase link. (You’ll see it below the “add to your dash buttons” link.). Right now there are three sellers offering new discs for around $17 with shipping. I ordered mine this way last week for the same amount. No free two-day shipping through Prime this way (nor any free mp3 autorip), but it’s still a good deal.
  13. “Bueller?” [used when someone doesn’t reply right away] ”And no ‘and then.’” [used when there’s nothing more to add to a list of items, things to do, etc] ”Talk to me Goose.” [used to tell someone who’s trying to get my attention that I’m listening] I don’t use these that often, but they’re in my lexicon, and always used in a humorous way, mostly with the wife.
  14. It’s the same for me. These kinds of histories and study aids, so to speak, are a big part of why I enjoy collecting soundtracks on CD. (Ditto for classical albums.)
  15. They recorded on 9/11 and 9/12? Those must have been extraordinarily surreal sessions for everyone involved.
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