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  1. Iron_Giant

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    There are a lot of ways to define sexy.
  2. Iron_Giant

    Is this movie worth my time?

    Both movies are underwhelming, and I really wanted to enjoy them as much as the reviewers tend to be enjoying them. I think my disappointment in Incredibles 2 is worse than for JW2 because the first one was so good.
  3. Some of the players are warming up with the Adventures of Han theme! I’ll venture a guess that it becomes one of the encores tonight!
  4. Sorry to hear about your last-minute cancellation, but keep the sour grapes to yourself. Others among us are traveling long distances for this concert and will be looking forward to it.
  5. Iron_Giant

    John Williams Autograph

    Is it even possible to get his autograph these days?
  6. Iron_Giant

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    That track sounds about as out of place in a SW OST as any I can think of, but I'll bet it's perfect in whatever scene it accompanies. Is it me, or do some of the vocals sound vaguely French-like? Those vowels...
  7. I'm on my third listen of AoH and it gets better each time. I'm really enjoying the "lean" texture; the brass lines are crisp and tight and every instrument can be heard. I remember reading somewhere ages ago how Mozart was considered by some people to be the hardest composer to perform because there is nowhere to hide one's sloppy playing or poor intonation -- the orchestration is so transparent. This track sounds like JW's answer to that, amped up 100X in color and verve. And how joyous it is to hear!
  8. Iron_Giant

    Steven Spielberg's Possible Leonard Bernstein Biopic

    Chagrined I am to say I haven’t seen that one—and I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. But I will check it out now.
  9. Iron_Giant

    Steven Spielberg's Possible Leonard Bernstein Biopic

    I really liked Steve Jobs. I mean, really liked it. I might well be the only person in the world who places that film in his top five.
  10. Iron_Giant

    Views on realism and relatability

    That definitely includes War of the Worlds, a summer hit in 2005 that was gritty as hell and intended as a direct invocation of 9/11.
  11. Isn’t it the case that Powell claimed to have had writer’s block until he heard what JW wrote for Han? In another universe, we might have had a Powell-only score that underwhelmed us because of it.
  12. The album does the job it’s supposed to do, no more, no less. Charting as high as it has in the UK hopefully means there might come a vol. 2 that covers more “interesting” material.
  13. The joke still fails. No one should have to work that hard to get it, and it all boils down to being just too wordy.
  14. The joke would have worked better for many of us, I suspect, if JoeinAR left it after that first sentence. Continuing on in a very earnest-sounding way with three distinct thoughts in two sentences, it’s totally possible that people would take the whole comment seriously. No need for that judgy “wow”.