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  1. Iron_Giant

    John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    And just the feeling JW was going for (taunting, berating, bullying...). Yes, brilliant stuff indeed.
  2. Iron_Giant

    How good is John Williams as a conductor?

    The guy can't be perfect at everything. He's already a masterful melodist, harmonist, orchestrator, arranger, pianist, Boston Pops music director, Olympic theme writer, Oscar-nom nabber, and who knows what else I'm forgetting. So what if he's merely a great conductor who earns the adulation of everyone who performs or works with him, amirite??
  3. Iron_Giant

    Pet Peeves

    The way I was told it, the double space was helpful in the days of monospace fonts, where a period would take up the same width as a comma or anything else. After desktop publishing got big in the 1990s and kerning became standard, Word and other programs added a slightly longer empty space after a period, making it clear the end of a sentence was reached and thus deprecating the old way. I remember learning to type on typewriters as a kid, and it gets ingrained. But once I learned computers, I was very happy to train myself to drop the extra space.
  4. Iron_Giant

    What Brightens Your Day?

    I love when blueberries are on sale at the supermarket and they’re plump and firm (not spongy). So often, you pay $3.99 for 6 oz and they’re no fun to eat fresh because they’re too soft. But when they’re on sale (2 pkgs for $4 or 3 for $5) and they’re almost crunchy from being so well irrigated... that’s definitely a bright spot in my day!
  5. Iron_Giant

    What Brightens Your Day?

    Receiving a package in the mail, especially if the package contains a CD. Always gives me a thrill to see it waiting for me in the mailbox.
  6. Iron_Giant

    Do you own a camera? If yes, which one(s)?

    A few years ago, I gave into my longstanding fascination with Leica and bought a DLux Typ 109 point-n-shoot. It was hundreds more than the identical-on-the-inside Panasonic. It's a buying decision I will never repeat. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful camera and takes excellent photos. But there was zero need to spend the extra money (and which only weeks later would have come in really handy). One lovely thing about getting older is learning, truly learning, what is and is not important in life. There's a good chance that Leica might actually be the last dedicated photography device I ever own.
  7. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    It’s not silly to talk about talent as existing on a gradient, where some people have a lot and others not so much. Musically, Living Football exhibits little talent: no rhythm, no variation, no B theme to contrast against the main theme... To build aural interest, the theme is simply repeated in the same key with another layer of sound. It might have been recorded on the most expensive equipment or played by people with just the most amazing back stories or pedigrees, but that doesn’t make it music. It’s a now-trite example of what Zimmer and Co. think builds momentum but really just sits dead in the water. And about giving FIFA what they wanted... I actually need to make a correction—my biggest regret is not that Zimmer lacks talent, but that his true talents in the film music biz have managed to suck the air out of the room long enough for people to start forgetting what they should be looking for.
  8. Iron_Giant

    How do you care for your CD collection?

    But many CDs are much more than that! I love to collect classical music and film scores in CD format because many times you get a remarkably full package with your music. With the best classical CDs, you get a history lesson in the form of liner notes, an opportunity to practice another language (for me, French) by reading the translated liner notes, detailed recording info, detailed track info, nice photography, attractive art design — and a CD! (With the very best classical discs, you also get the European-style jewel cases with the rounded corners, notched tray liner, and clever locking mechanism; man I love those.). Much of the above obviously applies too to products from LLL and the like. With a mug like that, it would be hard to fault you for misusing a CD!
  9. Iron_Giant

    How do you care for your CD collection?

    Man, the memories I have of scratched CDs and the endless skip problems they caused. The 1990s were great in so many ways, but music portability was definitely not one of them.
  10. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    Agreed I am with you, Shark.
  11. I’ve been recently going through the CDs in my collection and it struck me that I might want to think about how I should be taking care of them for the long term. I’m curious if anyone here has tips or tricks for maximizing either the longevity of CDs or the pleasure in possessing them. I’ll give a couple examples of what I’ve been doing. First, since many of the discs I buy are second-hand, I’ve found that the jewel cases often need cleaning. I’ll take the inserts out and wipe the cases with a damp paper towel soaked in clean water mixed with a couple drops of dish soap for a very mild lather, then immediately dry them. And some of the CDs I have bought are cutouts. The punched hole is usually unsightly, so I have often taken to trying to press the torn paper back into the hole to shrink it and replacing the case if the drill hole cut into the plastic. I also replace jewel cases if they get cracked or yellowed from age. What kind of things do you guys do with your CDs or your collection generally?
  12. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    I get what you’re saying, TGP, and I will admit that Zimmer is doing what anyone would likely do if given the chance—which is to make hay while the sun shines (or whichever aphorism suits the reader). I admire how much of a name and a business model he has built over the last few decades; he found a niche and expertly filled it. I also give him credit for being generous with his success by giving many of his mentees a launching pad. I just regret that he isn’t more musically talented, is all.
  13. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    My guess is the FIFA brief was to get the Zimmer cachet attached to FIFA one way or another, while conversely the Zimmer brief was to get his name attached to FIFA for the branding boost (just like he did with Masterclass and Land Rover). It’s almost perverse how perfect the two were for each other, actually. Man, I really don’t care for Zimmer, do I??
  14. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    But it’s not really all that silly to say. We’re talking about the theme for the FIFA World Cup, which is a top-tier global event. Not the kind of thing where “jamming” and “bouncing ideas” should be considered a sufficient level of effort. And, still, it doesn’t change the fact that this the best that superstar Zimmer and Co. could come up with.
  15. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    This is what I imagine music sounds like when written by a bad algorithm. It’s just one slow, basic “melody”. I don’t think there’s ever even a key change to break up the monotony. Takes two men to write this stuff?