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  1. Thanks all for the insights into this. It’s fascinating to read about JW’s symphony. But I’m completely perplexed about how liner and concert program notes can continually keep miscounting the quantity of a work that JW is clearly unsatisfied with and doesn’t consider as canon, when there are so many other works to pick from. Why highlight something like that? Wouldn’t it get people curious about hearing it? And why hasn’t anyone in JW’s camp ever bothered to fix it?
  2. That is literally a nightmare scenario. No, surely Disney understands how important it is to give this project to MM. Someone somewhere in that vast empire (that now officially includes most of Fox) is aware that SW is just too important a cultural touchstone to hand over to just anyone. They’ll see to it that Disney does right by these scores.
  3. Iron_Giant

    Poll: Favorite JW Concerto and Concerto Movement

    After reviving an old thread about JW's symphony a moment ago, I thought I'd come here to ask a couple of related questions instead of starting a new thread. 1. Regardless of what you think of his concert music, do you think JW aspires to a certain measure of greatness with his concert works that would allow him, say, to be programmed or critically analyzed alongside "proper" contemporary classical composers? For example, if we lived in an alternate world where absolutely none of his film music existed and the name & reputation of John Williams could only be built on his concert pieces, do you think he'd aspire to be considered a worthy peer of those who count among the "great" living composers? 2. Do you personally think his concert oeuvre on its own allows JW to be considered a good "classical" composer?
  4. I'm bumping this thread because I read the liner notes to Hooten's CD and saw it claimed (once again) that JW wrote two symphonies... and then I found this thread, which answered my question about whether he wrote one or two symphonies (thanks, Miguel!). So, JW has only written ONE symphony (plus a sinfonietta). But he wasn't happy with it and withdrew it. Except that it exists as sheet music that can be rented and, presumably, that means it can be recorded. And no one has done so yet, which is kind of mystifying. But I wonder... if JW wasn't happy with it, why would he allow it to be published as sheet music?
  5. Iron_Giant

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    I remember wondering at some point what JW would drive. A big ol’ bimmer makes sense, although it’d be neat if he drove a Tesla. I idly wonder how many “ordinary” activities he has in his daily or weekly routines. Do you think he goes to the supermarket (Whole Paycheck? Maybe even boring old Vons??). Or goes to the post office or orders food to his door? Would someone ever see him in the TSA screening line at LAX?
  6. Make sure to use the contact link at the bottom of the LLL main page — NOT the contact link in the order status page. They won’t see it if you use the latter link. I learned this the hard way with my HP Black Friday order.
  7. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer's DUNE (2020)

    Neat. I thought Wallfisch helped out on Dunkirk, though -- including the most interesting part of the score (that being the Enigma Variation adaptation).
  8. Iron_Giant

    Hans Zimmer's DUNE (2020)

    If he says it's "pure me," does that still imply the involvement of RC drone work? Pure "him" would suggest... just him. What was the last score that he did solely by himself (save the typical orchestration work)? Was Inception one?
  9. Iron_Giant

    Why do some people dislike movie quote posts?

    If you’re referring to me, I’m not actually against quoting, I was really just saying that I felt it was being overused in some threads. But I’d never actually shut that kind of thing down if I was moderator! Quote away! Funny thing, I often love to quote the simpsons, but usually out loud and usually in context-free admiration of the brilliant writing (“Damn your sparkling wordplay!”). For whatever reason though, I’ve never brought that to this forum.
  10. Iron_Giant

    Taking a John Williams break now and then...

    I didn’t realize you played the horn professionally! Which composers do you prefer to perform? Which ones would you say don’t write for the horn particularly well (if any)? (I’ve always been curious about who writes well for each instrument)
  11. Iron_Giant

    Will you watch Bryan Singer's movies again?

    What about Kevin Spacey for that matter? A brilliant actor with an alleged unforgivable weakness. Can’t we separate the man from his art? We managed to do that when it came to Wagner.
  12. Iron_Giant

    Are you experiencing some JWfan users fatigue?

    And Titanic quotes in particular! Who would ever have imagined that movie of all movies would be such a quote factory?
  13. Iron_Giant

    Are you experiencing some JWfan users fatigue?

    Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’d like to see less of certain kinds of posts than anyone in particular. I like everyone here. But everything in moderation, they say, and right now I feel like we are saturated with the following kinds of posts: (1) the “fixed” reply, (2) the movie quote reply, (3) the they-think-they’re-being-comedic one-liner reply, and (4) the use-the-same-line-over-and-over shtick. But then again, plenty of folks seem to enjoy it. I’m probably just being peevish.
  14. Iron_Giant

    Are you experiencing some JWfan users fatigue?

    There are certain personalities here I would welcome seeing less of, but I can't not come to this site regularly because every once in a while I'll learn about a new release, a concert date, or some other news that needs to be acted on quickly. Also I come here because of folks like Holko, crumbs, Miguel, TownerFan, Romao, toothless, Jay, the much-missed Disco Stu, and others like them, whose posts are worth reading.
  15. Iron_Giant

    Favorite Movie Posters

    I have JP framed on the wall in my office. It's the best designed poster I've ever seen.