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  1. Mine has it too. In fact, it's on many of the pages of the nocturne booklet. I don't mind it, though; it's almost like it was intentional--the red streaks invoking blood, y'know...
  2. That’s crazy! Did he want ransom money or something? How did you all wrest back control?
  3. Iron_Giant

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    If you don't count today or the 23rd, there’s only a week and a half until the big reveal! Doesn’t sound so long a wait when considered in this way 👍🏻
  4. This is one of the rare times I disagree with your take. You make it sound like the oscars are NOT supposed to be rewarding the best work of the year. Many of the folks on this forum would qualify as experts in film music, so if they disagree with how the best score trophies are handed out, it might well mean there’s some dissonance between what the award purports to represent and what the “insiders” actually make it represent.
  5. I dunno... take out the last sentence and it reads like an objective (if uncharitable) take on the situation. That last line though, a little over the top. He did score the movie after all, and it’s not like Tarantino held a gun to his head. No need to be so harsh on Tarantino.
  6. All the more reason he ought to get started sooner rather than later! With SW Celebration coming up in April, that would be the time to drop a second teaser trailer, after the first one dropped on Black Friday 2018. I hope we won't have to wait until April to see something official. No, no, the Christmas-every-two-years rhythm must remain inviolate!
  7. February?! Well, even if that’s the case, there’s probably a lot that’s ready to start scoring to. I always imagined that JW’s VPO excursion was the last major non-SW thing on his plate before gearing up for IX.
  8. Do we know when JW plans to start composing for IX? I feel like it might be pretty soon. I wonder too if a teaser will drop sometime before the end of the year. It probably won’t contain any original JW score, but it’ll be fun to speculate! (I remember how it went here with TFA’s trailers. Fun times!)
  9. Iron_Giant

    Highwood's Ghost to be released on Blu-ray

    Am I gonna have to buy a blu-ray player now, just so I can play this one disc—which would be my first-ever blu-ray purchase?? For JW, maybe it’d be worth it.
  10. Iron_Giant

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Let's say HP 1-3 gets released as a 5,000-unit limited edition. How long before it sells out, do you think? My arbitrary guess is 6 months.
  11. God, that LSO album art really is a travesty, especially when contrasted with good artwork like Dracula. 🤢
  12. Reading this post makes me wish I could have found a way to afford to go to London! It would be a true thrill to meet you guys someday, especially those willing to make the trip stateside. Some people here mentioned Canada and Tanglewood...
  13. Iron_Giant

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    Well said. Long indeed may it reign! Nineteen albums is a sizable number! More than I thought. Is there a list of them on another thread -- or could you list them here? I know I'm missing a few and now I have the urge to see which ones those are.
  14. There doesn't appear to be a link for purchasing this release on LLL's website -- or any indication this release exists at all. How can that be, if it started shipping today?
  15. Iron_Giant

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Not yet, alas, but soon, we hope!