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  1. Carter Burwell has never elicited much interest from me, for some reason.
  2. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    You know, I never saw that one. But I’d say that even from the trailer it sits miles ahead of any Zack Snyder/DC effort.
  3. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    And that was built on 1996-97 technology. 21 years later, we get the atrocious-looking Steppenwolf in JL. What gives?
  4. Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    I have every confidence for JJ Abrams' Ep. IX. TFA was great.
  5. Slightly off topic, but how do you think JW will get to the UK — private jet? 1st class on British Airways or something?
  6. Waxman is placed in the list called Les Immanquables, alongside the likes of Tiomkin, Goldenthal, Debney, and Powell. I fear to report, however, that Rozsa doesn't appear to be in the book at all. That's a rather big oversight... let's call it the one negative thing about this book, because otherwise it seems to be comprehensive and it is very nicely put together.
  7. My copy of the book arrived just now. Unfortunately, I don't have much time at the moment to dig deep into it, but here are some initial thoughts: First, the book is beautiful. It looks and feels better than it's 40-Euro price would suggest it should. It's not necessarily at the level of the best coffee table books, but pretty close IMO. (And, again, for 40 Euros.) Second, JW is very well represented. He gets first mention on the back cover, a Star Wars full-page illustration in the Introduction spread, sole representation on the intro spread for the first chapter (see attached), and the most page references of any composer in the index. That first chapter, BTW, is called Les Indispensables. Here are the composers listed within: John Barry Vladimir Cosma Danny Elfman Jerry Goldsmith Bernard Herrmann Joe Hisaishi James Horner Maurice Jarre Michel Legrand Ennio Morricone Alfred Newman Alex North Nino Rota Lalo Schifrin Howard Shore Max Steiner John Williams Hans Zimmer More thoughts to come.
  8. John Williams to compose the Solo movie theme

    Any thoughts as to who this swipe was aimed at?? My vote is HZ and co.
  9. Very satisfying headline indeed! But at the end of her piece, the writer gets it wrong, saying that JW will be scoring Solo and Jurassic World. (If only...)
  10. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    Here’s a thought. Let’s say the trailer drops during the Super Bowl and it generates huge buzz. Then a series of tv spots and a full court press of the mighty Disney marketing machine whips up tons more interest from a public shocked to learn there’s more SW coming so soon and now insatiable for more info about it. And assume further that the movie is actually really good and no one can tell from seeing it that there were huge production problems and the box office take was huge. What if such a situation formed the basis for a new approach to movie marketing, where blockbusters are intentionally given compressed marketing schedules but those schedules are packed with buzz-building reveals so that public interest is created instantly and stoked hard until the release date? Maybe you’d get the same opening weekend box office on what oight to be a leaner marketing budget. Maybe this is Disney’s plan?
  11. All this detailed typography stuff makes the “u” in British spelling vs. American spelling (like colour or neighbour) look positively quaint!
  12. How many people here consider themselves JW completists?

    Argh! I have so much completist envy after reading these latest posts! Those are amazing collections!! Yep, for the time being, mine are in bankers boxes in a (I hope) safe spot in the garage. Waiting for the day when I can put together a proper listening room/study/man cave. That day is some ways off.
  13. The wondrous minutiae of other languages! C’est tellement merveilleux !
  14. How many people here consider themselves JW completists?

    Yes, I forget sometimes about the massive catalog of his that has never been recorded or released. What a trove that will be for us to enjoy in the years ahead, as more and more material is approved for release! It's a glorious time to be a JW connoisseur -- his star has hardly ever shone brighter and his work is receiving curatorial attention like no one else's. And by the looks of it, JW will be going strong for years to come. Such joy. If you ever found yourself with extra time on your hands, I think it'd be a real treat for us (certainly me, at least) to see photos of your JW collection!