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      As an incentive to donate, I am offering a series of free CDS to anyone who donates over a certain amount!   Last time this was a modest success, where I raised $500 of our desired $1,000 and mailed out 3 free CDs to lucky JWFanners.  This time I'll be doing the raffling a littler different!   Our goal is $1000 once again, and I will have four tiers of free CDs you can win once again.  But this time, the more you donate, the more entries into each raffle you'll get!   Each $10 you donate gets your name put into the raffle mug once for the $10 pool, twice for the $20 pool, thrice for the $30 pool, and five times into the $50 pool.  Here is the list of CDs you can win - and I have more to add at a later time when I get a little more organized (I'll post what they are by Friday at the latest)   The $10 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you one ticket into this pool) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $250 donated Tyler Bates - God of War; Ascension (OST, La La Land Records) Danny Elfman - Planet of the Apes (OST, Sony) Danny Elfman - Taking Woodstock (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Identity Thief (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (OST) Michael Giacchino - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (OST, Varese Sarabande) Dave Holmes & Various - Ocean's 11 (OST, WB Records) Joel McNeely & Various - Hollywood '94 (Varese Sarabande) Joe Kraemer - Jack Reacher (OST, La La Land Records) John Williams - Born on the Fourth of July (OST, MCA Records)   The $20 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you two ticket into this pool, must donate at least $20 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $500 donated John Barry - First Love (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - The Challenge (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - In Harm's Way (2009 Intrada edition) Jerry Goldsmith - The Red Pony (Varese) Alan Silvestri - Dutch (La La Land) Shirley Walker - Willard (La La Land) John Williams - Family Plot (Varese Sarabande) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $30 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you three ticket into this pool, must donate at least $30 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $750 donated James Horner - Gorky Park (OOP Kritzerland Edition) James Newton Howard - Outbreak (2CD, Varese Deluxe Edition) Laurence Rosenthal - Clash of the Titans (2CD, Intrada) John Williams - The Fury (2CD, La La Land) John Williams - Jane Eyre (OOP, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $50 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you five ticket into this pool, must donate at least $50 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $1,000 donated Jerry Fielding - The Wild Bunch (3CD, FSM) Ira Newborn - The Naked Gun trilogy (3CD, La La Land) Shirley Walker and Various - Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 (4CD, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer     All shipping will be paid by me to anywhere in the world!   I will pull names from a hat for each pool, and you get to pick whatever CD set you want if I pull your name!   To be eligible, leave your JWFan username in the comments area of your donation.  If you want to donate but not be in the running for a free CD, mention that in the comment.   Use this link or the link on the mainpage.       Thank you!   Jason, Ricard, and Andreas.


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  1. All this detailed typography stuff makes the “u” in British spelling vs. American spelling (like colour or neighbour) look positively quaint!
  2. How many people here consider themselves JW completists?

    Argh! I have so much completist envy after reading these latest posts! Those are amazing collections!! Yep, for the time being, mine are in bankers boxes in a (I hope) safe spot in the garage. Waiting for the day when I can put together a proper listening room/study/man cave. That day is some ways off.
  3. The wondrous minutiae of other languages! C’est tellement merveilleux !
  4. How many people here consider themselves JW completists?

    Yes, I forget sometimes about the massive catalog of his that has never been recorded or released. What a trove that will be for us to enjoy in the years ahead, as more and more material is approved for release! It's a glorious time to be a JW connoisseur -- his star has hardly ever shone brighter and his work is receiving curatorial attention like no one else's. And by the looks of it, JW will be going strong for years to come. Such joy. If you ever found yourself with extra time on your hands, I think it'd be a real treat for us (certainly me, at least) to see photos of your JW collection!
  5. This looks like a great read! (And a great opportunity to practice my tortured French!) Thanks for alerting us to it! Update: I just ordered it from Amazon France! Yay! Total impulse purchase and one my budget had no room for, but I don't care, I'm super stoked for this one! I'll happily provide a review of the book here once I receive it. Le livre va arriver entre le 27 et le 30 de janvier. (I think I wrote that right.)
  6. How many people here consider themselves JW completists?

    Focusing on compiling titles instead of releases.. yeah, I like that. That way, you don't burden yourself with trying to get a copy of every OST re-release or variant CD cover (like the four AOTC covers). Luckily I've managed to stay away from that temptation so far.
  7. Apologies if this has been tackled elsewhere (I looked and didn't find anything), but I'm curious how many of us would claim to being a JW completist. I aspire to becoming one, although I know I'm far behind in that goal. I have all but three of his post-Superman OSTs on CD, but hardly any from before 1978 and only four of the 19 FYCs (by my count) that were pressed to CD since Stepmom. I have all but two of the 32 (by my reckoning) Boston Pops recordings he made, but only about nine of the expansions by LLL or Intrada. And I don't have any of the special edition SW releases from 1997, which is the first priority of mine to remedy. How about you guys? Are you the proud owner of every single JW release pressed to CD? Or how close are you to that goal? Is aspiring to own a complete JW library on CD worth the effort (and money)??
  8. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Ah, to think what James Horner would have been able to achieve with four upcoming Avatar films...
  9. America

    I just read at the NYTimes it was human error caused during a routine shift change, when somebody basically clicked the wrong button on his computer. Good lord. It’s that easy.😳
  10. What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Star Wars Ep. IX: The One With the JW Cameo
  11. What's your dream title of a book on JW?

    As long as the byline doesn’t include the words “Walter” or “Isaacson”, I’ll be happy.
  12. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    The end of "Rescuing Sarah" is incredible. I don't know how to describe it, other than it's a total shift in mood and style from the percussive danger up to that point. The music is vaguely triumphant yet also foreboding, uncertain, questing. 6:25 to end
  13. Alex Ross on Williams' The Last Jedi

    There’s nothing being overthought here. It’s just a matter of recognizing (and, in Lehman’s case, carefully documenting) that JW has produced dozens of recognizable musical phrases for the SW trilogies and that sometimes two or three of these phrases are used to represent aspects of a particular character. But there needs to be a distinction. The whole idea of a leitmotif is that it quickly identifies the thing it’s associated with. Storytelling would be atrociously sluggish if a long leitmotif (or “theme”, as you say) had to finish being stated each time it showed up — and it’d be pointless anyway, since after a few bars (or notes) the listener would already have made the association. When a scene calls for it, a leitmotif can be extended at length and turned into a theme. Marion’s Theme is an example that comes to mind. You don’t need the full “theme” statement to know it represents Marion; the first seven notes do that. Those first seven notes are her leitmotif.
  14. Alex Ross on Williams' The Last Jedi

    I don’t find your position on this compelling, Chen. The discussion is more on leitmotifs, which by nature have to be musically idiosyncratic, and not so much on themes, which can definitely be more complex (as you point out above). If a leitmotif cannot be broken out into its idiosyncratically-distinct parts for analysis, you actually force the discussion to be muddier, not clearer. If A + B + C = Theme 1, then we can speak of A, B, and C as leitmotifs that live in Theme 1, which is really key when A, B, and C are used independently in the film. Otherwise, what are we supposed to do? “In this scene, Williams harmonizes the ‘second’ part of the X leitmotif so nicely; don’t you love how it’s followed by the ‘first’ part of the Y leitmotif?” Lehman’s approach makes perfect sense: identify the recognizably unique phrases or ‘musical moments’ (per Wagner) and give each one its own name. If a few of them can string together into a theme, so much the better. If not, who cares, the phrase can stand alone. (That’s why it got identified and named in the first place.) You also seem fixated on the idea that JW needs to have explicitly stated somewhere his intention for his leitmotifs to be short and broken out as Lehman provides for in his (admittedly awesome) analysis. I would offer that such a requirement goes both ways.