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  1. Maybe that was because the OST already had the Christmas material? Then again, I don't get why Courtyard had to be where it is now.
  2. The song and pub music should never have been put at the end either.
  3. How do you get a clean harpsichord intro to Double Trouble March? I agree that the broomsticks cue works perfectly, it's just not chronological.
  4. I'd still like to know who took the decision to do the crossfades in Trouble Takes Many Forms and The Three Broomsticks. It just makes this release not as perfect as it could have been.
  5. Is anyone else still love taking this box set off their shelf and putting disc 1 in their player?
  6. So can Stephen be played by Joe Pesci? He'd also need to be much more angry. And how will Mom fit in this story?
  7. Yes, but then again MM has never talked about that publicly yet. I'd like to believe that those missing tapes just remained missing because of DD's incompetence.
  8. But we don't know the songs, so we can't miss them. We do know that glorious, glorious food insert!
  9. He didn't say that at all, he just said 'maybe for another anniversary', right? I don't even need the songs, I just want a proper film score expansion.
  10. I know… I'll hope for that, HP4 or Far and Away for this Black Friday.
  11. Everyone who's going should ask MM about Hook, Hook, and, if they have time, Hook.
  12. At least her cult recorded the concert properly...
  13. That BBC prom lady called it the Devil's Dance.
  14. Mischief Managed. Hook main themes. Restoration. Ride to Thornfield. Devil's dance.
  15. It's even more interesting that to this day only that third-rate orchestra has recorded the entire suite.
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