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  1. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Batman v Superman. Man of Steel... Dawn of Justice... Tired of superhero movies... The titles alone makes me sick. The whole thing seemed rather disjointed and I quickly lost track of the countless cut-to-blacks. Batman is incredibly stupid in this one and I just find the idea of Superman and him fighting one another ludicrous, especially when the storyline is so absurd that the final battles made me laugh. Oh hang on, now they're friends, four words by Lois Lane did the trick. The other characters were equally boring, I just didn't connect with anyone on any level. Even Diane Lane was bleak most of the time. The only interesting character was Amy Adams. Wait, did Superman just fly off again after having been beaten senseless by Batman and did Lois just become unconscious and conscious in, like, three seconds? The ending isn't bad, it's just unfortunate that it took two hours, twenty minutes and an idiotic monster before something interesting happened. Now, the music. It could hardly be worse than Man of Steel. The addition of choir was a nice surprise and I liked some of the other-worldly sound design, a rather playful (but inappropriate) celesta/pizzicato strings piece for Lois and some nice violin solos during one of the bad guy's monologues. But... Why the hell is it in A minor, again?? Wy is Hans Zimmer still writing (this) music? Granted, his Superman motif was slightly more effective here, but there's still no room for romance here. Oh, sorry, of course, romance isn't cool and requires a different key and maybe some woodwinds. Batman's identity is a bit of a riddle to me as well. At first I wondered why Zimmer's old material wasn't used, but then I remembered that Zimmer wanted to give someone else the chance to write his music (enter 2,000 ghostwriters) and of course we can't have two superheroes have two two-note themes in one film. In other words, Zimmer's superhero themes got him into trouble because they weren't well-considered. The new Batman music sounds a bit like Elfman's version of the theme, which isn't bad, but here it lacks any kind of heroism, which IS bad. Some Superman theme statements were placed in scenes that didn't need it and the familiar violin/cello chords were annoying too. And urgh, Wonder Woman's music is insufferable. Am I supposed to feel awestruck by this woman? This music just makes me hate her, but at least we're in E minor now. Hello, she lived during World War One, how about some nod to the past, some mysteriousness, some... something else than electric guitars, for crying out loud?
  2. I'm looking for recommendations and opinions. Is it possible to buy JW conductor's scores, scan them using Optical Music Recognition with good software and end up with a reliable result that I can export to MIDI? The end result should: - clearly distinguish all the different instruments (pizzicato for strings too) and name them, I can allocate presets etc. myself - contain staccato notes when necessary - and contain general information regarding soft and loudness of the pieces (so obviously I'm not expecting a nice sound mix, just a very general idea of soft and loud parts). - contain all the notes without any errors as the idea is to study the music in detail. Please make my day or burst my bubble.
  3. NEW | John Williams: The Conductor, 20 CD box

    I shall investigate Cinema Serenade 2 but politely refuse to buy the box set.
  4. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    HP3 might need 3 discs as well. We know some alternates were definitely recorded, such as the alternate finale to the First Frozen Lake, an alternate for Train to Hogwarts, Portrait Scene etc., plus source music.
  5. But the sheet music for Jane Eyre is lost and transcribing Williams by ear is not a good idea (like City of Prague's Buckbeak's Flight).
  6. Thor, I'll have you know that I don't consider City of Prague albums re-recordings. They're disasters. Also, the person who requested Jane Eyre re-recordings earlier in the thread: We already have the official suite and that's everything that's available to re-record. And finally, which three movements does that ET suite consist of? I never knew there was one.
  7. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I think some redos are arguably superior to their original counterparts. Quidditch is performed with such exhilaration in COS. The studio orchestra in HP1 clearly didn't care too much about it. The notes are there, but it sounds like a compulsory piece of homework at times. The LSO clearly loved it.
  8. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    So what if it's rehashed? It's the same characters too, plus a few additions (which are reflected in the score).
  9. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    What could people possibly have against COS? It's perfect continuity-wise.
  10. Plenty of holy grails left for me. Star Wars prequels, Harry Potter, Terminal, Lincoln, War Horse, Far and Away, Schindler's List, Force Awakens... (Note that I fully realise half of these won't be released any time soon.)
  11. Wouldn't a JW release before Black Friday be too good to be true?
  12. I read your analysis months ago, but as the thread is being bumped now, it might be a good time to say thank you for this. I especially liked how you described the sheet music at times, which was especially interesting for me because I can't read those handwritten sketches. Really made some wonderful discoveries thanks to this.
  13. Hello everyone, I'd like to ask a question about tranpsosing music. Please note that I don't know anything at all about sheet music, I only have perfect pitch. I just downloaded a number of John Williams MIDI files. Their quality is exquisite, but some instruments consistently play the wrong notes. So far, I know that the problem occurs with the contrabssoons and at least one set of violins. The brass section doesn't have this problem at all. In short, it comes down to this: When there's supposed to be a G, I hear an F, D's become C's etc. Could anyone tell me what this is? Is this 'concert pitch' and what instruments does this approach apply to? Thanks in advance.