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  1. I never really noticed that the LLL sounded better. The boot sounds very good, but is not complete either.
  2. I sort of agree, but the missing food insert is unforgivable to me and if you compare that release with any MM release, it just doesn't hold up at all.
  3. No, and whatever you do, DO NOT INVEST MOEY IN USED COPIES. Wait for a proper release or buy the OST.
  4. Okay, so Hook 10CDs: 1 and 2 film score, 3 remastered OST, 4 alternates, 5-10 every take of every cue.
  5. Does anyone have any idea why both Hook and Pan are on Belgian TV today? I tried to find the significance of today's date, but can't. This can't be a coincidence, right?
  6. So for what else can they use the music other than expanded releases? This is just absurd, they need to change these arrangements. Are we the only people who get that?
  7. But are those re-use fee rules set in stone? I mean, couldn't someone one day just decide they're good for nothing and do away with them? Or will all the labels go bankrupt after they've tackled everything pre-2005?
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