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  1. Was that an answer to my question or your poll prediction?
  2. I'm curious about this score JaY mentioned a while ago, the one he worked on in 2016 but that still hasn't come out. Or has it come out by now?
  3. Well, I hope she won't ask me to come then. Maybe if I send her biscuits she'll leave me alone.
  4. Footloose 2011. So five kids die after dancing and drink-driving and all teenagers are not allowed to dance anymore. And there’s religion. My patience protests. The songs are really nice.
  5. I'd really like to see all the recording dates per cue for these scores. Could be interesting.
  6. But it doesn't make sense at all, you can't make a decent assembly if you don't have all the pieces.
  7. Also, isn't it easier to just re-order a product than asking the pressing plants to repress discs with different contents? I'll never understand why people look at frequencies either...
  8. I lost track now. They released four titles this month but said they would do three. Does that mean four Black Friday releases?
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