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  1. A Perfect Murder. What a great film this was. Michael Douglas really sounded young in this one, or maybe I just misremembered his voice, or it might just have been the PAL speed-up. Not sure whether I'm happy with how things ended, but I'll learn to live with that. The score will probably not work very well on album, but boy, did it work in the movie! I literally sat on the edge of my chair during every cue (and there were a lot of them).
  2. I'd like Stone to make 'Trump'. If Williams can't score it, can we assemble cues to illustrate his campaign, election, stupidity, controversy and downfall?
  3. Muriel's Wedding. At first, I thought I wasn't going to like it. Then, I began to enjoy the incredibly cute and juicy Australian accents, but the stupidity of Muriel's marriage obsession quickly started to annoy me and the fact that she even loved a fake marriage is totally absurd. The film also had some severe pacing problems and you just know that the audio description is bad when you suddenly realise that the person you thought had cancer doesn't have cancer at all (the fact that the two protagonists' voices were sometimes interchangable didn't help either). Also, what kind of a mother is totallly okay with the fact that her daughter taking all the family's money? The only thing I really found entertaining about the whole story was the father's romance with Deidre and Rhonda was really cool too, about the only normal person in this entire movie. Oh look, now Muriel's mother died. How tragic. What's going to be next, will Rhonda give the remaining stupid characters a smack and ask the director why this film was released to the public? Oh no, hang on, the fake lovers have to fall in love first. No, wait, they're breaking up and Muriel who was Mariel just became Muriel again. Oh, for the love of God, this has to be the worst film I've ever seen. Even The Last Airbender was better! The score mostly consisted of aimless chords, but there was one exception: an ABBA song arranged for synth choir, but some chords could definitely have been better. All the songs made me feel pretty nostalgic, though.
  4. McGregor was terrible in the prequels... 'You have done that yourself!'
  5. Just curious: do members of this forum often get damaged CD cases in the mail? Braveheart just arrived here and while I'm obviously thrilled to have it and am planning to buy more of their releases in the future, there's a rather big scratch on the case, just like with Home Alone. I've been ordering things from the Internet for a long time and never got any damaged material... are US shipping services locked with some sort of secret battle with LLL?
  6. Hahahahahaha! What a great joke! I'm in stitches! That's SO funny! This guy has a terrific sense of humour!!! (Just to be clear, I'm being sarcastic.)
  7. I only listen to scores that I liked in the film. As I only watched 30 minutes of Waterworld and don't remember a single score thing, this release doesn't interest me.
  8. Thank You / Wrap-Up Speech? Interesting. If only I hadn't turned off the movie after 30 minutes, I'd be interested.
  9. We discovered Family Guy on holiday in England. ReAlly loved it, got the first season today.
  10. Braveheart is back! Ordering this right now before leaving for England.
  11. Beauty and the Beast (2017). I really liked this one. The only slightly confusing plot point for me was the fact that the castle's objects still had living relatives at the end. The prologue made it sound as if the entire prince/enchantress thing had happened two centuries ago. Loved Emma Thompson wiv 'er beau'iful Cockney accent. McKellen was great too, though I don't really find the Gaston character arc very convincing. He turns from a lovable idiot to a villain in, like, two seconds. Lumière queeckly becèm boring az well, but I was really surprised that the ending was so tense. I've never seen the original version, but it can't be better than this one. On to more important things. THE MUSIC. No words. I just love Alan Menken's limitlessly romantic scores. The songs were mostly a joy to discover, too, but my absolute favourite remains the one sang by the Beast as Belle leaves the castle. Absolutely terrific. I've read a lot of complaints from people who apparently thought Emma Watson was the only actress that was auto-tuned. She definitely isn't. I'm not a fan of auto-tuning as every song written these days sounds like computerised crying to me, but here, it worked 90% of the time (some horrible edits, though). And the audio-describer had a hidden agenda. I've been told at least five times that Belle was manly, brave and fearless. What is it with political correctness these days? Are they trying to tell youngsters that women are no longer the angels in the home holding it all together to prevent them getting dangerous ideas that no one has anymore? I hope Disney's next film will show a woman casting a vote during an election, you know, just to make sure we all know women can vote. But at least the narrator didn't interfere with the end credits (though, come to think of it, these end credits songs are no match for any song or music from the movie, so listening to a list of unimportant names might have been a better alternative).
  12. I own none.
  13. As I understand it, Catch Me If You Can is completely unreleased (e.g. every track is a reworked album version). Isn't E.T. 100% complete, though?
  14. My pipe dreams: Catch me if you can, Far and away, HP1-3, Hook (properly), Lincoln, Memoirs of a Geisha, Star Wars 1-3, Schindler's List, War Horse.
  15. I don't get parts of y our last post... 1. We know a lot is coming: As in 'four releases is a lot' or as in 'a select group of people know a lot of JW is coming this year so there's not much time left'? 2. MM confirmed it's not August: as in 'MM looked at his calendar to make sure we're still July' or as in 'not hing JW is coming in August' which would make the entire thread pointless?