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  1. I'm currently transcribing a beatification. That's my worst job so far.
  2. The Internship. Pff, boring. Cheesy. Cheap. Waste of time. I liked the protagonists at the beginning, but my dislike and irritation with them grew after 20 minutes and I really disliked them at the end, didn't even want them to succeed. I did like Rosa Byrne and Neha, which incidentally is a nice name. The 'bad guy' was unconvincing and felt like a forced necessity rather than an addition. His character was too ridiculous to even call ridiculous. I mean, really, what kind of an intern would behave like Graham? Seriously? Christophe Beck's score was functional, but, as usual, nothing special. A reference to John Williams' Quidditch or Harry Potter music would have been nice during the 'Quidditch' game, but I'm probably hoping for the impossible here. The Fame music at the end was nice, though.
  3. Indeed. And am I right in saying that orchestras in general used to sound more detailed in older recordings? For instance, when I listen to the remastered Jaws, or even Back to the Future 1, I always have the impression that, just like in a live performance, real people are playing the notes, but in new recordings, everything sounds so... perfect and unnatural. Does that make sense?
  4. Thanks. So why are some things never picked up in recordings (like those vibrations mentioned earlier?) Don't we have the equipment to properly capture those sounds?
  5. This has been intriguing me for quite some time now and I'd be very interested in your reactions. I've attended four live to projection concerts in the past three years. And on three occasions, I made one striking observation: the strings sound completely different. It's very difficult to put this into words, but a vain attempt follows: On the recordings, the strings are there, but it's always just 'the strings'. Take 'Filch's Fond Remembrance' from Harry Potter 1. You kind of hear cellos or violas, but they're very vague. In my concert, the cellos actually 'sang' and sounded like cellos, not like distant string instruments playing low notes. In LOTR2, I heard marcato notes for violin during the Fellowship theme, which, again, are present in the recording, but sound quite muted and hardly audible. And even if I hear strings on commercial recordings, I can never tell the players apart. When I attend concerts, I can clearly hear multiple violins and violas creating the 'general strings' sound, but on recordings, they seem to come from far, far away. Is it just my ears? Why does this never happen to woodwinds or brass (maybe to bassons and clarinets, but never in such an extreme way)? Are there other people here who also do a double take when they listen to live performances of violins/violas/cellos playing in unison?
  6. Of course this community won't disappear. Look at the range of topics that we discuss here. And we'll probably have lots of 'new' releases to discuss for a long time.
  7. Absolutely, but even when they're competent, I don't like the sound of a children's choir. I'd espcially find it very unfortunate if Home Alone came to Belgimu without our good choir.
  8. Are you being serious now? Did he really want choir to sing Hedwig's Theme? My problem with children's choirs is that they're just never as good as adults here. Every single time the children had to sing during LOTR, they ruined it. And the adult women would have done just fine anyway.
  9. Agreed.
  10. I've been heckled for saying this in the past, but will nevertheless do it again: I loved the Wringwraith music at the end of AUJ. Not because it makes sense (doesn't), but because it's such a great recording and, well, it just added that little bit of LOTR that the last two scores are so sorely missing.
  11. My grandfather was an importer/exporter for Customs, my grandmother ocasionally stood in for ill pre-school teachers, never had a fixed job (was fired after getting married), but to this day thinks badly of the unemployed.
  12. You're welcome, I kept making mental notes during the performance to be able to write it all down here. And, yes, it was FANTASTIC!
  13. Did they use children or women for the carols in your performance? I really dislike children's choirs.