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  1. bollemanneke

    The Official World Cup Thread

    How about Anthony Hopkins or Stephen Fry?
  2. bollemanneke

    The Official World Cup Thread

    Yesterday he talked about a 'wal-lek-over (walkover). Horrible.
  3. bollemanneke

    The Official World Cup Thread

    It'll be entertaining, though, as long as they don't use that ridiculous commentator who wants to make every single English name and term accessible for the average Flemish lout (Filip Joos), he just completely removes all the fun for me.
  4. But that's politically incorrect. Start with my account.
  5. Such people need to be educated all the time. I love being corrected myself.
  6. And I heard it would be something for this year. Two questions still remain: - Is the source reliable? - Will MM be involved?
  7. bollemanneke

    The Official World Cup Thread

    Well... Then what would you call the 60% of our voters who want to break up the country until football starts?
  8. bollemanneke

    The Official World Cup Thread

    First match of this world cup I watched in its entirety. I might actually support the Belgians during their game against England.
  9. I'm surprised at how many people seem certain about Potter without some stupid movie anniversary being around the corner.
  10. 1. Harry Potter 1-3 2. Hook 3. Jane Eyre 4. Schindler's List 5. Far And Away
  11. bollemanneke

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Night at the Museum 3. I really don't understand why these movies were such critical failures. They're not special, but still a lot of fun, though the first two were better than this one. This final entry is all right, but I don't like the Nikki and knight subplots. I do kind of want spin-offs with Rebel Wilson and Laa now. This is undoubtedly Alan Silvestri's best NATM score, although I found the sad moments disappointingly shallow.
  12. Allow me to be the first person to use this word in this thread. Meh.
  13. bollemanneke

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    https://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/warner-bros-unveils-100s-of-upcoming-harry-potter-and-fantastic-beasts-tie-in-products-109932/ 'Music books tailored to the concert series.' What could that mean?
  14. bollemanneke

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Not really, I just don't like extreme volume changes.