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  1. No, I had no idea Action for Hamsters existed. The worst we get is hysterical women from India on the phone shouting about how our computer is going to crash any second.
  2. Relax, he's fine with it! Just called and told me he's stopping by on Tuesday.
  3. While you're at it, can you come over to my flat and sign my HP box set? I'll make it worth your while.
  4. What bothers me about that track is how completely different it sounds. I mean, was it so hard to record this piece with the musicians/studio Powell used?
  5. Hi Incannus, I'm slowly reading your (obviously) brilliant analysis and have a question about the hunt. You write that JW was dismayed that this marvellous cue went unused. Where did you hear that information? Can you elaborate/provide a quote?
  6. The lost world: Jurassic park. I somehow seemed to remember this movie was much more boring than Jurassic Park, but now I really liked it. I might even say it's just as good, or even better, than the original and only briefly lost interest after 90 minutes. Luckily, Richard Attenborough's screen time is limited here, Goldblum and Moore are fantastic and I had forgotten all about Pete Postlethwaite while Vince Vaughn certainly didn't disappoint either, but Ludlow wanting to kill humans really wasn't convincing at all. I did like the humour and might even warm up to Jurassic Park III. It's difficult to review the score. I didn't like it on album except for a few cues, but there's no doubt it works in the film (where did The Hunt go, though?) and there's some really lazy tracking of the main theme going on throughout the entire story. And on the subject of themes, I didn't need the upbeat island fanfare when Ian announced he was going to rescue Sarah and during the credits either: its mood is completely inappropriate.
  7. I'm surprised they don't play Jane Eyre in the published order. I'd have thought Williams might be attached to the suite's structure.
  8. As I recall, I really enjoyed phase one minus Hulk. Phase two only has Cap 2 and Avengers 2 as highlights. In phase 3 only Cap 3, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Black Panther stood out. I'm not saying the other movies are bad: they're very decent, if sometimes a little predictable and then there's Captain Marvel being too feminist-focused (we already have Black Widow). I just wish I would have watched them less quickly. I took ages to finish phase 1 and then caught up much faster, which might be why I still really like most of phase 1, or maybe they're just better, or maybe there are too many now.
  9. I agree that IM3 is one of the worse entries, but if Thor 2 is bad, what does that make Thor 3? I really really did not like that one, easily my least favourite MCU entry. IM3 merely… misses something.
  10. Waitress. Pretty good, great actors of whom Nathan Fillion was the weakest, but too many corny (pie) scenes and some pacing issues. Hope the baby will be okay. As for me, I had pancakes tonight and I'm NOT having an affair. Nice score and some good songs, though I found the choral baroque music underscoring the kisses really strange.
  11. I meant they should have included more music. And, well, the police only started chasing them at the very end.
  12. Badlands. Rather good story, but told very superficially. The lack of any police presence throughout the movie didn't really make sense and I lost interest as the weird conclusion unfolded. Most of the music was really good and interesting, but it could have been more.
  13. Calling a track 'Somewhere in my memory' (HA1) but combining that song with the main title music. Totally radio-unfriendly: no one needs taht intro.
  14. So is this the guy who is finally going to give us the isolated score? I must say I prefer the original composition, though (end of Three Broomsticks), must be one of the most haunting cues I've ever heard.
  15. Exactly. Was that even a love theme? I mean, technically it's for Han who loves her in the OT, isn't it?
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