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  1. Having listened to this, I see now why the RAPM took issue with The Nose... (that's a joke) The Part 1 Intermezzo is interesting too - consisting of nothing but an ensemble of percussionists gradually building towards a big, "all-out" climax.
  2. 45:27 - 45:58 King Kong falls down the Empire State Building.
  3. The probability of me selecting a Williams piece to listen to is roughly constant with time (unless there's a new release, when it peaks a bit). So I listen to more Williams when I have more time to listen to music, which tends to be during the summer holidays. But this has nothing to do with the mood I'm in.
  4. I link the second movement only, but the rest of the symphony is great too (though I find Casella to be a bit "uneven" sometimes). This movement has a cinematic feel to it.
  5. Love these two notes between 3:27-3:33:
  6. It's quite wonderful, isn't it? My favourite variation on the theme is the prelude to Act 3 of Siegfried: He mixes in the 'Spear motif' (among others), and bases the accompaniment on the Ride of the Valkyries rhythm, to boot. Wagner wrote it after a 12-year break from the Ring to write Tristan und Isolde and Die Meistersinger, and it almost sounds like Wagner is thinking "I'm back!".
  7. Recently, it's been the very opening of The Egyptian:
  8. Some absolutely stunning piano playing in this album!
  9. JWFan Composers

    Very nice work! I found some of the harmonic clashes a bit distracting though (like 0:37, or some of the strings from 2:19). The piano part at 3:58-4:01 is a bit awkward too! But I liked the bits from 3:17, 5:50 and 7:23. Lovely textures!
  10. Excellent music for studying.
  11. Here's an entertaining movement from Busoni's humongous Piano Concerto, "IV: All'Italiana": I prefer the Hyperion recording myself but, it's Hyperion...what can you do?
  12. My bad, I was thinking about this instead. So there is some resemblance to the original song but not as much as I thought.
  13. Star of Bethlehem is probably my favourite. Simply beautiful melody and harmonies. I love "The Long Goodbye" too, but it's frightfully similar to A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. "We Don't Wanna Grow Up" is one of the worst songs in existence, and if I went to see a movie which opened with the song "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home" I would probably walk out of the theatre before the title credits were done.
  14. Until the guys up high release every take ever recorded from every single score Williams composed music for, until they record every single piece of music JW penned in his life in digital format (yes, that includes his Symphony No.1), until every JW piece has its sheet music published, until every JW film, TV series and travelogue gets a LtP concert arranged in every major and minor city in the world, and until we know the damn year Williams was enlisted in the USAF, this forum shall still have a purpose to exist. The JWFAN era is only just beginning!
  15. Sea Hawk (Korngold) King's Row (Korngold) Seems to me like, while his earlier soundtracks were great, KING'S ROW was around the time when Korngold went "Super Saiyan".