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  1. Temple of Doom is the only film score I know where I feel that every bar of music has something worthwhile about it, i.e. there's no "filler" material. I could listen to the C&C score all the way through and never get bored (and I have done so many times...). I think a part of the reason for this is the simple yet effective story structure, in addition to Williams' composing chops. I like the film itself the most too. It's not that I hold anything against the others in the initial trilogy, I just really love the exotic setting. I won't jump on the "FOURTH?!?! WHAT FOURTH?!?!?!" bandwagon but I think few will disagree that it's the weakest, even though personally I love the score and think it's one of JW's best 21st century efforts.
  2. You're not wrong. It sounds like somebody taking a dump, only in slow motion.
  3. I think it's there in the OST recording, only barely audible. The wood blocks are most prominent. Besides, cowbells vary, and may be played with different mallets etc., which could also be why they're not as bright in the OST recording as in the Boston Pops recording (or The Reivers, for that matter).
  4. Also used in Star Wars VI: from 1:04.
  5. Here it is on the piano: http://picosong.com/MSji If I'm reading it correctly, the chords are played by horns and clarinets, while the melody is in the strings.
  6. From the album "Past Futurists", played by Marthanne Verbit
  7. Did Williams write that? I hear shades of CMIYC.
  8. Ok, 1:06 - 1:11 might be a little overboard... I still think Bug Tunnel/Death Trap has one of the best uses of musical accelerando I've heard. And is that Antz from 1:34?
  9. This takes the cake for me:
  10. What? I'm the one with the big ego.
  11. Is it just me or does Williams sound really old and tired? :/
  12. I love how seriously the guy on the right is taking the mic positioning. He's constantly thinking about how to capture the best sound experience...I'm surprised he didn't end up crashing his car!