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  1. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    My favourite part of the first track.
  2. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Since this score seems to have been made specifically for this thread I guess I'll get started with a few of my favourite examples: 2:33 - 2:40: Love the plucked strings and clarinets in the background, such a cool effect! 1:27 - 1:47: Awesome statement of Rose's theme of course, but what I find particularly interesting here is the subtle use of dissonance in the background, as if the music is fighting its way upward through rubble. Listen out for the slightly awkward chords in the brass from 1:28, the "intentionally" messy rushing strings between 1:35-1:37, and the note clashes in the brass from 1:38. All this shouldn't work...but it does, and not only does it work but it improves it too!
  3. Joshua Tamayo & Victor Cheng (feat. R2-D2) perform my arrangement of The Jedi Steps and Finale for two pianos:
  4. YouTube Comments of the day!

    Some insightful discussion on Williams' new Star Wars score:
  5. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Would be even nicer to have the whole thing.
  6. John Powell's FERDINAND (2017)

    Listening to Flower Festival right now. So delightful! I'm starting to become convinced that everything ends up sounding better if you place a drum-loop track in the background.
  7. I just need to point out how bad-ass the first track is. The first entrance of the Resistance theme is the musical equivalent of Williams going "I'm back, bitches!" Also the statement of Leia's theme towards the end of "The Supremacy" is absolutely gorgeous, the big timpani roll at the beginning really makes a difference!
  8. IKR! I hum it all the time. "Bam bee-da bom bam bom bam bom bam..." That's actually been considered as one of the least interesting cues (not saying I agree or disagree...)
  9. I mean, it's an allusion if anything. It's not a direct quote.
  10. There's a bit in Rose's theme which reminds me of the Holy Grail theme from TLC: Specifically the last few chords. I quite like the theme. The way it was stated in "The Fathiers" reminded me of the statement of Poe's theme in "I Can Fly Anything".
  11. This end credits sounds more like a series of musical "seeds" than a fluid piece of music. Like there's at least five different ideas in there but none of them is really fleshed out, at least not in the same way as they were in the TFA end credits. But still, no need to highlight of course that the musical material itself is excellent. Exactly!
  12. After actually going back and listen to the TFA recording, I think you may be right. I'll be interested in comparing the two waveforms myself to see what the specific differences are. I must have subconsciously been thinking about a different performance...