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  1. Was bored enough to do another "deconstruction" of an except from JW's scores, this time the "magical flurries" from the Prologue to Harry Potter 1: 1:00 - 1:14 Here's my mockup based off of the sheet music (I left out the synth pad) http://picosong.com/wwVre Mmm...lots of twinkly stuff going on. But let's see if it still holds up when we take the percussionists out of the room: http://picosong.com/wwVrm/ That's not too bad. The celeste/bell-like sound in the background is actually due to the woodwind, which play sustained chords throughout - there is no celeste in this version. Now let's have the percussionists play their stuff on their own: http://picosong.com/wwVr7/ I guess it's supposed to sound like a church mass? The instrumentation is: Chimes, Bells, Wind Chimes, Bell Tree, Celeste, Piano, and Two Harps... All those chimes are pretty annoying though, so let's see what the percussion sounds without it: http://picosong.com/wwVGc/ Finally, here is the full thing, but without the cellos and double basses: http://picosong.com/wwVGJ/
  2. 1:04 - 1:48 The shift at 1:31 is what I would call transcendental! I also love moments like 5:27 in The Mecha World (Extended) from A.I. It's like breathing in cool, fresh air.
  3. No, not really. It's the combination of "bells" and harp which makes it sound Christmas-y to me. Stuff like this or this or this.
  4. Best "ringtone" moments

    This has a ringtonish quality: Or this, so that people around you know not to mess with you:
  5. The ending is kinda Christmas-y, no? If you liked that then you might also like the last movement of Mahler's 3rd Symphony - more harmonically conservative than the Ravel, but it always brings a tear to my eye.
  6. I want to learn this someday.
  7. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Sounds like these trumpets from Petrushka: Love the entire final act of A.I., but the moment you mention always gives me a cringey feeling. Woodwind are a little hyperactive for my taste.
  8. Best "ringtone" moments

    Which moments from Johnny's scores which would make a great ringtone? The more obscure, the better! Here's an unobscure one for starters: (0:00 - 0:15, looped...)
  9. Very pretty moment from Falla's "Three-Cornered Hat": 33:11 - 33:23
  10. I made this arrangement of the chase scene, from the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a few months ago, but only got round to recording it today. Some parts are out of sync (especially towards the end) and that's because 1) when I was recording the 1st piano (i.e. after recording the 2nd piano) the audio was coming out of different speakers and occasionally I couldn't even hear my backing track and 2) some parts are f***ing hard to play!!! But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the arrangement hypothetically. (Cripes, I really need to work on my piano playing...)
  11. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Awesome cue, though my favourite bit is 6:56 - 7:02.