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  1. The white stuff (snow)

    It's supposed to snow all day tomorrow. As Darth Vader would say: "Yippee!"
  2. Shame they didn't play the whole thing given they had a choir standing right there behind the orchestra!
  3. Score as heard on album: ** Score has heard in complete recording sessions: *****
  4. He's saying that they reverted on removing the music...so the music is there. Maybe. I haven't seen the film.
  5. I really like the Horn Concerto. The Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra is also very entertaining. The Duo Concertante is one work which I haven't been able to get into...
  6. Williams donates all his scores to Juilliard

    I like to imagine this will be every composition professor reading the JW collection...
  7. Best flying chase, best scored

    Zam the Assassin.
  8. Yes I realised that about 64 years ago. LOVELESS is my favourite film I've seen this year...though I haven't seen that many tbh.
  9. Out of the Best Picture nominees the only one I've seen so far is THE SHAPE OF WATER. If that won Best Picture then I'm having second thoughts on whether I should even bother with the rest...
  10. Love it! That downward shift at 2:33 is epic.
  11. The white stuff (snow)

    Just started snowing again in London...it's not over yet!