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  1. I actually had a dream about Einaudi tonight. I don't remember what it was about, only that I saw him perform at the piano. His music is very pleasant to play, and he's very good at what he does (Divenire is lovely). Though I wouldn't necessarily call it "fresh"...but I know what you mean. His early Berio-influenced efforts are interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR_rbIiSlaE&list=PLA67A43F90EBAB9DE
  2. OK, but who really cares? Williams simply writes good music, he doesn't have to be the modern day equivalent of Stravinsky or whatever.
  3. I think it's based on this: It's probably an example of what Powell calls composing via "poor memory".
  4. Film scores that impressed John Williams

    I am beginning to wonder if JW was perhaps being a bit facetious...especially since Herrmann poked fun at him a few times. I didn't know that. Personally I think JW just got a bit jealous that he couldn't write disco as well as Meco... This reminds me of... OK, maybe that's not totally fair. I am at least happy to see that kind of style work in a film, and work so well.
  5. Film scores that impressed John Williams

    I remember Thor once mentioned that JW was somewhat disparaging of that score in a magazine interview, but he didn't recall which magazine the interview was from. I think JW was noteably less "diplomatic" in his earlier years...remember when he virtually slagged off Meco's "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" in a 1978 Capital FM interview, before he changed his tune many years later. Btw, I'd bet that JW was particularly impressed by Don Davis' The Matrix score. Not only did he recommend Davis to score JP3 but his AOTC score had a few notable Matrix-isms in there.
  6. ALL of JW's arrangements are over the top. Where a normal arranger would use one woodwind run JW uses about 62. Where a normal arranger would stop at flutes and plucked violins, JW adds in a harp, a celeste, a piano, a glockenspiel, a "jeu de timbres" (whatever the hell that is), two electric pianos, and God only knows what else... It all pays off in the end, though. To Life, Miracle of Miracles, The Bottle Dance etc...all JW at his best. But my favourite bit is when Johnny goes absolutely bat**** insane towards the end of Tevye's Dream. I listen to it at least once a month it's just so good!
  7. John Powell kicks ass

    Finally I can listen to The Prussian Requiem again! I remember the concert at the Royal Festival Hall like it was yesterday. The entire piece was great, but it was the last part, "The Gift" which created a kind of electric atmosphere in the auditorium. In the recording, from about 6:00 in that track you can hear the voices of the tenor and bass become distant; this is because they both turn 180 degrees to face the choir standing and singing wordlessly behind the orchestra. It's one of those moments in music where everything falls into place and you feel that the musicians together go beyond merely "playing the notes" and seem to reach into some transcendental sphere. Gosh I get chills listening to it right now! Anyone who's a fan of English classical music in the style of RVW should certainly give The Prussian Requiem a listening.
  8. Film music to work out to?

    Some more Powell chaos: And: Which reminds me, if you're a rower:
  9. The Empire Strikes Back Never gets old! From the beginning till The Asteroid Field is a powerhouse...and then the creepy, snarly orchestral effects come in. I want more of this kind of quasi-aleatoricism in SW9 please!
  10. I 100% see it as an overture. I would've wanted the full end credits in the album as well, even if it is mostly recycled from previous tracks in the album. It's very underwhelming the way it is now. But, 79:59 and all that...
  11. ALIENS. I don't know about "feel good" but it's entertaining and it ticks all the right boxes.
  12. Elegant and to the point...just like his music!
  13. I don't hear it as the love theme. But it does appear previously in Train Heist (2:57): So it is just a part of the Gang theme.
  14. John Williams YouTube tributes thread

    Recently I had the wonderful opportunity of having my two piano arrangement of "Welcome to Jurassic Park" played and recorded by two outstanding pianists, Joshua Tamayo and Victor Cheng (who also recorded my arrangement of The Jedi Steps & Finale). Hope you guys enjoy it!