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  1. I did a very fast edit to separate all the cues that are played in the movie and this is what I've got (sorry for the titles): Total : 2:19:50
  2. You really are good at finding negative points out of great news. It's always a pleasure to read your messages.
  3. What's so bad about that date?
  4. CD rip in FLAC. And I talked a bit too fast, the OST mixes have a little more reverb, but to me it's not unlistenable at all.
  5. Can't hear a sound difference between the OST and FYC
  6. Ah yeah, I didn't check the ending of that track, thanks!
  7. That guy seems to get the "film-only" cues from 5.1/7.1 channel isolation. By the way, another thing: in "Befriending the Hippogriff", there is a big difference between the film and the LLL version in the beginning of the cue when the harpsichord plays: Did Mike use a wrong take for his presentation?
  8. Is that choir little cue at the beginning an edit from the editors or really an unreleased cue that isn't on the LLL set but plays in the movie? I can't see what cue we have on the LLL set this could come from
  9. Oh please, when are you not worried seriously? I can't believe you are still finding negative things to say, especially after this great news...
  10. Isn't the LLL SPR complete anyway? What more should we expect?
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