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  1. That would be kind of unfair for everyone who bought it from the first batch.
  2. I ordered it from MusicBox Records, they received it only tuesday and it then took two days to arrive at home. The price was just 33€ on MBR so when comparing to what it'd cost to order from LLL, it's cheaper and I'm not worried about customs!
  3. Finally arrived in France! Time to rediscover this beautiful score while reading the liner notes for the first time, I love this moment!
  4. Does this track only last 1:38 for the version of the leak you got? EDIT: Seems like the leak @CGCJ posted isn't the raw leak. The following tracks have been altered/added using the OST to make it "more complete": 1) 1m1 Dartmoor 7) 1m7 Learning The Call 30) 6m68 The Reunion 35) 7m70 The Dash Across No Man's Land (Alternate) 36) 7m74 End Credits (Alternate)
  5. @Jay 1m7 Learning The Call lasts 4:13 on the leak, not 1:38, and it is complete.
  6. After a first listen, it seems like this isn't 100% complete: Plowing doesn't have a clean opening unlike the OST Pulling the Cannon has the same section as the FYC which is missing some bits from the OST (1:59 to 2:04 OST time). If it's a microedit, it's well done. If not, it might just be a different take which would mean the OST take isn't on this. The alternate for The Dash Across No Man's Land is just the OST track because we hear the ending of Approaching Trapped Joey at the beginning. So we are missing that alternate in clean form.
  7. We need a new edition of The Terminal! The OST has been out of print for years, Mike needs to expand this score.
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