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  1. Not including the original Buckbeak's Flight beginning is the real scandal here!
  2. Thanks for your message @bollemanneke Opening: I checked the waveforms, the Film Version seems to be a different take from the one on CD2, therefore it is previously unreleased That’s a lie: added more notes Aunt Marge points the finger: added more notes Newspaper Headliner: fixed Squeeze Play: updated notes Shawm: it is in multiple little pieces, the collective length is about 1:10 Double Trouble March: the opening is clean to me Remembering Mother: updated cue name Sir Cadogan: I don't get your point Map to snow scene: updated notes Snowball Fight: updated notes Source music in Hogsmeade: fixed Brief Snow Scene: updated notes Reveal your secret: updated notes Bats extension: I don't get your point My dad conjured the patronus: the LLL track features a gong that is different from the film one (less prominent) Remembering Mother: updated notes Great Hall ceiling: fixed A New Broomstick: notes clarified The Patronus Light: the abandoned demo is The Dementors Circle Wild Hedwig’s theme and Pettigrew: added notes
  3. We, the Three Azkabaneers (@Chewy, @crumbs, @Holko) decided to take the matter into our own hands and deliver the Ultimate of the Spreadsheets, utilising the available cue list (posted by @gamelanwhisper) and music editor's assembly list (found by @Once) to their full advantage, with additional help from @bollemanneke and @Datameister regarding the contents of unreleased "limbo" alternates only found in the sheet music leaks. Here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1drD6d4RfNRVIkEMVPyNRqgVJPGWYKVfzDEQS_ur-E2A/
  4. Chewy

    Best cover designs for classial music albums

    Doesn't look good. You could have searched more!
  5. I really can't understand why you don't like that score.
  6. No, just compression artifacts ala MP3 128kbps
  7. No one is noticing compressed sound in the beginning of I Could Have Done More (Film Version) ?
  8. I doubt this is the same problem as Azkaban. These tracks look and sound like lossy tracks, Azkaban has some frequencies curves but it sounds OK. Stop that!
  9. I think both the sessions leak and the tracks that appear to be lossy on the LLL set come from the digital master. As you can see, high frequencies look clean which is a typical thing from digital sounds:
  10. So I compared the track The Perlman Family (from the LLL set) with 10M1 Tk55 (using a MP3-320 rip of the sessions), and as you can see the frequencies on the session rip are not cut at 16 Khz) : So I still don't really know what happened, either Mike did something wrong when editing the tracks or he used another inferior source. And by the way, to me the beginning of I Could Have Done More (Film Version) sounds like a badly compressed MP3, does anyone else have the same feeling?
  11. Ah the LSO! At last it truly sounds like Star Wars!
  12. What a cue, another fantastic standalone Star Wars composition from John Williams after The Adventures Of Han. And also thanks Disney for releasing it! I hope they will release a full album with all the other park music :)
  13. Chewy

    Peter Mayhew

    R.I.P. Chewy