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  1. Useless poll, sound quality can't be better or worse on the OST tracks since the exact same digital bits were used without ANY alteration.
  2. No MM isn't a liar, this is what he wrote:
  3. Finding Private Ryan: And the difference between both tracks:
  4. I don't remember reading MM saying he has done EQ changes though.
  5. I compared the tracks digitally and they are 100%, bit-perfect copies of the OST tracks. No EQ changes or anything was applied to the tracks. In other words, the quality cannot be any better than the OST.
  6. So I compared the original OST with this new release and I've come to the conclusion that this new release is a perfect copy paste of the 16-bit/44.1 kHz audio used for the OST (so we know the digital source it comes from isn't in a higher definition). MM talked about refining the gaps between tracks but I see no changes between the OST and the release (except for a very small silence of 0,01 seconds that is not on the OST).
  7. TFA and TLJ before though