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  1. Manakin Skywalker

    THE LAST JEDI - Disney Records OST

    How do you even fit that in a standard record player?
  2. Manakin Skywalker

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    So she's a shapeshifter?
  3. Manakin Skywalker

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Albus Percival, Wulfric... Brian. Dumbledore.
  4. Manakin Skywalker

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    I guarantee IX with be one single film about 2 hours and 15 minutes long; maybe 2.5 hours at max, like TLJ. Anything Mike Zeroh says can automatically be thrown in the trash as far as I'm concerned, as everything he says is complete horseshit that always ends up being wrong. I don't understand why there are still people that think he's a legitimate source. He's just some kid with a YouTube channel!
  5. Manakin Skywalker

    What is the third best ST:TOS film score?

    I have all the films on Blu-Ray (and already ripped to my computer). Seems I need to get to watching IV...
  6. Manakin Skywalker

    What is the third best ST:TOS film score?

    I just realized that after all these years I don't think I've ever seen The Voyage Home. I've seen all of the other films (and all of the shows) at least a few dozen times; but for some reason I just never watched IV, or listened to the score before.
  7. Manakin Skywalker

    Which 5 John Williams expanded releases will we get in 2018?

    Most of the time the music files in the video games are un-edited (although they are usually segmented). Sometimes they are edited. It depends on the game usually. As for film edits, on rare occasions video games with use bits and pieces of the film mixes, however most of the time I have to meticulously recreate them by hand, matching them up to the Blu-Ray audio track to be as exact as physically possible. I try to use Blu-Ray rips as little as possible, as they contain some degree of sound effects and dialogue echo.
  8. Manakin Skywalker

    Which 5 John Williams expanded releases will we get in 2018?

    I wouldn't be surprised if you're referring to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1KSksbUedJnUkUB_1UEOhg If that is the case, I use video game rips, Blu-Ray rips, and the OSTs to recreate the scores, as does everyone else. None of the prequel scores have ever leaked, or have ever gotten an official complete release. Just fan-made bootlegs.
  9. I've watched Spiderman 3 probably well over a hundred times since it came out, last time I saw it wasn't that long ago. It took me until just now to realize BDH plays Gwen. I feel like an idiot! I guess the blonde hair threw me for a loop. 😅
  10. Manakin Skywalker

    Michael Giacchino's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

    I slightly tweaked the recording session cue list, for anyone interested. This should be more accurate than my original post. 1m01 He's Here For Us 1m02 A Long Ride Ahead 1m03 Wobani Imperial Labor Camp ?m?? There's Spies Everywhere ?m?? The Detention of Jyn Erso ?m?? Jyn's Interrogation ?m?? Trust Goes Both Ways ?m?? When Has Become Now ?m?? Jyn's Memories of Childhood 2m11a Mission to Jedha Pt. 1 2m11b Mission to Jedha Pt. 2 2m12 The Bazaars of Jedha 2m13 Hearts Of Kyber 2m14a (This Town Is Ready To Blow) 2m14b Jedha City Ambush ?m?? Let Them Pass In Peace Pt. 1 ?m?? Let Them Pass In Peace Pt. 2 ?m?? No Friends Of The Empire ?m?? Reunion at Saw's Hideout 3m20 Today Of All Days 3m21 Star-Dust 3m22 An Imperial Test Of Power ?m23 Apologies Are In Order ?m24 Imperial Departure 4m25 Approach to Eadu 4m26 No Trust Among Rebels 4m27 Jyn's Path is Clear 4m28 Confrontation of Eadu ?m29 Krennic's Aspirations 5m30 Rebellions Are Built On Hope 5m31 A Rebel Change of Heart 5m32 Rogue One 5m33 Cargo Shuttle SW-608 5m34 Good Luck Little Sister 5m35 What Brings You To Scarif? 5m36 Are We Blind? 6m37 Scrambling the Rebel Fleet 6m38 AT-ACT Assault 6m39 Finding a Way Through 6m40 Project Star-Dust 6m41 Entering the Imperial Archives 6m42 Get That Beach Under Control 6m43 The Master Switch 7m44 We Have To Press The Attack 7m45a Scarif Antenna Alignment Pt. 1 7m45b Scarif Antenna Alignment Pt. 2 7m46 Your Father Would Be Proud 7m?? Hope 7m50 End Credits -SUITES- Jyn Erso & Hope Suite The Imperial Suite Guardians of the Whills Suite -SOURCE MUSIC- A Game of Dejarik Kafrene Temple Music The Jedha Khamseen The Jedha Sirocco The Whills Temple Chant -UNKNOWN- News from the Ashes
  11. I stop checking this thread for like a month or two and this shit is still going on? 😐