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  1. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    The Star Wars Holiday Special, composed by Ian Frasier
  2. Obviously it was temp-tracked, that's why! And because, you know... lightning.
  3. There was some sexual harassment scandal thing with the RFR guys, and it's rumored that Lucasfilm asked David Collins to distance himself.
  4. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ron Howard 2018)

    Musically, that was terrible. The trailer itself and the footage shown was intriguing. They're really going balls-out on the modern/generic trailer music this time.
  5. Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!

  6. There are hundreds of books and video games that have nothing to do with the main saga. Star Wars isn't bound to the Skywalker saga, and shouldn't be. There is an infinite amount of stories that could be told, and an endless timeline to set them in. Personally I'm sick of seeing stormtroopers in every single film.
  7. Awesome Score - Awful Movie

    According to George Lucas, Luke was supposed to have a sister that wasn't Leia; just some random new character, but decided to have it be Leia instead when he decided that ROTJ would be the last film in the saga.
  8. Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!

    Not usually the composers; the directors are usually the ones who put the temp score, sometime aggressively.
  9. Star Wars Soundtrack ***

    It was probably an Anthology master, I'm assuming.
  10. JW conducting The Last Jedi (VIDEO)

  11. Star Wars Soundtrack ***

    I go through the video game files on a daily basis; I'm not familiar with any game that uses masters other than the SE and Anthology ones. What games?
  12. Star Wars Soundtrack ***

    Not the video games. All of the video games post-1997 have used the SE masters.
  13. I hear Lament at the end. Obviously was the temp track.
  14. Star Wars Soundtrack ***

    Johnny typically doesn't arrange his music in chronological order, but tries to craft a good listening experience. By the way, in case you aren't aware, the TPM Ultimate Edition album isn't complete; it's just an isolated score of the music heard as it is in the film. There's like an hour of unreleased material yet.
  15. The Quick Question Thread

    That's sad considering ROTJ has some of the best music of the saga, in my opinion. The album arrangement just isn't very satisfying.