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  1. I did my own edit of the commercial release(s) + film music, and that alone was pretty epic.
  2. Ah, ok. So then, what would make me hear more stuff on vinyl, vs CD or mp3?
  3. Haha folks. Serious questions here. I know basically nothing about any of this. I know that vinyl deteriorates over time, so that's not what I meant by "lossless." Maybe the right word is "uncompressed." I'm just trying to understand why I'm hearing more instruments, and learn a bit in the process. Not trying to be a moron.
  4. Finally got my turntable today - a $65 Victrola turntable from Walmart. Not the best quality ever, but it's all I can afford at the moment until I get a U-Turn table down the road. I noticed that despite being hard of hearing (can't hear super high frequencies well), and also not noticing anything "open" or "airy" about the audio sound, I seem to hear more instruments/sounds in the music itself that I don't remember, despite having heard the whole thing hundreds of times. Could this have anything to do with the fact that I've only ever listened to the music on mp3 conversion from CD, or YouTube? (Is vinyl lossless?) Would love thoughts on all this.
  5. Maybe stupid question, but Jim how do you know all this? Were you involved in the scoring process? Also what "two-film cut" of Unexpected Journey? I did not know there was such a thing.
  6. This is probably the most worthy fan-project that can possibly come out of the LOTR world. This must happen.
  7. Yes! And - "Beyond the Forest" from DOS is, without question, a song for a late-fall, early December, chilly, overcast, day, accompanied with a side of introspection. My wife and I started a thing of watching LOTR once a year in December/January or so. We just moved into a slightly larger house that actually has the room for a big screen, so we'll have to get a 50" and a 5.1 system before too long.
  8. Classic đŸ˜‚ Purchased - immediately. My TTT is out for delivery today, so I'm super stoked about that.
  9. Man, I just love these kinds of videos. I wish I could see more into the process.
  10. Purchased. I will not make the mistake of waiting around, like I did 10 years ago, and like I was tempted to do three or four months ago, again.
  11. My copy was in the mid 3000s, and I ordered earlier in the pre-order period.
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