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  1. While not as big in scale or complexity as Solo or HTTYD, some of the most satisfying Powell scores are: Paycheck Mr. & Mrs. Smith Ferdinand Chicken Run Bolt The Italian Job Evolution Hancock
  2. As far as score goes, there are an awful lot of call backs to Silvestri's previous MCU music...but I wasn't that frustrated by it...it sort of worked and made sense, even if there were some clear copy-and-paste jobs. I'm pretty sure a couple of scenes tracked in some battle music from Infinity War, and near the very end, an entire cue from the first Captain America. It brought more themes back than any Marvel movie so far, although most only appeared once and I doubt would be noticed by the casual moviegoer. The ones I remember are: Silvestri's SHIELD, Avengers, and Black Widow themes from Avengers 1 Silvestri's Captain America theme (and a couple of cues in near entirety) and the Tesseract theme from Captain America 1 Silvestri's Thanos, "Porch" and "No More Surprises" themes and battle motif from Infinity War Giacchino's Doctor Strange theme Toprak's Captain Marvel theme Beck's Ant-Man theme It mostly sounded like it was redone by Silvestri though - not just tracked in from the original recordings bar a couple of instances. I'm very curious to hear the soundtrack and how much truly "original" material there is. The big memorable "new" stuff is definitely going to be in the final third of the album.
  3. Giacchino working on a live-action/animated musical with Brad Bird https://screenrant.com/brad-bird-live-action-animated-musical/
  4. Snow Business (Alternate) - the horn doesn't frack a note (which I actually consider an important part of the final piece, it sounds odd without it!) plus it has the extended ending.
  5. The expanded iTunes release of Casino Royale is practically complete, only missing a few seconds worth of music. The Quantum Of Solace album isn't complete but there is no extra music of note to justify an expanded release.
  6. I thought I'd be much happier with the film version of that cue, but I've grown so accustomed to the vocals it now sounds like something is missing without them. Interestingly, the opening of "Bond Has Left The Building" and "Welcome To Kazakhstan" contain music we never even knew existed, albeit only a few seconds worth.
  7. What a waste of effort, time and money. The whole thing sounds like synthesized mess.
  8. I heard they had to hire a British composer in order to qualify for tax relief, but that might just be conjecutre. If that really is the case, it doesn't explain why the score is such a departure (and a bad one at that) from everything that came previously. (Plus, why not get John Powell, David Arnold, Ed Shearmur, Alex Heffes or Daniel Pemberton?)
  9. Having seen the film, the two words I'd used to describe the score are "simple" and "unmemorable".
  10. There are a few themes heard in Is This Seat Taken? not included on that list. 0:10 Han (Hero) 0:25 Han (Hero) 0:35 Gang 0:45 Enfys Nest 1:19 Han (Hero) 1:46 Han (Hero)
  11. So just to clarify, the end credits is comprised of portions of: Dice & Roll into Star Wars main theme Reminiscence Therapy Flying With Chewie Lando’s Closet Mine Mission Corellia Chase Flying With Chewie (again)
  12. Yes, however the point is Powell has written a coaxium motif in the score and we are yet to find it!
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