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  1. How many of You have read the Chris Malone work? I know that the new theory about some unearthed multi-track sources to Original Trilogy of Star Wars is something fresh to me (gives us all hope) but let's face the facts and the truth. It's funny but here exactly fits the dialogue between Count Dooku and Obi-Wan from Episode II. Count " What if I told you that the...." Now we are getting to the point. Everybody who read this work will know what happened (I don't know the exact date, the source also doesn't mention it, but I suppose that it was done somewhere 1992 or 1993) When the Anthology set was made also then they hit on huge technical problems (which drives me crazy in negative way - because I'm asking the same questions over many years: Why people which made a career , fortune and the most important glory and fame on collaborating in every possible way on Star Wars; let to the such tragic loss in just 10 years after the finish of Return of the Jedi. We know how many passion and knowledge saint memory Eric Tomlinson and the rest of the recording crew done to the Star Wars Trilogy soundtracks during recording. They choose the best materials (also the tapes) which was available then. And someone who was in charge at 20th Century Fox or Lucasfilm just treat all this saint stuff like garbage - Lock in the basement and forget about it. I was wrong before because the most tragic loss was done to the Star Wars master session tapes (after Arista's release, so count the time between 1993 and 1996) . Arista's Anthology Box set (for Star Wars) in large way for the first time used two-track tapes with actual film mixes (prepared by Eric Tomlinson to movie). Now the bad and sad to us part of the real story. When they made The Empire Strikes Back to this release (it's the most tragic loss for me , probably for You also) they couldn't find the original master session tapes (so they used copies) - four-track 1/4". These tapes (already then! So I'm asking: Who was such an ..... le to make in just 14, 13 years the whole matter in such bad way! It's just like You have original Rembrandt or Gauguin or da Vinci's famous painting and put it in the garbage or let to the thing play with the fire or water) were purportedly in poor condition – probably suffering from lubricant failure therefore making baking an inappropriate treatment – and were not located until near completion of the project. What could then say the mastering engineer Bill Wolford about the master session tapes? Here is sad answer: “At least one tape was beginning to fall apart as I transferred it,” and the second part of his talk: “I had to use alcohol on the capstan wheel to clean the disintegrating residue off as it played, being careful not to affect the pitch. If I hadn’t done this the tape would cause a squeal as it passed the heads rendering the dub useless.” He also said that : there were limited playbacks possible before the tape was rendered unusable. Already then the Empire tapes were incomplete and PolyGram was unwilling to locate the original LP album tapes.
  2. staccato

    The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    All right Ladies and gentlemans After many (i think thousands) times of repeating to myself : Don't buy it, don't buy it I finally gave up and I bought it But I have a deal of my life Here in Poland the matters with selling music and movies is very hard. There are in recent times very little people who actually buy movies and music physically. Even if we count the fact that many years ago (it was somewhere 2000s) when polish movie and music distributors went to a crazy idea to make polish edition of a foreign music album on CDs and foreign movie edition on dvds. What it really means. That the disc is pressed in Poland on worse materials rather in country of origin. The booklet is like toilet paper and of course all the pages are gone in favour of just back and front of the cover (so You have two pages , sometimes four) The quality of print is very bad -washout colours, etc. So for example. The polish edition of The Force Awakens cost here 40 (polish national money which is złoty - described as PLN. For all of You I will translate our national money as golden - because it's the best translation of this word) So if the polish edition cost here 39,99 PLN (zł) golden, so it will be with today's exchange rates : in US dollars : 9,9575 $ in Euro : 9,1697 And this is the edition with our polish cover (I attach the picture below so You can have fun how we translate Star Wars ) And this polish edition is counterpart of the standard jewel case edition in Yours country. Now the real Star Wars (with English title and properly printed booklet with all the pages) which You called jewel case cost here in Poland (now I see a little drop in price but the real, official price) is 64,99 zł (PLN) golden US Dollars 16,1825 $ Euro 14,9087 After the discount the price is now 59,99 zł (PLN) golden US Dollars 14,9375 $ Euro 13,7617 And I have bought this standard English edition for a bargain price (still new) I have paid 25 zł (PLN, golden) for item and 9 zł (PLN, golden) for shipment. Which all is 34 zł (PLN, golden) 34 zł (PLN , golden) is US dollars: 8,4626 $ and if we only take into account the price of CD it is 6,2225 $! Euro: 7,7996 (without shipment the price of only CD is 5,7375!) I think it all is / was the real bargain. After I recently bought two Back to the future scores from Intrada it is nothing. But I'm happy with all discs.
  3. Now when almost 20 years has passed, and I have had listened thousands and thousands times to my polish edition of the 1997s RCA editions of the soundtracks to the Trilogy, which I have on compact cassettes (unfortunately they choose the worst type - type I, iron oxide tapes Fe2O3. On many poor and cheap players the audio frequency is below 16 kHz. I have the most expensive and top model from 1998s - Pioneer double cassette deck with many functions and special digital hiss remove process - including the very expensive audio heads. So I have 18 kHz audio from those tapes and dynamic 90 dB. But the tapes are getting old and they're probably worn out after so many times of playback). Few days ago I have had opened the new compact discs editions from Intrada and Varese to "Back to the future" series. My God! the sound is incredible. I was crying from happiness when I hear it. Now I'm in the same situation as many of You here - I'm torn apart between decisions I almost feel like Luke in the Emperor's Throne Room. The dark side and the Emperor - Sony are trying to seduce me to buy this - CDs/DVD box set. But then I remind to myself the work of Chris Malone and the analysis of the all editions of star wars soundtracks. Funny but when I see all those diagrams and Sonograms and read the whole story, I find peace and don't succumb to the Dark Side. Because what I will hear better on Sony's CDs if it is written that Star Wars on 1997s editions don't have frequencies above 17 or 18 kHz because the mastering process was screwed up or the master tapes (all the types of elements) was poor handled and stored in 20th Century Fox vaults. I never forgive them to store the masters for Empire which was founded very deep below ground in basement with poor window or pipes with water and the leak was damaging through couple of years the sacred empire masters. Now there's only one question in my mind: will the quality of the new audio scan from masters and all the rest elements and restoration process done again by Mike M (or someone right to do this job) in the near future; be better than 1996 and 7s work? Will it be so beautiful like on Back to the Future Intrada's release? We have passed 38, 35 and 32 years. Jaws masters have had gone 40th anniversary and many of You are saying here about astonishing quality of sound of the new Intrada's CDs release. I'm ready to fight with myself few years ahead to wait and buy this upcoming gems. Maybe it is driven by dream and decision, that I will buy the Indiana Jones COMPLETE 2CD's (for I hope at least three first movies) in near future The Sony's Emperor is screaming to me: "You want this, don't You?" Greed welling "is swelling" up "in you now. Take" this. Use it." Buy it. "... Give in to your" greed. "It is unavoidable. It is your destiny." But not this time. "I'm too old" and wise "to this something".
  4. Well, Intrada clearly took their time to send you these CDs! Exactly! Especially that I'm in the same age as part 3 So this releases was perfect gift (I'm not complaining that was delayed ) for my life's 25th anniversary. Now I'm confused, because I always bought here in Poland the Original cinema premiere's soundtrack albums. Should I continue that tradition or just wait (another 25 - 30 years) for such deluxe edition for "Star Wars: Episode VII : The Force Awakens"? The problem is not money but my emotions attachment. Since I have the "Indiana Jones Soundtracks Collection" I have had not sold or donated someone or family member of the original OST album from Warner's to the third installment of the series. It has nice artwork and famous shining disc. Also I have used 1995's expanded edition of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - but it conatins the complete "Desert Chase" cue, so I don't have with it problem. Now the same thing is going with BTTF part III. I have first 1990 release (manufactured in West Germany). I'm not complaining about bookshelf space but it is a strange feeling...
  5. Yesterday I received my order from Intrada. And I still can't belive that after 20 years of waiting this finally has ended. Well, for now on I still look at these beautifull artworks. Maybe I will unwrapped the discs on the upcoming christmas Now the Back to the Future Trilogy is complete for me - I have movies on blu-ray and complete soundtracks on cd's. So now I start (or rather continue ) my waiting and counting to the last positions on my grail list: complete Polar Express, A Christmas Carol (Silvestri\Zemeckis), Indiana Jones (mostly trilogy, but I will be fine if also the fourth part get expansion), The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Harry Potter's Trilogy and finally 2 James Bond's adventures: "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "A View to a kill" - if only Mike Matessino will do them (we all know what happened to the Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection ) We're living in the golden times - so many precious scores and soundtracks gets expansion or complete releases.
  6. Hello everyone, My NAME: Aron Momot LOCATION: Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland AGE: 25 SEX: Male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Post-secondary school ( I’ve finished there 2 years of education and graduated this school on course for paramedic. Unfortunately, the law quickly changed in my country, so I can't work in this profession, because I need diploma and I would must graduate from Medical University or Academy. Earlier, after I’ve passed the school-leaving examination, I tried 3 times on University on a degree from archeology (twice) and third time on a degree from ethnology and cultural anthropology. Also with no happy end.) FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Star Wars (both saga and trilogy, but trilogy have the special place in my heart and soul), Indiana Jones movies (or should I say quadrilogy. Same situation as above - Trilogy is above all, but I also like many new ideas and melodies from fourth part), Superman - the movie ("Nobody does it better" than our Maestro!), Harry Potter trilogy, The Book Thief, both Jurrasic Park movies, FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Back to the future Trilogy (thanks Intrada for marvelous complete releases! I'm waiting for my copy of Part II and III - first is already on my shelf - one of the Holy Grails), The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol (to Robert Zemeckis movie), Ghostbusters (both parts - songs and scores), and probably many more FAVORITE FILM(S): Star Wars (the favourite: 1st place Empire and 2nd Jedi), Indiana Jones, Bonds, Harry Potter, Superman (and maybe 2006 Superman Return), Ghostbusters I and II (maybe the upcoming III also be my taste - we all see in the near future), and many more FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Spielberg, Tony and Ridley Scott, Robert Zemeckis, Irvin Kershner, SPECIAL INTEREST(S): tennis, bicycle, alpine skiing, A/V hardware but MOST IMPORTANT (It started after 1997 special editions of Star Wars trilogy) Film scores, soundtracks and music (later I had added to it books); I can describe it one perfect word - PRESERVATION. I'm obsessed with John, Alan and many more gems. So I try to get my collection keep growing. In the near future I hope we fans will receive COMPLETE Indiana Jones scores, and missing Bonds, and even the SW Prequels - all from the involvement of the fabulous, famous and "the miracle man" Mike Matessino. VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: I don't remember correctly, but it could be since 10 or more years. (if the site existed then). It could be somewhere years 2000 or 2001. So I'm happy to be part of this forum. I'm glad to meet You all.