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  1. Luke’s theme Ray’s theme Force theme Leia’s theme Yoda’ theme Imperial March The Rebellion is Reborn Han Solo and the princess Luke and Leia Duel of the Fates
  2. Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    TLJ > TFA > ROTS > TPM > AOTC Sequel wins.
  3. Sure we have characters like Seamus, Dean, Teddy, Kingsley, McGonagall, Cho and Percy who has no resolution. But Neville has resolution when he killed Nagini, and killing Nagini is more important then killing Bellatrix. Plus it shows that Neville had a part to play in Voldemort’s downfall as it was said in the prophecy.
  4. I have heard a lot of criticisms for DH 2 but the criticisms that Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix Lestrange I have only heard from you.
  5. Just to be clear, Neville’s parents are not dead. Bellatrix, her husband, her brother in low and Barty Crouch Jr tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom for information. This made them mentally damage for life. They now live in St Mungo's Hosptial for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
  6. THE LAST JEDI cue titles now available

    After seeing the deleted scene of Ray’s third lesson, have I updated my list. Crashing the Party and Party Music is now before six hours left.
  7. It is now less than a month until it is released, but has it been any news about a digital release?
  8. THE LAST JEDI cue titles now available

    Try “Star Wars The Last Jedi”
  9. Rey’s third lesson I like the new version of Rey’s theme in the beginning.
  10. New deleted scene (bad quality)
  11. THE LAST JEDI cue titles now available

    Here’s my attempt to put the cues in right order: Welcome Poe and Hux He's Insane Resistance Force We Lose Girl Ace Tossing the Saber We Need Your Help Luke's Breakfast Encounter Before the Dream We Need a New Base Fighter Down Saving Leia Leia Saved! Leia Saved! Fix Luke in the Falcon Watch the Language Admiral Holdo Rose Appears Rose Catches Finn Sun Shot Thought Connection The Connection Learning the Force Worst People in the Universe R.T. Shore Crashing the Party Party Music Six Hours Left Codebreaker... Thief Fathiers Fathiers Charge! Rose's Fathiers Saying Goodbye to the Fathier The Cave Scene Place in the World Luke and Rey Young Ren is Awakened Old Books Yoda Insert Holdo's Secret Plan Working Switches Mutiny I'll Help You Lady Officer and Poe Conspire Ladies Parting Come Closer, Child The Emperor's Theme Poe Wakes Up Finn, Rose and Hux Rey Looks Fighting Together More Fight Join Me Holdo's Resolve After the Big Explosion Traitor! Finn Fights Phasma Rose and Finn Escape Hux and Ren Prep for Battle Troops and Planes Here They Come, Again To the Target Finn's Attempted Sacrifice Luke and Leia Together Follow Him The Last Jedi Finale Pt. 1 End Credit Pt. 2 End Credit Pt. 3 Rev End Credit Pt. 4 I don’t know: No Title 1M02A No Title 3M20INS2 No Title 3M22REV No Title 4M32INS No Title 4M32REV2 No Title 5M46INS No Title 7M67AINS No Title 9M85INS Theme In What Cha Got? Important Scene Rey Awakens Place to Place Rescuing Luke Rey Looks Back Rose's Turn Mechanical Trouble
  12. TFA: Farewell and the trip Scherzo for x-wing Rey’s theme I can fly anything Han and Leia TLJ: The spark The battle of Crait The rebellion is reborn The fathiers Lesson one