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  1. Smaug the iron

    Star Wars: Episode IX - Early Score Predictions Thread

    Yes they are big.
  2. Wow what a ending. The last five tracks (not Jonsi's song) are Incredible. A good ending to this trilogy. I only heard three.
  3. @Holko will you ad this to your analysis? Prologue: Book II [Alternate] Filch’s Warning [Alternate] Transformation Class [Alternate Segment] Petrified Colin [Alternate] Follow the Spiders [Alternate] Car Drives Off [Alternate Segment]
  4. In no perticelary order Philosopher's stone: Through the Doors Harry Gets His Wand Hagrid’s Flashback  House Selection Fighting the Troll Filch’s Fond Remembrance The Stone The Chess Game [Extended Version] Love, Harry Gryffindor Wins the House Cup Chamber of Secrets Vernon Gathers Family / Enter Dobby Magical Household And Letters From Hogwarts The Writing on the Wall The Library and Transformation Class Quidditch, Second Year Petrified Colin Car Drives Off / It’s a Basilisk Ginny Gets Snatched The Chamber Opens and The Search for Ginny Lucius Returns / Dobby Is Freed Prisoner of Azkaban Trouble Takes Many Forms On the Bridge – Remembering Mother A Walk in the Woods and Bird’s Flight Summoning the Patronus Sirius and Harry Time Past / Saving Buckbeak The Rescue of Sirius Sirius Says Goodbye / Turning Time Back The Firebolt and End Credits Suite Teaser
  5. A warning, I did not get a text or email that my set was delivered to my local post office. I had to call Postnord to get my confirmation if my set had arrived.
  6. Smaug the iron

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    Wow this set is Incredible. Tracks like You're a Wizard Harry, House Selection, Through the Doors. The Stone, The Chess Game (Extended), Love Harry and Gryffindor Wins the House Cup are Tracks I always wanted. But there are Tracks that I didn't know I wanted like The Daily Prophet, Fighting the Troll, Filch's Fond Remembrance and Teaser.
  7. I have it! Finely after 1,5 month I can now listen to the complete score from some of my favorite scores.
  8. Smaug the iron

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    What about it?
  9. You orderd yours weeks later then mine and you still got it before me. Life really is unfair some times 😭.
  10. Smaug the iron

    Best Year For Film Scores

    Modern: 2001 The Philosopher's stone The Fellowship of the Ring A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  11. BEST SCORES OF 2018: Solo (Powell) The Fallen Kingdom (Giacchino) The Crimes of Grindelwald ( JNH)  The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (JNH) TOP 10 BEST TRACKS OF 2018: L3 & Millennium Falcon (Solo) Meet Han (Solo) Reminiscence Therapy (Solo) Marauders Arrive (Solo) Newt and Jacob pack for Paris (Grindelwald) Salamander Eyes (Grindelwald) Mine Mission (Solo) Break Out (Solo) Matagots (Grindelwald) Volcano to Death (Fallen Kingdom)  BEST CATALOG TITLES OF 2018: The John Williams Harry Potter Collection from La-La Land Records FILM SCORE LABEL OF THE YEAR: La La Land Records BEST FILMS OF 2018 Solo a Star Wars Story Avangers Infinity War Fantastic Beasts And Crimes of Grindelwald SPECIFIC HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets live to Projection. SPECIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2018: Solo not geting a FYC
  12. How many of the old themes returnd?