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  1. You're definitely right - that struck me too, although I'm not sure if I'd say it's necessarily a bad thing. Tricky to decide. See, e.g.:
  2. OK, I've given this score a few listens by now: I can certainly see where the disappointment is coming from. I LOVE LOVE LOVE "The Thestral Chase," "Dumbledore," and "The Kelpie," but none of the rest of the album quite measures up to those cues imho so the score kind of peters off in enjoyment after a rollicking start. The new themes seem to be played rather sparingly as well. That said, there are of course some utterly sublime moments here. In particular, I still can't get over how utterly exciting this passage is -- largely due to the astoundingly beautiful climax, which appears to hint at Newt's "wonder and awe" theme from the first film: And it's hard not to marvel at JNH's ability to sound downright JW-esque at times in his wind figures and other little traits. That really struck me on first listen. In other words, while this doesn't reach the tremendous heights of the first score, that doesn't stop it from being one of this year's very best in my book. EDIT: Oh, and I take back what I said about none of the later cues measuring up to the beginning ones, because this one kicks some serious ass:
  3. Good question. It would be pretty weird for someone of his stature to put something out there without confirming with higher-ups first. But who knows. EDIT: I found someone's reupload! Quality is terrible (not sure if the original was any better), but it still sounds GREAT!!
  4. The clip has been taken down. I never got to hear it. If anyone downloaded it, please PM me.
  5. mmm foldout poster, sounds intriguing
  6. That's true, yeah, I wonder whether this were actually mock-ups.
  7. Dumbledore's theme reminds me a little of JW's BFG: 2:22-2:35 Very nice Dumbledore melody. Not necessarily super "hummable," but then how many themes really are? EDIT: Ah, I see @leeallen01 also noticed Williams influence here.
  8. Actually, I'd say this score mostly stays away from the Tchaikovsky. It's largely built on JNH's new themes, aside from a few specific moments (when the Tchaikovsky does come in, it's very well done). But JNH's natural style fits pretty well with the Tchaikovsky material, methinks, so it's not an awkward mix at all.
  9. Yeah, I agree that it seems a little directionless. Unlike with Fantastic Beasts's flying cue near the end, there's no real sense of finality or climax here imho. Feels like its major flaw. Otherwise very good.
  10. Surprised this score isn't getting more attention. Really great stuff - JNH seamlessly integrates the Tchaikovsky material and delivers at least two terrific new themes (maybe there are more that I haven't recognized yet). Here's one of the themes: Classic JNH long lines with a hint of JW's BFG near the end! And here's the other major theme (probably the main theme): Horner-esque! And the score also has lovely little Christmas-y and fantasy moments, complete with tingling bells and feel-good harmonies: (^Fans of "The Niffler" from Fantastic Beasts will probably enjoy that one!) All in all, I think it's hard to say that JNH wasn't the perfect man for the job.
  11. OK, I have to admit I laughed a little at that one... Morbid humor.
  12. Good Lord this theme is beautiful... That's Tchaikovsky. But, yes, this score is great.