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  1. I can see where Mutter's coming from. When the fast section started I was like, "Oh yeah, s--t's about to get real." And then, just as quickly as it began, the section ended. However, I've since come to appreciate how this piece lets us experience Williams' concerto style with a much smaller time investment compared to a proper full concerto.
  2. Today, finally, this piece really "clicked" with me!! The very opening is absolutely sublime, and the first bit of the dance-like episode in the middle is super fun. The very end is also pretty interesting, with the impossibly high sustained note.
  3. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Well, if so it's not really enforced... Which is a good thing, IMO.
  4. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    I didn't even know what that was until I looked it up just now. In any case, I was just saying, as I believe I've said before, that I like the way JWFan currently operates: People can be polite or blunt/rude, and that's their choice.
  5. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Nah, we don't need censorship here.
  6. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    TGP is truly back! Rejoice and be glad! I just looked it up and apparently Y is just another name for Millenials. Although iGeneration does indeed sound cringeworthy, I can't say it's not completely apt...
  7. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Yes, I'm a proud member of Generation Z! (or whatever the heck they're calling us now)
  8. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    I, for one, am glad TGP has turned out to be "spineless." And I think my opinion is shared by many here.
  9. Well, they're both jazz scores. Desplat's is imbued with a melancholy French influence, whereas Giacchino's tends to be more brash and Bond-ish. But given that there aren't many all-out jazz scores written in Hollywood these days, it's hard not to draw a comparison. And I think they complement each other nicely.
  10. Independence Day - David Arnold The Incredibles - Michael Giacchino This was my first time listening to both scores, and I loved them. ID4 was a little harsh on my ears on first listen, but even then I realized it was pretty great, and it's grown on me more in my second and third listens. Giacchino's score, meanwhile, is really, really fun and catchy. A great companion to Desplat's Secret Life of Pets.
  11. Mega Addict Reporting In

    I'm a fellow big SW fan, as you can tell from my avatar. And like you, it mostly started with JW (but has since evolved into everything about the films).
  12. It would indeed be awesome if that happens, but realistically I fully expect another conductor to be announced soon. There's no way JW could do four straight full concerts when he hasn't done more than two or three half-concerts in a row in years.
  13. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue to introduce Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Crait on November 17th, 2017? You may recall that TFA's Jakku Star Tours scene used "The Falcon" (although we weren't sure it was JW at the time, of course). So unless we get something from a TV spot, this could well be our first listen to JW's score! (albeit in terrible quality where you can barely hear anything)
  14. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    I think the repeated bemoaning of the forum's atmosphere recently may be a self-fulfilling prophecy.