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  1. Will

    The Quick Question Thread

    Interesting... I've never been, but I do live pretty close to it.
  2. This is a little different but maybe "West Side Story" will be interesting if JW arranges.
  3. But JW's "Anything Goes" arrangement is awesome!! Brilliant orchestration.
  4. This piece took a really long time for me to get into. It's not an easy listen at first, particularly with the haunting human vocal samples: But now I'm finally starting to "get" it. Beautiful. I love how the strings introduce fun little melodies and then Reich brings in the voices in counterpoint.
  5. Will

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    This relatively new piece is predictable but very fun.
  6. Chicken Run - John Powell & Harry Gregson-Williams I'd only listened once or twice before and it hadn't made too much of an impression (aside from the terrific "Main Title"). But yesterday I returned to it and this score really came alive for me. Brilliant stuff! That villainous theme has to be one of the best ever. It's menacing but at the same time almost makes me want to break out laughing. So delightful:
  7. Yeah @Chewy, "Spaceship Chase" is great. This moment is my favorite: Always felt kinda Williams-y to me. Not in the sense that I could ever imagine Williams actually writing something like this - more that it seemed like the kind of orchestral craziness he would write if he was more up-to-speed on modern synths. While I agree with KM and others that Valerian was somewhat weak and disorganized thematically, I still think it was a very well-done score. And Desplat clearly works incredibly hard on his scores. He generally conducts his scores himself, and, as far as I know, never uses "additional music" composers (only a few orchestrators). And his smooth, European romantic style is quite distinctive in modern Hollywood. Really?! I can understand Avengers ... but this?
  8. Will

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, a little similar. But I like that one so I don't mind
  9. Will

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    Wow!! Thanks for pointing this out. That ecstatic final minute mixed with the sunset visuals is stunning. Classic Zimmer. Here's the music by itself, btw:
  10. Eh, I'm not sure if HP is so representative, though. That was a really dark film (er, two films) that didn't provide many magical moments like you get in HPSS or even Fantastic Beasts. Desplat can definitely write a great fantasy theme, as this shows: And he can also write some pretty kickass action passages:
  11. Sounds great if true! Although it occasionally gets things wrong, MSW is one of the most reliable SW sites out there. Recall that MSW was, IIRC, the first news source to report that Lucasfilm was considering replacing Desplat on Rogue One.