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  1. Will

    What's JW's most annoying march?

    I actually find the Imperial March rather annoying. Maybe that's just because it's played so much though, not because of the music itself.
  2. Yeah that piece is stunning. Sean's theme at the beginning is of course great but I've always been drawn to the second half, e.g. (particularly in light of the scene it accompanies, which I found very moving): Draws from a similar vein as A.I.
  3. Will

    Have you purchased the OST to SOLO in any form?

    Haven't purchased it, but it might be one of my all-time favorite film scores (no joke). I listen to parts of it almost every day.
  4. Will

    Petiton: Request JW to write Opera

    I'd rather hear a symphony (no, #1 doesn't count since we can't hear it).
  5. One thing I particularly love about this recording is the more pronounced timpani in the mix here: In the previous two recordings you could barely hear the timpani there, yet they give the piece so much power.
  6. Terrific recording of one of my very favorite concertos! Interestingly, they decided to use the new first movement concert ending JW wrote a couple years back for Hooten's performance of just the first movement with the Marine Band: Also, I'd forgotten how gorgeous the slow movement is (often I just end up focusing on the first and last ones because they're so fun): Those string harmonies...
  7. Not sure if I agree on the last sentence, but with your general argument, absolutely. While Haab often sounds more like pastiche than genuine passion and craft, there are enough little moments of brilliance to make me hope he gets the chance to flex his compositional muscles in a more traditional film format.
  8. Until 2:02... Awesome! Sounds Powell-y in its gleeful craziness.
  9. Interestingly, the FYC track for the Falcon rescue from the snow planet after the duel in TFA was also called "The Journey Home." Although it appears from the discovered cue lists that the original JW title was actually "Flying Home."
  10. From Dudamel's Instagram story! https://www.instagram.com/gustavodudamel/?hl=en
  11. Yes that's true, some of it sounds very unmistakably JW.
  12. Sounds great, regardless of who arranged it/when it's from!