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  1. I've heard (and very much enjoyed) the last one, but not the first two. I'll give them a listen. Yeah that had some great bits. This bit is my favorite: Oh, and Secret Life of Pets is also a terrific Desplat score I've heard. (Valerian also has some excellent moments.)
  2. Thanks, @publicist. I've heard (and very much enjoyed) The Tree of Life (particularly "Circles") but not the other scores you mention. I'll give 'em a listen!
  3. Just discovered Desplat's The Painted Veil yesterday. And I've had the opening of "The Water Wheel" playing on repeat ever since. Never seen the film, but Desplat's colors here are so evocative. Misty, dark, joyful, raw, beautiful -- this passage has everything. Does anyone have any other Desplat recommendations given that I loved this cue? (I've heard a few other Desplat scores obviously, but there's definitely still plenty I'm unfamiliar with)
  4. I'm pretty sure there's not a thread for this so I decided to make one in honor of the film's premiere this morning at Cannes. I didn't learn until today that James Newton Howard wrote the score! (the news was apparently known since last month but I must have missed it) However, it is not yet clear how much of his score was used in the final film. One review of the film mentions "the orchestral blasts of Bach, Beethoven, Handel and Dvorak on the soundtrack," so clearly at least some parts were tracked with classical selections. Anyway, very excited for this film. Hopefully there's at least one theater near me that shows it. Initial reviews seem to generally be positive.
  5. Will

    RIP Doris Day (1922-2019)

    Who could forget this classic thread? RIP Doris Day.
  6. Will

    Alan Silvestri's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

    Well, I do agree that the Captain America fanfare is Silvestri's best piece of the decade (and one of my favorites by any composer). But I also have loved some of his other stuff, like this from Ready Player One:
  7. Will

    Alan Silvestri's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

    @Stefancos, yeah. Didn't realize that's how long it was, though. No wonder it gets a little slow at times.
  8. Will

    Alan Silvestri's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

    Don't think I've gotten the chance to post about this score yet - I've been really busy these last few weeks - but rest assured I've been listening. To some extent I agree with those who are disappointed in this score and think it could have been much better. As a whole, I don't think this is as good as, say, Ready Player One..... However, I think "Portals" will be one of the very best cues of 2019 (although I'm not sure if it can top "Forge" from two years ago): That cadence at 1:30-1:55 is so darn powerful (as it always has been since the first film, but more so than ever here). Absolutely incredible. And then the march version at 2:25 to the end is some swashbuckling awesomeness. My second-favorite cue has to be "Go Ahead." Although it doesn't soar quite as much as I might have liked (compared to, say, the Ready Player One finale cue) it still has a gorgeous segment near the end, capped off with the heraldic reprise of Captain America's theme: Classic Silvestri warmth, through and through. Cues like those two (plus the rip-roaring main title cue) make me really love this score, even if I don't think it's necessarily the most consistently good listening experience.
  9. Will

    The Austin Wintory Thread

    Borderline transcendental beauty here (to 9:45)...
  10. @King Mark and @Datameister, the fanfare is on here! It sounds like it actually wasn't an alternate but was just edited out from the original video. -------- OK, just finished listening. Past midnight here but I had to stay up for this. Really great to hear it in proper quality. I remember feeling disappointed in the piece when we got the original video a few months ago, but the full version definitely more than redeems it.
  11. Can't wait. This better have the fanfare intro.
  12. I've been playing this moment on repeat over the last two days: Chewie's theme is mindbogglingly good.
  13. Will

    No more political threads or posts

    I kinda liked having the option to do political threads (even though I haven't gone into Other Topics in months). But I do see where Jay is coming from on this. Political discussion can quickly get toxic, unfortunately.
  14. OMG that opening fanfare...