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  1. WOW - complete War Horse - one of my JW holy grails.
  2. Glad to see Reich on there, but no Adams?! As @Dixon Hill seems to suggest, that exclusion is wildly unwarranted.
  3. Like @karelm, I have a ton I could choose here, but I'll pick these two: The quasi-fugal stuff here (and earlier) is just incredible: Puts a very old musical art form into a new action context. I love JW's action writing in general. Second, the pure exuberance of this piece is one of my favorite sounds, and some of the chords are just perfect:
  4. Did anyone happen to record the broadcast of the Violin Concerto last night? I listened to the last movement live but missed the first two.
  5. I wonder if this might be a rejected trailer cue for TLJ or TROS. I could potentially see it being Williams, though - the audio quality is so terrible it's hard to tell. But on the other hand it does sound a bit trailer-y.
  6. Starting to listen now. Woah so the beginning music from the trailer was by JNH?!
  7. I do remember reading during the lead up to TFA that whoever cuts the trailers (can't remember who) gets shots from the movie completely out of order, and is basically told "make something cool out of this." That prevents plot leaks and also results in more exciting, visceral trailers that don't focus on explaining storylines, since the people cutting the trailer don't even know the plot.
  8. Yes, "Jedi Steps" wasn't significantly altered: "The Spark," though, was a complete trailer re-arrangement:
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