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  1. A friend of mine was there. Apparently there was a whole second half that's not in the stream (incl. a bunch of great ROTS stuff).
  2. @Marc, wow, excellent Potter as well! Looking forward to the full arrangement, but this is already pretty great. Desplat's cue is gorgeous.
  3. Excellent!! Practically jumped out of my chair when I saw this recommended on YouTube 10 minutes ago. Favorite cue from one of my favorite Horner scores!
  4. All are awesome. The fanfare & theme just barely beats COTC for me.
  5. It is indeed possible that this is from TROS but is not from a recording session. Remember that JKMS is who creates the parts from JW's sketches, so they start to be involved earlier in the process than the sessions. (That's not to say this can't be from the sessions, just that that's not the only possibility.)
  6. Overall Life of Pets 2 is pretty heavily disappointing imho, given how awesome Desplat's first score was (a lot of 2 sounds super uninspired to me - I wonder if they had him chained to a temp track or something). Nevertheless, it still has a few excellent moments, e.g.:
  7. Here to end: Just discovered this cue this evening (and have listened to it about 15 times on repeat over the last hour - no joke). So joyful and exuberant. Feels very "modern," you can feel how North influenced more recent scoring.
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