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  1. I've never understood the dislike for Giacchino. He's my number 2 behind Williams.
  2. Great reactions @Holko!
  3. Damn. You guys "Sirius and Harry" is such a gorgeous cue. Listening to the set again and I just had to share that observation.
  4. I'm okay wth the 4th Trek being shelved. As much as I love the new ones, the cast, and the chance for another Giacchino Star Trek score. I think the trilogy is enough as it is. Let it be.
  5. Well damn. I feel bad for those who couldn't really see Solo. Whatever I saw at my theater was beautiful.
  6. One of the criticisms I saw above was indeed that a shot didn't have a backlight to separate the subject from the background. Which is not an indication of failure or bad cinematography. This another one I saw here: "What should be the the focal point of shots is often the darkest object in frame/shrouded in shadow". People do realize that sometimes by having something in shadow it can still be the focus of the shot right? An object being dark does not automatically mean that your eye isn't drawn to it. Absolutely agreed on the rest of your post. Even plot and acting-wise, what I saw was far better than what everyone is saying. Not to say it was spectacular, but it's not god-awful. It was fine. I had fun. I enjoyed the film, and I thought it was beautifully shot. Are these screens directly from the Blu-Ray? Because that particular still does look darker than what I recall seeing in theaters. As I said, perhaps it's a bad transfer. Wouldn't be the first time. All the other stills I've seen posted though look absolutely fine. So who can say. This is the only one I'd deem a bit too dark. Again though. You're claiming it's a failure of execution. I'd disagree. I'd say they executed what they intended. I'll give the film another watch this weekend and let you know what I think of the transfer. But I will say. Of those two shots, I'm definitely more interested in the one from Solo. I'd say the top one is what I'd refer to as "flat". Solo isn't "flat"
  7. I'm with @Thor on this. Solo looks fine to me. It's different, but I had no issues while watching it in the theater (haven't watched my Blu-Ray yet though, could be a bad transfer). And come on, besides the score, the main thing Solo has going for it IS it's visuals. It's a beautiful film, hardly what I'd call a mess. Also, hard to take criticisms seriously when the complaints sound like they're from a student straight out of a 101 class in film school like: "No back-lighting, no separation between objects". The rules are there to be broken sometimes. Lines of dialog don't have to be perfectly lit. Not every shot has to pass through those rules, and if that was the case then why bother having a creative role for lightning. Just light it to check a bunch of boxes and get on with it. If anything, I appreciate Solo's very naturalistic lighting (which is what it is). Seems to be consistent throughout the film. Therefore it must be a stylistic choice. Granted, if that style is not your thing, then that's one thing. But I'd hardly chalk it up to incompetence. It's all clearly very intentional. I dig it, personally.
  8. Wow. This really is gorgeous! I hope the movie follows suit. Regardless, definitely buying the score immediately.
  9. Welp. Weird. Then it's one of the oddest scoring choices. Lol.
  10. Thanks @Jay And I assume that this has been mocked up from the sheets and confirmed to be an Alternate of that cue. Its so different, that I almost don’t believe it. Lol.
  11. I'll to check again i guess.
  12. Where's that? I went looking for it, but it sounded just like the same one we already have on LLL.
  13. Yes! I love this footage!
  14. Damn I’d love to hear some of the first pieces Williams played on piano for these scores.
  15. Agreed. I’d totally listen to it if it was included. But without Shawm, the set is useless of course!