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  1. Funny because the music for that scene isn't original score. It's tracked from Killer Klowns From Outer Space mixing both the original synth version and the "Reimagined" orchestral version. I'll admit I wasn't a fan of that choice either, but not the composers fault on that one. I prefer the trailer version of that scene where they use Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe as source music. Again, disagree. I love the style they went with.
  2. Probable absolutely. Which track does is it sound like for you?
  3. What? No. Imagine Music's Plastic World is only used for the beginning (0:00 - 0:20 or so). None of the remainder of the track is used. The final trailer also uses the original Philip Glass track with a couple overlays (Brass, Percussion, and yes, some Synth). Gotta greatly disagree here. I think the score has always been very fitting and one of my favorite aspects of the show. Honestly the most jarring thing to me was when the score went full orchestral with the Reimagined version of "Hidden Clown Ship" from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Very bizarre, though I thought the Philip Glass cue worked alright considering the very surreal images on screen. I thought it helped that contrast and dark imagery, I think Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein could've done something for it as well though. Especially this Season, Dixon & Stein went even bigger with their score with a few really stand out moments not making it onto the Album. There's some really good stuff that did make onto the Album though, particularly "Aftermath" and "Sauna Test". The emotional cues and the joyful cues I feel like they've always nailed. They also seem to really get "power moments" done well too. It's unfortunate that this year Dixon & Stein did remedy the one issue I had with the score in Season 2, which was the Action music. Besides "The Hub", it's all very droning and atonal. It worked fine in the show, but they are my least revisited tracks when listening on album. THIS season however they went far more melodic and quite catchy, and virtually none of the new action cues are on the Album. Very disappointed in that. Is it? The cue is actually by Kevin Kaska and is from Extreme Music's "Epic Adventure 3". I suppose it could sound similar to his work on the game as well. Don't know. Never heard it.
  4. Blu-Rays are in general, absolutely more worth it. Not only is the picture quality greatly improved, but yes, the sound is also greatly improved. And commonly for things released before Blu-Ray on DVD only, then later released on Blu-Ray will have a different transfer. So it's highly possible that sound issues present on DVDs will be absent from their blu-rays. Keep in mind that for computer viewing, most will not play Blu-Rays right out of the box. Many require additional software to PLAY the Blu-Ray (even if you buy a drive)
  5. I don't really share the grievances of many users here on the short cues. Many times I edit cues down even further to be separated as they were recorded. To each their own. I've also done some combos on other scores. HP doesn't bother me with the short cues though.
  6. That's exactly what it is. I wouldn't call it a poster at all. At most, it's a promo banner for celebration. This kind of stuff pops up all the time VERY early on for films. It's usually the first thing to leak. Stranger Things 3 had something similar recently. And also the Hans Solo film had this type of art leaked early as well. People also thought it was fake. lol.
  7. I keep getting drawn back to cues I never knew I would love like Crystal Ball and Summoning the Patronus. Also loving all the Pettigrew material. I love it all really. LOL.
  8. To fix that issue, I just labeled the playlists "Harry Potter 1: The Philosopher's Stone" "Harry Potter 2: The Chamber of Secrets" and so on.
  9. I consider it unreleased, because unlike a burger, you can’t simply pluck instruments on or off. But to each there own. Some of them are different enough that I consider them their own thing. Like I said. I’m well aware I’m in the minority on this. Lol. So the comments are deserved.
  10. Nope. Not quite. I mean, for most people these are not big deal at all, but again, technically speaking, it still contains clean unreleased music not on the LLL set: The film mix and edit of "Squeeze Play", which differs from the LLL set. A bit of the Shawm source cue that segues into "Discussing Black". Shawm is of course totally unreleased. As mentioned by others, the podcast includes the clean film edit of "Something Wicked Intro" into "Double Trouble". The segue is not actually a simple crossfade or overlay, a little more to it than that. It's mixed a bit different than what you can do with the LLL Set alone. Has a bit of the film version of "Up The Stairs" which is different in the film. It excludes the invisibility cloak synth for most of the track. The film version of "Reviewing the Recent Past", which has several instruments removed in the film version. I greatly appreciated this one tbh. Like I said. Not a big deal. Most don't give a damn about the film versions or edits, but some of them are technically unreleased and not possible to reproduce with the LLL set. I certainly utilized the podcast for my some of my edits, whether directly or as reference. So not everything is available on the set. All just a long winded way of saying, the title is still accurate. And there are quite a few PoA film versions / mixes that are still unreleased even with the podcast and the LLL set. Note: I am still utterly thrilled and amazed with the LLL release. So no one take this as a lack of appreciation for it. It's just factual that the podcast has unreleased stuff. Everything that most people care about is on the LLL Set. I am also aware that this post will probably open me up to many deserved snide comments. So...this should be fun!
  11. Not to mention numerous other film versions that would be otherwise impossible to have clean.
  12. Well shit. There goes my hopes for an expanded score for Snicket.😔
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