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  1. I keep getting drawn back to cues I never knew I would love like Crystal Ball and Summoning the Patronus. Also loving all the Pettigrew material. I love it all really. LOL.
  2. To fix that issue, I just labeled the playlists "Harry Potter 1: The Philosopher's Stone" "Harry Potter 2: The Chamber of Secrets" and so on.
  3. I consider it unreleased, because unlike a burger, you can’t simply pluck instruments on or off. But to each there own. Some of them are different enough that I consider them their own thing. Like I said. I’m well aware I’m in the minority on this. Lol. So the comments are deserved.
  4. Nope. Not quite. I mean, for most people these are not big deal at all, but again, technically speaking, it still contains clean unreleased music not on the LLL set: The film mix and edit of "Squeeze Play", which differs from the LLL set. A bit of the Shawm source cue that segues into "Discussing Black". Shawm is of course totally unreleased. As mentioned by others, the podcast includes the clean film edit of "Something Wicked Intro" into "Double Trouble". The segue is not actually a simple crossfade or overlay, a little more to it than that. It's mixed a bit different than what you can do with the LLL Set alone. Has a bit of the film version of "Up The Stairs" which is different in the film. It excludes the invisibility cloak synth for most of the track. The film version of "Reviewing the Recent Past", which has several instruments removed in the film version. I greatly appreciated this one tbh. Like I said. Not a big deal. Most don't give a damn about the film versions or edits, but some of them are technically unreleased and not possible to reproduce with the LLL set. I certainly utilized the podcast for my some of my edits, whether directly or as reference. So not everything is available on the set. All just a long winded way of saying, the title is still accurate. And there are quite a few PoA film versions / mixes that are still unreleased even with the podcast and the LLL set. Note: I am still utterly thrilled and amazed with the LLL release. So no one take this as a lack of appreciation for it. It's just factual that the podcast has unreleased stuff. Everything that most people care about is on the LLL Set. I am also aware that this post will probably open me up to many deserved snide comments. So...this should be fun!
  5. Not to mention numerous other film versions that would be otherwise impossible to have clean.
  6. Well shit. There goes my hopes for an expanded score for Snicket.😔
  7. Why? These podcasts still contain clean unreleased music. Yes, even with the LLL set. And no, I am not just talking about Shawm.
  8. Someone did yes. @Holko did See here:
  9. I've never understood the dislike for Giacchino. He's my number 2 behind Williams.
  10. Great reactions @Holko!
  11. Damn. You guys "Sirius and Harry" is such a gorgeous cue. Listening to the set again and I just had to share that observation.
  12. I'm okay wth the 4th Trek being shelved. As much as I love the new ones, the cast, and the chance for another Giacchino Star Trek score. I think the trilogy is enough as it is. Let it be.
  13. Well damn. I feel bad for those who couldn't really see Solo. Whatever I saw at my theater was beautiful.
  14. One of the criticisms I saw above was indeed that a shot didn't have a backlight to separate the subject from the background. Which is not an indication of failure or bad cinematography. This another one I saw here: "What should be the the focal point of shots is often the darkest object in frame/shrouded in shadow". People do realize that sometimes by having something in shadow it can still be the focus of the shot right? An object being dark does not automatically mean that your eye isn't drawn to it. Absolutely agreed on the rest of your post. Even plot and acting-wise, what I saw was far better than what everyone is saying. Not to say it was spectacular, but it's not god-awful. It was fine. I had fun. I enjoyed the film, and I thought it was beautifully shot. Are these screens directly from the Blu-Ray? Because that particular still does look darker than what I recall seeing in theaters. As I said, perhaps it's a bad transfer. Wouldn't be the first time. All the other stills I've seen posted though look absolutely fine. So who can say. This is the only one I'd deem a bit too dark. Again though. You're claiming it's a failure of execution. I'd disagree. I'd say they executed what they intended. I'll give the film another watch this weekend and let you know what I think of the transfer. But I will say. Of those two shots, I'm definitely more interested in the one from Solo. I'd say the top one is what I'd refer to as "flat". Solo isn't "flat"