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  1. TSMefford

    The Composer's Thread

    There's some truly great work here in this thread. I'm not even close to the level of most of you, as I am more of a hobby composer / composer when our crew makes a short film or show and it needs music kind of composer. But I've done some occasional work that I ultimately end up being very proud of. This is the score I wrote for a Theater Production and it was my first real experience developing a solid style, themes, motifs, etc. Enjoy! My personal recommendation from this score is An Experiment With Life.
  2. Interesting...because Hooper's Ministry of Magic cue also sounds like Les Miserables (specifically the big reveal of the Atrium in Hooper's cue) EDIT: Hang on let me get the videos. EDIT #2:
  3. Yes. Fireworks and I also know several people who love Lily's Theme and recognize it as such.
  4. Yeah it's funny. Fireworks is one of my favorite pieces from the series post JW, and it originated in Order of the Phoenix, but because it was reused in Half-Blood Prince...I find myself just listening to it in that context (specifically the end credits version without the guitar). Umbridges stuff is fine, as well as the Dumbledore's Army stuff, but all the rest is just totally unmemorable. HP6 has far more interesting ideas, recurring motifs, etc. You've got In Noctem, Slughorn's material, there's some nice recurring ideas relating to Malfoy's Mission and the Death Eaters, even Drink of Despair shows up more than once and seems to be related to Dark Magic. I find myself coming back to it a lot. Not as much as 1, 2, 3, but definitely more than 4, 5 and 8. About the same as 7. I definitely agree on Doyle. His score is good. It's not necessarily "Harry Potter" for me, but the music is legitimately good stuff. I have seen some not so kind words about his.
  5. Unpopular opinion: I love the Half-Blood Prince score. I'll agree Order of the Phoenix was bland, but HP6 has a great score I think. Honestly I like and appreciate almost all of them for different reasons. My score order (which I'm sure is bonkers from the views of some. lol) 1, 3, 2, 7, 6, 4........8.....................................5 If ever there were a complete box set of all of them...I'd buy it.
  6. TSMefford

    The Composer's Thread

    First post here in this thread! I probably won't get a great response to this, but thought I'd change things up here a bit and post some selections from a recent project of mine. Just to prep expectations, it isn't orchestral at all and it's not really filmic. It was written as Production Underscore Music for a very short-lived web series centered around video games. The original intention was to create 8-Bit Chip tune music, but the result is ultimately more "inspired by" 8-bit music instead as I definitely strayed from purely 8-bit, but I think I kept the spirit. What I enjoyed about it was keeping it simple tonally and composition wise, while still trying to get some good feelings out of it. Only a couple (5-6 tracks) got used really well and consistently, but I wrote a bunch of music for a range of tones and feelings that could underscore whatever discussion was had during the show. Even though the show was short lived I was able to release a lot of the tracks. Here's some of my favorites: https://soundcloud.com/taylor-mefford/ccbg30-high-score-high-school https://soundcloud.com/taylor-mefford/ccbg39-fight-fire-with https://soundcloud.com/taylor-mefford/ccbg24-co-op-critical-hit-dark-critics https://soundcloud.com/taylor-mefford/ccbg21-games-over-brawn https://soundcloud.com/taylor-mefford/ccst02-good-byes-suck Ultimately I had a lot of fun stepping out of my wheel house, trying something new, and really simplifying my compositions to try and make some enjoyable tunes. It's really just fun, chill music. Enjoy (hopefully) EDIT: I might post some actual score tracks I've done some time later. We'll see.
  7. Lol. Jay is right. Not just a different key, different notes, different steps between notes, etc. Honestly, the only real similarity is that they're both played on that low brass Giacchino uses. You might as well throw Nero's Theme from Star Trek and that section from the Sky High Main Theme in there as well if that's all it takes for a theme to sound the same.
  8. TSMefford

    Hans Zimmer's WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2019)

    Oh come on. 🙄 Well that's one part of this movie that won't be as good as the first one.
  9. TSMefford

    Godzilla: King of The Monsters - Bear McCreary

    I think you underestimate the power of a piano
  10. TSMefford

    Godzilla: King of The Monsters - Bear McCreary

    I sure hope he'll keep Desplat's theme as well. It was badass!
  11. TSMefford

    Star Wars: Episode IX (JJ Abrams 2019)

    It absolutely does. It's honestly the main reason there are so many nonsensical decisions in it.
  12. Pretty sure Walmart has some DVD display right now that is based on this question (along with some older classics). Let's just say I think many of their selections are bogus.
  13. TSMefford

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    Oh god. I know people complain about Godzilla 98 and Godzilla 14, but The Smog Monster is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. My friends and I have coined it "Godzilla Vs The Giant Flying Dump"
  14. TSMefford

    Michael Giacchino: Unpopular Opinions

    From what I read, that's not an unpopular opinion around here. I would think saying he's one of the best composers in Hollywood today (my opinion) is far more unpopular of an opinion. Lol. At least on these forums.