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  1. what boring and pointless complaining. thank you @Falstaft for actually meaningfully talking about the score, this is a very entertaining read so far and I am very much a fan of the dispersal of hyperlinks that prove the point you're making in the article. it was a real treat to hear back-to-back renditions of the March of the Resistance that evoked a very different emotional feel. would love to see more from you on TLJ!
  2. woah, what the hell?! that variation kicks so much ass! why the hell was it not used, that opening trumpet blast is glorious and every section of orchestra sounds so powerful. far superior to the TFA version used and more than worthy of the variations that came before.
  3. god I hope not, if they have one director and writer for every movie (Rian Johnson) then he better come up with a broad plan for things so they don't seem as contradictory or non-sequential like the sequel trilogy, where each movie is essentially a 'pick up from the other one's mess' rather than continuing a trilogy.
  4. I'm noticing a little rising string motif for Rey/variation on Rey's theme. it appears two times on the FYC: 1. Rey's Journey: 2. The Last Jedi (FYC) 0:44
  5. it's funny that you mention that because I felt the exact same way hearing 'The Rebellion is Reborn' for the first time. I always thought that cue was Williams and that kind of cements it in my mind. I could very easily see it being an alternate for some kind of BB8 or R2 scene.
  6. one thing TLJ has that I've missed in recent Star Wars scores is that wonderful musical dissonance! there were great eerie moments like that in ESB and it really set apart Williams writing from anything else, and TLJ has seen a return to that creative kind of underscore particularly in the aforementioned nightmare-like part in 'Old Friends' at 2:43.
  7. ooo that's a nice little exciting passage. I'm guessing that's misnamed though since I've never heard anything like that in TFA, so it must be from TLJ.
  8. what exactly is it about this score that makes it sound so much more like Star Wars to me than TFA? is it the mix? and I'm not talking about the returning material, the new stuff fits very snugly in the Star Wars lexicon in the way that still feels suprisingly flesh.
  9. while interesting, that is not a crutch for a film. what would be more reasonable is that the deleted scenes give greater context, explanation or depth to the events of the movie - or possibly new sequences entirely. and of course, confirmed new music, wooooo! I avoided the Nerd Crew Stuff because spoilers but I'd like to hear Mike's genuine reaction to the film based off him loving the Force Awakens.
  10. perhaps, I don't really care much for initial reactions as a good measure of a film's quality. 2 years later and most people's opinions on the Force Awakens were vastly transformed and settled, my gut feeling is that The Last Jedi will age much better ala Empire Strikes Back (obviously not as well), mostly because it's easy to have a knee-jerk reaction to things that strike out as unsettling or different.
  11. dear god there really is nothing more obnoxious than reading impotent fan-boy rage, is there?
  12. dear god, that motif might be the most exciting, most Star Wars-y fanfare punch-the-air-fuck-yeah moment I've heard single the original trilogy. I can't state how much I love it, and when I think that it couldn't get any better it just builds to a crescendo - simply sublime. TLJ is what I always wanted from a new Star Wars score. I wanted for it to sound fresh, exciting, propulsive and energetic but still just ooze Star Wars - and TLJ delivers on all those fronts for me. even the more I listen to Rose's theme in the concert suite 'The Rebellion is Reborn' it sounds like it could've easily been written for the OT, particularly how its treated so innocently instrumentation wise like Luke's theme - talk about a revitalisation! I'd also like to draw attention to how much the end of 'The Spark' is what I so wanted that TFA was missing in that parade grounds sequence. where the music just goes so beautifully bombastic and dramatic to really heighten the sequence, and the building nature of it reminds me of a combination of the unreleased music for the parade grounds as well as the 'Chamber of Secrets' cue from well, the Chamber of Secrets. I just know I'm in for a treat when my first experience of the score is positive and my love for it just keeps building on-top of that, what a great time to be a fan of John Williams!
  13. I think the reason why I'm feeling so positive on The Last Jedi's soundtrack so far is because it addressed the major concern I had with TFA - the action music. It seems like such an oddity to me in Williams career of writing exciting, thrilling and propulsive action pieces to get the meandering and stripped down 'Follow Me and the Falcon' or the bland 'The Rathtars'. I like Scherzo for X-Wings but it is represented god-awfully in the actual film, practically hacked to pieces with micro-edits. TLJ in the other hand, oh my goodness. Probably owed to the fact there's a lot more action in this respective film, but any kind of action set piece is so thrilling and energetic, some even having some memorable leit-motifs the like I haven't heard since the prequel trilogy (The Fathiers/The Battle of Crait). I think it may be owed to the sound-mix this time around, the brass sounds absolutely glorious and not too dry like it was in TFA, everything sounds much more full and powerful. Right now I have to say 'The Escape' is my favourite part of the score, amazingly fun and rousing action writing combined with a very poignant dramatic shift which always makes me tear up a little. Not to mention some fantastic renditions of March of the Resistance.
  14. god damn it, I got excited because I remember last time recognising that the music from the Jakku Star Tours update video could be from the new score and it was, albeit a shortened alternate. on the other hand it makes my worry as I heard it of 'wow this just sounds like TFA again' invalid, since it quite literally is just TFA with some alternates. the march of the resistance one sounds interesting, but I'm inclined to believe its more of an alternate rather than a TLJ recording. they seem to be really under wraps with the TLJ music, even more-so with TFA since they quite happily gave parts of the score to the scene around this time before the movie came out.
  15. The Last Jedi Soundtrack.

    what a complete and utterly useless thread. may as well put a loudspeaker into an asylum room.