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  1. are there any public full recordings of the new arrangement of Leia’s theme? really keen to hear the first minute of new material people have mentioned.
  2. it is seriously impressive how effortlessly they seem to capture the spirit and energy of the original recording
  3. with such sheer demonstrations of the First Order military might like the scene where there's so many Star Destroyers that they literally blot out the sky, I wouldn't be surprised if Williams wrote some kind of new theme or march for the First Order.
  4. I absolutely love the opening suite, particularly the sequence that introduces Mysterio's theme, as it gives me the same vibes and energy as Danny Elfman's Spiderman scores, particularly those fantastic opening cues. as for Mysterio's theme its very memorable and just really enjoyable to listen to, and I like how it moves from taking a tragic dimension to a more sinister one as the movie progresses.
  5. oh my goodness, if anyone wants a hearty laugh take a listen to how bizarre their version of 'Imperial Attack' sounds:
  6. watch the crystal cave Falcon scene from The Last Jedi, one of the TIEs shoot the square radar dish off.
  7. the photorealistic title threw me off but actually listening to these is mind-boggling! they're almost completely identical to the real thing, sample libraries and the surrounding technology have come an insanely long way. especially that brass, normally that's the worst part but it sounds really crisp and natural here. I second the motion of getting this kind of treatment on unreleased cues, in particular the alternate AOTC ending cue - I think that'd be utterly fantastic as a complete 'what-if' audio experience.
  8. if that's the main character I'm already pretty turned off. things are seeming pretty damn one dimensional and oh joy, another whiny teenager/young adult. its also barely recognisable as Star Wars which to the credit of Rebels did not have that problem. I have very low expectations for this, but we'll see when it comes out.
  9. I love this moment, recalls the Ewok Celebration track and the bouncy brass of the Prequels. pure Star Wars. I'm also growing exceptionally attached to Chewbacca's theme, humming it almost as much as Han's theme. both get some fantastic development and variations in the score.
  10. I'm incredibly impressed that each track doesn't feel like it drags at all, and holy shit I've never heard such fast-paced and intense action writing before that never lets up but also doesn't lose my interest. this is the Star Wars score I never knew I wanted, I'm getting more and more used to the 'un-Star Warsy' elements as I continue to listen because it just serves conveying the emotion and action of the scene so well. EDIT: the moments where Powell goes pure romantic Hollywood are fucking sublime and take me immediately back to the era of the Original Trilogy.
  11. I must say I really like the mixing of the score from that clip, that Asteroid Field rendition sounds like it's straight from ESB so very good job replicating the sound. also a brilliant way to evoke the feeling of the early Star Wars scores is to have nice lush romantic writing, and Powell has that here! its a very nice seamless transition that it still sounds undeniably Powell but also evokes the swashbuckling-ness of Star Wars. Giacchino's Rogue One score had some nice moments and I quite like the themes but the orchestration sounded pretty flat and inorganic, but here I feel the opposite so I'm cautiously optimistic for the final thing. I may just be in a Star Wars mood at the moment, but hearing Asteroid Field transition into something new and then followed by the rebel fanfare and then the main theme - although pretty damn fan-servicey, its just kind of really fun and I was digging the mood the whole time. I just hope there's some completely unique pieces that can stand on their own without the aid of pre-written themes.
  12. that commercial music sounds more like Kevin Kiner than John Powell or John Williams. the instruments are very obviously samples
  13. what boring and pointless complaining. thank you @Falstaft for actually meaningfully talking about the score, this is a very entertaining read so far and I am very much a fan of the dispersal of hyperlinks that prove the point you're making in the article. it was a real treat to hear back-to-back renditions of the March of the Resistance that evoked a very different emotional feel. would love to see more from you on TLJ!
  14. woah, what the hell?! that variation kicks so much ass! why the hell was it not used, that opening trumpet blast is glorious and every section of orchestra sounds so powerful. far superior to the TFA version used and more than worthy of the variations that came before.
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