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  1. Steve McQueen

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    First part is correct. Second, not so much. Schindler's List is his high point. Jaws is right up there. Raiders and Jurassic Park not too far behind.
  2. Mattris is, as far as I can tell, somewhere in his late 20s. Not a kid, really. Texas is hot most of the time, but it is not really a bad place. There's some very nice spots.
  3. Steve McQueen

    Explain Your Avatar

    Replying and liking have different purposes for me. If I like a post or think it is funny, I use those liking emoticon things. If I particularly want to agree with someone or rebutt them, or just have a discussion with them relating to the post, I reply. Makes sense to me at least.
  4. No. There's some Copland and Bernstein, though. http://www.classicalwcrb.org/post/world-premiere-yo-yo-ma
  5. Steve McQueen

    Show us your music collection

    I'm envious. Confession: I own nothing. Not yet, at least. Every score I have ever heard has been on Youtube, Spotify or in the movie itself. Maybe I should download some albums from Spotify?
  6. Steve McQueen

    Anyone else having a psychotic episode?

    Justin, I don't really know you, but PM me and maybe I could give you a little help.
  7. Steve McQueen

    Explain Your Avatar

    I wish. I just want profile views.
  8. Steve McQueen

    Explain Your Avatar

    I had McQueen in sunglasses before then. Movie star material if there ever was. But I might be following the lead of @Quintus and @TGP soon.
  9. Steve McQueen

    Useless Trivia

    I love Jeopardy. Should probably try out for it some day. I like to blurt out the answers to the questions before anyone else. My piece of trivia: Oldsmobile won the Indianapolis 500 5 times as an engine supplier. Ferrari has never won.
  10. Steve McQueen

    the mstrox thread

    political science.
  11. Steve McQueen

    the mstrox thread

    Some storm. Glad you pulled through back then @Bespin. My avatar currently reflects my mood. It has been a hectic week. And my next semester starts on Monday. So I have two days to breathe.
  12. Steve McQueen

    The "Add me on Facebook" thread

    Should I join Facebook? Post general squeaky clean randomness/ cringey nerdiness?