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  1. Bump for @Jay. Apologies for only remembering now.
  2. Steve McQueen

    John Williams's False Endings

    Yes! totally forgot about that one. May just be the best of all.
  3. Steve McQueen

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The Last Jedi by John Williams I must report that my opinion of this score has changed considerably. Going in the first time, I was expecting something different, an extension of the end of TFA in sound and tone. This was not to be, but, listening now, I'm starting to greatly appreciate the score for what it is. This is not a popular blockbuster score. In tone and structure, it actually brings John's concert works to mind. The writing is of the highest order, really. The action music is impressively intricate, and the treatment of themes quite interesting. It is a score that rewards a careful pursual. The Finale and end credits, however, are rather weak. Nevertheless, an impressive and worthy later-career work.
  4. Steve McQueen

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Over on TalkClassical, they have a thread where members listen to and discuss contemporary composers, new one each week. Heard this piece by Marc-André Dalbavie over there. Quite nice textures in the orchestration. Some interesting thematic ideas as well.
  5. Steve McQueen

    The Official World Cup Thread

    They are looking quite tight as a team. Might just be their cup.
  6. Steve McQueen

    Invisionboard update complete / bug reporting!

    I think they are looking quite good now! ☺️. Many thanks to @Andreas
  7. Nothing awkward and unorganic about Leaving Home.
  8. Steve McQueen

    Invisionboard update complete / bug reporting!

    I thought it was just on my end, but, yes, they are rather small. Optimized for mobile, perhaps? I too await the answer to this question.
  9. Steve McQueen

    John Williams's False Endings

    The ending of the Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra is very effective, I think. The ending of the Cello Concerto seems an extension of the general idea. He seems to do it best when he puts extra thought in it.
  10. Steve McQueen

    John Williams's False Endings

    He tends to overdo it with false endings. The best one is at the end of the Scherzo in the Jane Eyre suite. That one is brilliant.
  11. Steve McQueen

    Invisionboard update complete / bug reporting!

    I think the avatars need to be made bigger, but other than that, things are looking quite good! Layout is nice, search function improved, speed quite good. I'll stick mostly to the ol' emoticons. Has anyone checked if YouTube videos still work?
  12. Steve McQueen

    the mstrox thread

    Have a good time mstrox! For me, I'm just cruising thru summer. Might catch up on some writing over the weekend.
  13. Steve McQueen

    The Official username change thread

    He's the Canadian Jerry, as opposed to the Australian Jerry. Room for two in this Commonwealth, methinks.