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  1. We might get a few snowflakes down here tonight too!
  2. Newly surfaced video of a Susanna Hoffs solo gig in Miami, circa 1991. She was opening for Don Henley, promoting her then new album When You're A Boy. The songs on that one work considerably better live than on record, imo. Too bad she didn't break out the Bowie cover.
  3. Weekend! Homework! Housework! Loneliness!
  4. Everything just looks like a boring fever dream. And every single scene where the villains are in are unbearable. Disgusting prosthetics, ugly costumes, sets that look like they forgot to add effects to the green screen, and the camera lingers for no good reason on these things. Plus, why did Lynch think it was a good idea to show that Baron guy lusting after his winged speedo wearing nephew Sting? I just think the movie is a mess. No charm, no charisma. Flat acting. And the constant voice overs do things no favors. But, I can see why some would think otherwise. It is immersive in a way. While the lead performance is sorely lacking in dynamics, I will acknowledge that Paul's character arc is rather well-defined.
  5. I predict base hit The whole Dune concept is too out there
  6. Couple of oddities from Kate Bush's The Red Shoes sessions. It is, what it is. Very Prince-esque. It is too much. I like it spots, but in others I can't stand it. In general, The Red Shoes is probably her weakest album. As a follow up to The Sensual World it is puzzling. That album sounds more '93 than The Red Shoes, which seems rather stuck in 1988 maybe. I think that to follow up the aggressive artistry of Hounds of Love and the enveloping eroticism of The Sensual World with an all out bonkers pop album was the bold and right way to go for her. But, Bush's long album gestation times and the fact that she really was not in a pop album state of mind at the time conspired to make for an underwhelming and dated album. Rather a pity, since I actually think her voice peaked at this time Though, nothing on there is quite as dated as these two numbers.
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