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  1. Okay than any kind of big dramatic outrage, I think. Josh's thread was really over the top, not least because he actually believes the stuff, evidently. A bit of an over the top response is warranted. Yes, @Ii2 don't let this power get to your head. Let's not throw around too many ill feelings.
  2. And he did it in Other Topics. A wise young fellow, methinks.
  3. @KK ! Good to see you back!
  4. Disciplinary measures are in order. The rules were blatantly broken.
  5. SteveMc

    How much time does JWFan have?

    A Mod has to do it, I understand. I mean, a temporary ban is in order at least. I mean, he can believe that nonsense if he so chooses. He can even tell us about if he wants. But to create a thread/ "intelligence test" (in General Discussion, no less) like he did is an insult to us and a clear and blatant violation of the purpose of this forum. This kind of thing is bad for JWFan's reputation.
  6. SteveMc

    How much time does JWFan have?

    I call on the Right Honorable members of this board to join me in demanding meaningful putative measures to be undertaken by the leadership of this House against a certain member who has clearly gone beyond the bounds of decency. We should not allow such a blight on our boards to go unchecked!
  7. Dubious ones. Others guessed right before me. This whole thread should be erased, and quickly.