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  1. Summer of 2011? I think I zoned out watching old Westerns. And taking in other nostalgic vibes. I was in Dallas back then, and some parts of the suburbs stilled looked very 1990s.
  2. Listening to TreeSong. Better than I had remembered. Such lovely textures and wonderful violin lines.
  3. They did a good job with it.
  4. A new Corvette has been unveiled. Mid-engined for the first time in history. Could use a couple more curves. Also, it seems to follow design trends rather than to try to set them, which may make it look dated when the new decade dawns.
  5. You guys are scaring him away!
  6. In the 80s, people had more hope for the future. And, it was probably the last decade with one overarching zeitgeist.
  7. I was way ahead of ya Stu! (deep Zimmer noises w/ frenzied percussion) Bwaaam, Bwaaaaam, bwamm bwamm bwamm bwamm bwamm.... Are they serious? The kind of sustained insanity needed to make something like this is next level. Plus, the music sounds so-so.
  8. Stu's not on the roster anymore.
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