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  1. And he did it in Other Topics. A wise young fellow, methinks.
  2. @KK ! Good to see you back!
  3. Disciplinary measures are in order. The rules were blatantly broken.
  4. SteveMc

    How much time does JWFan have?

    A Mod has to do it, I understand. I mean, a temporary ban is in order at least. I mean, he can believe that nonsense if he so chooses. He can even tell us about if he wants. But to create a thread/ "intelligence test" (in General Discussion, no less) like he did is an insult to us and a clear and blatant violation of the purpose of this forum. This kind of thing is bad for JWFan's reputation.
  5. SteveMc

    How much time does JWFan have?

    I call on the Right Honorable members of this board to join me in demanding meaningful putative measures to be undertaken by the leadership of this House against a certain member who has clearly gone beyond the bounds of decency. We should not allow such a blight on our boards to go unchecked!
  6. Dubious ones. Others guessed right before me. This whole thread should be erased, and quickly.
  7. SteveMc

    The Composer's Thread

    What came into my mind was flight, I think there is still a good deal of nobility there, as light as it may get.