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  1. You guys are scaring him away!
  2. In the 80s, people had more hope for the future. And, it was probably the last decade with one overarching zeitgeist.
  3. I was way ahead of ya Stu! (deep Zimmer noises w/ frenzied percussion) Bwaaam, Bwaaaaam, bwamm bwamm bwamm bwamm bwamm.... Are they serious? The kind of sustained insanity needed to make something like this is next level. Plus, the music sounds so-so.
  4. Stu's not on the roster anymore.
  5. Birthday greetings @The Original. Hope you are doing well, mate.
  6. On this date in 1989, The Bangles were in my hometown, performing a very large free concert to celebrate the opening of a local highway. An overpass almost collapsed. https://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2011/02/what-does-the-sam-houston-tollway-have-to-do-with-the-bangles/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIUzRA4_Vl8
  7. I love John's look on that Boston Pops cover.
  8. I don't know who you know, but at least 60% of casual and semi-serious classical listeners will consider Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven and the era they defined to be the pinnacle and essence of classical music. Why should the fragmented subjectivities of self-proclaimed audiophiles be taken as the highest truth here?
  9. It seems the only story idea they have!
  10. I've started a Bangles Song by Song Thread over on another board if anyone wants to check it out. I will try to update it daily. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/the-bangles-song-by-song-thread.860541/#post-21661278
  11. The character of 007/James Bond was a distinct product of the mid 20th century. They should just end the series. Maybe that is what they are doing.
  12. One could sketch her. Mind over matter. I post a lot of Kate Bush in this thread, but, with eyes like this, I can't really help it.
  13. Hang tough, Shark. We're rooting for you and yours.
  14. I would cash in my five hearts if I knew what you were saying. Do you love the theme or not?
  15. I wasn't close to being born, but I have revisited the date on several occasions.
  16. Leia was not Luke's sister after all! The other twin was Rey's mother! Rey was the hope Yoda spoke of!
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