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  1. I guess this belongs here and not the Pop/Rock thread, since it never saw a radio/MTV release. But I found it funny and catchy. Apparently it was made just for fun/resume.
  2. The Bounty (1984) Solid retelling of the Mutiny on the Bounty. It stands rather well, and forms a coherent whole. Shot solidly and with engaging performances from Hopkins, Gibson, Neeson, and Day-Lewis. Olivier looks very frail in his scenes. The somewhat critical treatment of Fletcher is also appreciated. There are some issues, however. Cutting back and forth from the story to Bligh's trial takes the viewer out of the moment. And, I was not sold on the way the film handled Bligh's turning on Fletcher, making latent erotic attraction on the part of Bligh appear the major factor. I was not satisfied that the full picture of the two men's motivations was given. But, a solid film nonetheless. 3/4
  3. I believe in the dawn, though I tremble in the night.
  4. Since I have my picture attached to my college social media, it would be too easy to connect me to this board if I posted my picture. But, I assure you guys, Ii2 and I look nothing alike.
  5. I used to watch the Italian version, Affari Tuoi.
  6. But in Australia, they do things by the book!
  7. It's too bad that all these things can only happen in my dreams
  8. Welcome! Beatles phase, eh? Ever hear anything by The Bangles?
  9. just another day in paradise for you and me but not for the lonely man there on the corner
  10. On this day in 1988, The Bangles released their 3rd album, Everything
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