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  1. No Time To Die is the title of Bond 25. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/bond-25-title-revealed-no-time-die-1233254
  2. Here in the dark the silence is much too hard to bear.
  3. I like the part where the captain yells "Kahn!"
  4. Leon: The Professional. Ugh. A masterpiece built on a very shaky foundation. I'd love to love this movie. All the elements are here. Slick editing and camerawork. Compelling performances (even if Oldman leaps gleefully over the top every time he's on screen. It tires.) A certain poetic brutality going hand in hand with flickering humanity. But, with the story, Besson seems to be concerned mostly with declaring and defending his own improprieties. He exploits Mathilda as a character and Portman as a child actress. It is all the more upsetting because he had all the necessary ingredients to do something different. Leon and Mathilda, both in their own ways immature and in the wasteland of lost innocence, could have had a bond much closer to a unique paternal/fraternal one. Sure, Mathilda is on the verge of puberty, but any emotional confusion on her part could have been dealt with subtly, like when she bares her shoulder to Leon at the start of the film, or when she changes channels from cartoons to the news later in the film, and then resolved in a non-problematic way. And I rather like how Besson has Mathilda want to live Leon's life, but then having her change her mind since Leon had been inspired by her to want to live a normal life. But, having Mathilda dance and dress seductively for Leon and the camera, having her publicly declare Leon is her lover, and having her walk around in his underwear all leave little room for any less damning interpretation of Besson's intentions. Plus, he had an underage girlfriend himself at the time, and cast her in the movie as a prostitute or something. Classy. Anyway, on the strength of the filmmaking, 3/4, and that's being too kind. Le Mans That is more like it. I think only racing fans can truly appreciate how great this one is. Re-watching, I can fault the rather slow pace, particularly at the beginning, but that does not change the fact that racing has never been put to the screen as accurately as this. 4/4
  5. @mrbellamy, only two corrections. First, should be Voulez Vous Dansez from the Italian Group Ricchi E Poveri, not Ace of Base. Second, it is neither Human Nature nor Delilah. It's Freddie's high pitched why's in Under Pressure. Smashing work!
  6. You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.
  7. Hmm, there's Dire Straits in the air.
  8. Oh yeah, I'll tell you somethin'I think you'll understand
  9. Silly? Do you think they care? They had the great American hero himself, Luke Skywalker, drink gross milk from the gross breasts of a gross creature!
  10. Jenna Coleman. British actress who was on Doctor Who from 2012-2015, and who plays Queen Victoria in the ITV/PBS series Victoria.
  11. No. Today, all teams do use the same car in the series, but back in the day a few different manufactures built the machines. In order: Mario Andretti's Ford powered Lola from 1993 Al Unser Jr.s Indy 500 winning Mercedes powered Penske from 1994 Emerson Fittipaldi's Mercedes powered Penske from 1996 Bobby Rahal's championship winning Chevrolet powered Lola from 1992 Michael Andretti's Lola-Ford from 1996 Alex Zanardi's championship winning Reynard-Honda from 1997 and Dario Franchitti's Lola-Honda from 2003
  12. 1990s and early 00s IndyCars were things of beauty.
  13. The skater is annoying for me. And the OHMSS ski chase is the true chase to rule them all!
  14. That happens from time to time. We'll bring it up with Lord Holko. @Holko
  15. Dalton would have been the best Bond if they wrote more to his strengths.
  16. Funny enough, I couldn't stand it! Goldfinger is just fine. From Russia With Love is the best Connery Bond. My Top 5 favorites: On Her Majesty's Secret Service GoldenEye From Russia With Love The Spy Who Loved Me Thunderball
  17. The last throes of this decade's pop zeitgeist. Artistically bankrupt, but oh so lucrative.
  18. Apparently, this singularly focused commercial was directed by the guy who made Chariots Of Fire, Hugh Hudson, who is now married to Bond actress Maryam D'abo.
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