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  1. believe in next week and the pain will go away
  2. Happy Birthday @Dieter Stark!!
  3. I prefer the Springfield Jet Setters Club
  4. Sorry I missed your birthday @Not Mr. Big. Hope it was a good one!
  5. Unnecessary. We are so superior that we have to borrow everything nowadays.
  6. The Bangles performing their comeback single live in 2003. A pretty good tune, nicely sung and played.
  7. Going off of @Marian Schedenig's recommendation in another thread, I've been looking into Hans Rott's music. Some very dynamic stuff from the guy. What I love is how he often sets up a phrase or progression to go in a certain direction, but then suddenly veers someplace completely unexpected, yet so much better and more satisfying. Too bad he buckled under the weight of his mind.
  8. @Ii2 and I do not know each other in real life. We are both Americans, as far as I know, both living in separate states. It is quite strange how the board's system has conflated our identities. @Holko's explanation sounds plausible, though it is beyond my area of expertise. It is indeed possible that we both have the same internet provider, as it is a major one. Is there any way for you to see location information? Because my account lists my sign ins, and my location down to the zip code. I could PM you a screenshot and you could encourage @Ii2 to do the same. I will maintain again that I am not @Ii2, and that the only second account I have ever created was the late Pure Homer gag. Stefan, I assure you that the charges against me are false and that I am not the kind of individual that your post suggests I am.
  9. *Twilight Zone theme plays
  10. It is important for the mods to have that power, for the sake of keeping the boards free of spammers and trolls who may try to get multiple accounts in. I am not one of those, however.
  11. How'd you get my IP address, hmm?
  12. Whoa there. I admit I created this Pure Homer thing as a summer gag, but @Ii2 is not me. Check the records again. I'm not the kind of guy who would ever create a second account just to like my own posts and pad a favorite thread. And, what's more, I've certainly not been talking to myself on the Discord when I've conversed with him.
  13. I pronounce it to be the most whimsical jib of the season!
  14. I h a v e n o i c e c r ea m
  15. Days Of Thunder It's Top Gun... with race cars! Entertaining movie, very Hollywood. Lots of style, not much substance. Duvall performs very well, though. The pacing is pretty good. 3/4 Unforgiven All Westerns that came after this one, from the small screen all the way up to No Country For Old Men owe a lot to this one. It is a great one. The The cinematography here is outstanding. The performances, compelling. The characters, memorable. Some weaknesses, though. What point does the "Duke" serve in the plot? I kept expecting him to figure into the rest of the story somehow. The focus should have been even more on the writer fellow. Eastwood commands the screen, no matter which side he's on. 4/4 Baby Boom I'm not sure a movie can get more late 80s than this. At any rate, this one feels unrealistic and unsatisfying. Poignant moments fade away when paired by odd humor. Pacing is all off. The main character's Vermont move, which is the point of the whole story, comes far too late and really does feel like a detour rather than a development. Diane Keaton gives a solid performance when the movie has its stuff together, like in the sequence where she is kind of cornered into quitting her job. Bill Conti's score is some memorable period stuff. One of the themes bears a strong similarity to the Twin Peaks love theme. 2.5/4
  16. Can you hear them? They talk about us. Telling lies, that's no surprise.
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