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  1. I would cash in my five hearts if I knew what you were saying. Do you love the theme or not?
  2. Yeah, this needs to happen.
  3. I wasn't close to being born, but I have revisited the date on several occasions.
  4. Leia was not Luke's sister after all! The other twin was Rey's mother! Rey was the hope Yoda spoke of!
  5. Well, I think she is looking quite well.
  6. Impressions were the same here. A lot of life was drawn out from the piece last night. Very satisfying.
  7. The word "outdated" is a strong one. It implies a judgement of the thing so described as being out of touch, inferior, and not worth as much consideration as newer things, which, by implication, are superior. Is all this what you mean?
  8. John Williams has said that he reads Beethoven before going to bed. Beethoven remains relevant because he did something no one else has quite done since. Subjectively, you may like the sweeping gestures of Romanticism and Modernism. But, objectively, it is very hard not to give Beethoven his due as an immortal. There are two things you can fault Beethoven for, his writing for voice and some of his orchestrations. You may think his harmonies are just par for the times, but there was something titanic there that is not replicable, nor ever unfashionable.
  9. remember the feeling,
  10. I can't really rank the Star Wars scores. Empire is excellent, and probably takes the top spot for me, but, beyond that, things are pretty even overall. There is something special about all of them, TLJ notwithstanding. But, I will note that, unlike TFA, TLJ did not blow me away at first listen. And, unlike say TPM or ROTJ, it does not blow me away with repeated listenings. I have come to understand Williams's approach with the score, and, like I have said before, appears to be a score focused mostly on overall craftsmanship, not unlike some of John's concert works.
  11. Haven't heard that one in a few years, but it used to be one of my favorite Brahms works.
  12. Return of the Jedi by John Williams Accidental Tourist by John Williams
  13. I suppose you could say that. Tatras were notoriously dangerous to drive. Several Nazi officers died at the wheel of the larger Tatras on curvy Czech roads.
  14. Like many popular things, it is adored, but not on its best merits.
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