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  1. Here is an extended version of the piece it would seem. EDIT: Random thought 1: flutes @ 1:46 are drowned in reverb and sound unrealistic to me. Random thought 2: I like the composition/theme, even though it appears to be pretty "lazy" in some places. Random thought 3: I think I prefer Giacchino's "Imperial Suite".
  2. I guess it can be Berlin Brass. It sounds really nice when in good hands.
  3. Because it's made using orchestral instruments sample libraries. Why wouldn't it? It's just not live orchestra recording.
  4. I can't believe you don't hear it's samples, guys. Especially those of you that compose on computers.
  5. Yeah it's real, but captured by samples developers and played back by composer's sampler/sequencer.
  6. I just want to remind everybody that there are people able to handle sample libraries like this: The example in the commercial sounds pretty thin, doesn't really feature woodwinds, high strings sound ULTRA SYNTHY, percussion is weak.
  7. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    When I was sitting few meters behind the orchestra in Concertgebouw hall in Amsterdam I had to change my place during the intermission. Luckily there were some free left in other parts of the hall. I could barely physically take the sound waves hitting my ears. But then maybe I'm overly sensitive.
  8. Will the score to The Post feature a typewriter?

    Would certainly be fun!
  9. Now that's a Star Trek I would really like to see.
  10. The Post (2017) - For Your Consideration Album

    Soooo... Is this avilable somewhere to hear?