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  1. I wish there was an official recording of JW performing this with an orchestra.
  2. The ESB documentary that covers JW scoring the film shows him watching a scene several times on an old moviola machine to follow the action and work out the timing as he is in the process of writing the score.
  3. If this is true, I hope Disney puts out an official release of the music. It would pain me for there to be Star Wars music from JW that we don't have good recordings of.
  4. Maybe Gia will learn a thing or two about writing SW music by collaborating with JW on this.
  5. I assume any avid listener of JW has these moments, at least I know I have many, many times. You're walking down the street or sitting on the bus or cooking and suddenly a particular bit of JW music pops into your mind. You can hear it almost as clearly as you could the real thing, you can hum it or whistle it to yourself, but you just can't remember where it's from. Then you have to dig into your memory, hum it again five more times, maybe even breakout your JW collection or look up his discography until you eventually turn to this forum for help or recall it on your own. What are your "I know it's JW but I can't remember from where?" moments? Most recently I randomly starting humming some JW string music, kind of dark, rising and falling, something from one of his historical dramas for sure. At first I thought it was this: But it turned out to be this:
  6. The emotional depth of the music is one major reason I return to Schindler's List again and again.
  7. artguy360

    John Williams YouTube tributes thread

    It's like my brain can't quite comprehend what this is. That gif is a perfect summation of how this cover makes me feel.
  8. Every time I listen to Elegy I think of cold, snowy winters in the flat American midwest. I find it head and shoulders above most of JW's concert work.
  9. Book Thief is a beautiful score and is more effective with the film than apart. It took me a good long while to appreciate and understand the score though. Upon first listen it seemed kind of strangely monolithic and heavy. I like it a whole lot more now. Schindler's List is better in every respect both score and film.
  10. I'm sure it's been shared here before (maybe even made by a member?) but I just came across this fan edit of a suite for Qui-Gon's theme and it's not bad. Makes me wish for a real one.
  11. Yes! That is the piece. Thank you. Markings. I had forgotten the name. I enjoy it very much. It has all the color and range I expect from a really good JW concert piece. Very easy to listen to.
  12. I'm a big fan of JW's recent concert works. Conversations for solo piano, Rounds for solo guitar, and that new violin piece whose name I can't recall. Conversations is a wonderfully meditative series of works. Rounds is what I like best about JW's concert works. It explores the unique sound qualities of the instrument, it has nice changes in pace, and there is a subtle, sweet melodic figure that holds the whole piece together. I remember really liking the recent violin concert work but I haven't been able to track down a recording so I've kind of forgotten it.
  13. artguy360

    Yo-Yo Ma about John Williams

    I'm glad JW is using a standing desk. Must be good for his health.
  14. Wow, Dry Your Tears, Africa is performed extremely fast right from the start. It was kind of surprising. Edit: The performance of The Rebellion is Reborn is really good! Better than the last one JW conducted in Boston. It starts out quite punchy but also finds its quieter moments comfortably. Not good enough to top the OST version though.