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  1. I was really looking forward to a new arrangement of Leia's Theme. Real bummer to see it not on the album.
  2. I think it was nothing more than a fun little quote because of the similarity in scenario and action at that moment. TLJ is the most self-aware/referential Star Wars score yet, and I think this short musical moment is one example of that.
  3. I couldn't disagree more with the Kotaku article posted above. The use of human voices during the earthquake sequence and as engine noises is incredible. There is a creativity to the overall sound design that is nearly impressionistic, especially the use of silence and voice.
  4. I'm revisiting Steven Price's score for Gravity and really enjoying it. The music is rather predictable and wears its influences on its sleeve. Nonetheless it is sonically interesting and ends with a nice, big bang.
  5. I'm interested in this new release but I do not like the main theme much at all.
  6. Much of the music in the first half of the score sounds too busy and rushed for me, including some big thematic statements. The opening track is especially busy and seemingly well outpaces the on screen action. However, the last 3rd or so of the OST is fantastic. Reunion and Remembering... are two of my favorite modern JW tracks.
  7. Boston and Chicago for sure. Also in this place called London.
  8. Doesn't the article make pretty clear that JW only composed the 5 minute piece and other composers did other music for the theme park including William Ross adapting the Galaxy's Edge theme and other SW music for different attractions?
  9. Listening to the album for the first time right now. Immediate reaction is that this is an awful 1st track for a soundtrack album. The main title is okay but I'm not a fan of the choral work so far. It sounds a little pasted onto the rest of the music.
  10. So far Anne Sophie Mutter and Gloria Cheng are both women Williams can't say no too. Has he ever even described his sweetheart Daisy in that way?
  11. Only $350.00 for a JW-style turtleneck sweater?! I'm sorely tempted.
  12. So 5 minutes of original JW music, a 2 minute reduction of the 5 minute piece, and 53 minutes of William Ross as JW.
  13. I'm not sure if we are thinking of the same segment of music but I believe there is an alternate bit of music that is more eerie and atmospheric originally intended to score Landon checking Han in Carbonite that was later replaced with a sad rendition of Han and Leia's theme. It's been a while since I've listened to it or read the liner notes, but I think that's it.
  14. This interview also confirms all the re-writing that went on during TFA.
  15. I don't understand. There are strings a plenty in this track.
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