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  1. To me the Schindler's List main theme is pretty straight forward and simple in form and melody. It's incredibly touching but not particularly original or touching.
  2. Wow, I've never heard this arrangement before. It's a little to eclectic and contemporary for my taste, but interesting to listen to as a kind of off-beat curio.
  3. It sounds like there is a hard edit just at that moment and someone inserted a completely different rendition and performance of the theme. I've never heard that music before.
  4. "One-off" melodies, tunes, and ditties

    No I never noticed but how can I maintain this balance now?!
  5. "One-off" melodies, tunes, and ditties

    I just want to say the premise of this thread is really good and I wish we were all still posting these one-off musical moments from JW.
  6. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    TPM for sure. I've talked about it in another, very similar thread but basically TPM is rich from beginning to end with JW really making the most of each second of music. TFA has stronger thematic material but not the same richness in the underscore.
  7. Anticipating a new JW score

    I always enjoy the lead up to a new JW score. More than the score itself in the film, I anticipate the release of the OST. Even though a lot of music is missing, I love listening to the OST over and over and beginning to understand the new music JW has written.
  8. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    I don't believe any of these "leaks". Disney and JW's usual team are super tight lipped. Things may leak after the fact, but usually not before. Someone giving track names verbatim with the listening party writing down the names sounds too far into made up territory. Also, don't forget the very detailed impressions of cues recorded we got for TFA, none of which turned out to be true.
  9. THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 MUSIC discussion

    I don't understand any of the posts in this thread suggesting it could be Williams. Now that we have confirmation, it's a moot point but even before confirmation it is so clear to anyone who is a fan of JW that he did not write this trailer music.
  10. THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 MUSIC discussion

    Not Williams but fun music that avoids cliche Zimmer drones and horns to elicit emotion. Fun use of strings after the initial opening of the trailer.
  11. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    To me that is clearly Gordy Haab doing his now signature imitation of JW's SW action music style.
  12. What is your biggest hope for TLJ's score?

    I want 3 things: 1 awesome new theme Some cool new development for Rey's Theme or at least some inventive arrangements/renditions of it. At least 1 amazing action set piece cue.
  13. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Step 1: Hand the movie to John Williams for him to write a brilliant new score without too much director involvement. Step 2: Cut John Williams' score up to bits and insert music from the original trilogy for pivotal dramatic moments.