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  1. These all sound like they could be legit track names: The Force is With Us Space Pirate Chewbacca’s Return Fury of the Emperor The Final Battle A New Dawn and Finale
  2. In the cases where we know what music was used for temp, I feel like the most interesting results have come from when non-JW music was used to temp the film instead of using JW SW music to temp a JW-scored SW film. ROTS comes to mind.
  3. The emphasis on the subtle way past themes are integrated is important. I think it will be more like Anakin's theme in ROTS rather than DotF in ROTS.
  4. Do folks like the main theme for this film? I feel like it is almost comically bad and one of the worst in JW's career. It just sounds like an imitation of the Godfather theme but as translated thru JW's musical sensibilities.
  5. This "debate" used to be funny, not it's lost all humor and just become sadly obsessive.
  6. Ugh, Rogue One soundtrack talk is the worst. Only kids who listen to soundtracks on YouTube and think MG is a classical composer would say Rogue One's score is the best in the series.
  7. I enjoy many small, musical moments throughout TLJ score but my overall regard for the score is not nearly as high as for other SW scores. It is also the most self-referential of all the SW scores and at the same time the least interesting in terms of new thematic material.
  8. I can't wait to hear what JW does with Rey's Theme in TROS. I loved the brassy, powerful renditions of the theme in TLJ. I'm thinking specifically of Rey's Journey, Lesson Three, and The Last Jedi. Really interesting variations. I hope JW continues to play with the theme in new ways.
  9. This new arrangement of Rey's Theme is...pretty good! But disappointingly not as inventive a take as the new Hedwig's Theme or Across the Stars. So far, those 2 are much more interesting, new arrangements than Rey's Theme and Yoda's Theme.
  10. I think it was nothing more than a fun little quote because of the similarity in scenario and action at that moment. TLJ is the most self-aware/referential Star Wars score yet, and I think this short musical moment is one example of that.
  11. I couldn't disagree more with the Kotaku article posted above. The use of human voices during the earthquake sequence and as engine noises is incredible. There is a creativity to the overall sound design that is nearly impressionistic, especially the use of silence and voice.
  12. I'm revisiting Steven Price's score for Gravity and really enjoying it. The music is rather predictable and wears its influences on its sleeve. Nonetheless it is sonically interesting and ends with a nice, big bang.
  13. I'm interested in this new release but I do not like the main theme much at all.
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