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  1. Nice. I wonder how many pieces he will conduct.
  2. artguy360

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I'm currently listening to a bunch of Hans Zimmer stuff including his work on the Bible series. I want to like Hans Zimmer more but his musical language is so basic and predictable it's hard to engage deeply with. He brings the same basic musical language to every project to the point where I feel like I've heard a Zimmer score before I ever actually listen to it. His music isn't bad though, just really basic and predictable.
  3. artguy360

    OST vs Concerts. Interpretations and Quality

    Being in person with the orchestra is an experience that cannot be matched but outside of that I usually prefer studio recordings to concert recordings.
  4. artguy360

    John Williams scores that use the organ?

    I wish JW featured organ more in some of his scores. I think he could really do interesting stuff with it.
  5. That works surprisingly well. I hope to god Ep 9 doesn't end with yet another Binary Sunset rendition.
  6. artguy360

    What's your dream title of a book on JW?

    Johnny, Baby: A Life in Music
  7. I had no idea Kushner worked on the script. At least this means the dialogue will flow well.
  8. artguy360

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    To me that clip of music is just another example of Haab playing with the Star Wars musical language. It has the standard heroic sound we expect from SW music, channeled thru Haab's overly frenetic action writing.
  9. artguy360

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    The piece we've heard so far is fantastic but I do worry that an album of pieces all featuring solo violin will sound a bit samey by the third track. I hope each arrangement is unique enough to avoid this.
  10. I predict that JW will not write any trailer music but that some music from the score will be used in at least one of the trailers. The movie will end with the Force theme. The opening crawl will use the TFA rendition. And last, that the score will feature the most instances of the Force theme in any single film. I forget which film currently holds that title but I do recall that the number is quite high.
  11. A percussion concerto has been one of my long held wishes for JW. I hope this rumor is true.
  12. Listened to the first episode earlier, listening to the second now. It's very nice and I appreciate the research and information you provide. The pace is pretty good as well. Two suggestions: 1. Since you are going solo and don't have a co-presenter to converse with, I would scrub your scripts a little more to take out any excessive words like overusing "very". I would approach the scripts like a written article, with the same tightness and economy. 2. Since you are going chronologically, I think it is tempting to make claims like "John Williams had yet to discover the idea of writing themes for characters" but of course this is not true. Musical themes had been written for characters for films and television long before JW started doing so and even longer in music written for opera, ballet, etc. Because he hadn't done it yet doesn't mean he was unaware of the possibility. There were probably other reasons why he didn't write a character theme for one film or another. Other than that, good stuff. It's nice to hear these excerpts from JW's early career. I look forward to more episodes.
  13. I'm looking forward to listening to this later.
  14. I think I would enjoy the HP collection more. Aside from TPM, which is sublime, the prequel scores are quite choppy with AOTC featuring a lot of uninteresting underscore and ROTS having a somewhat rushed quality and too much tracking of old music. The HP scores have more flow and thus I appreciate their complete releases more.
  15. artguy360

    Film Score Analysis

    Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out later.