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  1. yes, I don't care anymore since the example I gave, and I agree that TLJ is a little underrated...I think it's amazing and lovely hehehe ahmmm, i know that Shape of the Water will win... but I REALLY think that JW deserves it lol!!!! also, i'e noticed there is NO LOVE in here for Giacchino... but Coco was just amazing, I'm sorry but it is!!!
  2. hehehe the fifthbeatle was George Martin!!! nor Sutcliffe or Best, the authentic was George, RIP
  3. since that #$%#%#$ year when Geisha dind't win, I noticed how the academy members don't even listen the scores.... the oscar suck and lately they just give it to the guy that sounds foreign/exotic, or because of only ONE tune in ONE scene (Up!), or to the movie that is in fashion... that being said, it will obviously go to the very average score of The Shape of Water, a very bland OST considering the author
  4. thank you Jay!! in the meantime i'll enjoy TLJ!!!
  5. TheFifthBeatle

    Mark Hamill on John Williams VARIETY Interview!

    he0s absolutely right!!!!
  6. helllo guys!!! Could somebody please help me?? i can't find the FYC version and obviously I'm dying!!!! PLEASE I BEEEEEEEEEG :'(
  7. why?? I'm lookinf for TFA FYC version, somebody PLEASE help me I'm BEGGING!!!
  8. TheFifthBeatle

    The Force Awakens ALBUM Discussion (No Film Spoilers)

    can somebody please talk about Maz's Counsel??? It's gorgeous!!! or what about the marevellous rendition of Han And Leia???