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  1. What makes you think that's not the case? Johnson specifically mentioned his music editor. The situation seems very clear to me. Edit the film, then add temp to get a feel for the film when watching it. Remove temp, have JW watch and write his own score. What about this all is so hard for people to believe? For me it's the only scenario that makes any sense.
  2. Why do you say that like it's not the case?
  3. Keyword: temp
  4. Well I'm not sure if there's anything like "Chase Through Coruscant" in the rest of the PT either. What about Jabba Flow and Dobra Doompa? I know they weren't JW, but still. Makes me wonder if there'll be any source music in TLJ, and, if so, will JW score it himself.
  5. There'd be very little reason to show JW the film with the temp score if it's 95% SW music (and 100% JW music). In that case, the temp score is more likely to just be a placeholder that helps Rian, the editors, producers, and whoever get a sense of what the film will feel like when it's completely scored, rather than as a guideline for JW as to what the score should sound like (like for the original SW).
  6. I think it sounds like it's own thing, different than the OT and PT but still definitely SW. A great score.
  7. I highly doubt JW listened to the temp score.
  8. Having listened to it, who knows. The celeste is different than the classic ESB one, which you'd figure a trailer house would use (like for TFA). The Rey's theme/Force theme pairing is a lot more interesting than maybe anything I've heard a trailer music house do (though I admit I don't pay much attention). We should note too that the portion of Rey's theme being intertwined is a different section altogether than in the TFA end credit suite, so it's not as if they just copied that. One thing that makes me skeptical that it's Williams is wouldn't they tell us? Weren't they really excited to say that the first TFA teaser had JW music when it first came out?
  9. I trying not to watch the trailer but I'd be very interested to hear the music isolated, if or when something like that ever becomes available (I know they did it with at least one of the TFA trailers). Whether or not it's even Williams, it sounds like an interesting composition from what you guys are saying.
  10. Which takes make up which parts of the track?
  11. Yes, very cool and very real (and I know, very hard to believe, for myself included!). I initially wasn't going to ask him anything at all (obviously there's so much he can't say and so much I wouldn't even want to know until I saw the film anyway), but I had to just ask something about the experience of it all, and I knew that for me getting to work with JW would be the most absolutely insane aspect of it all and probably the most rewarding thing as a Star Wars fan (in my opinion). So yeah, it was awesome just to get a sense from him what it was like, he just seemed really honestly enthused about it (he wasn't just blandly saying that JW is great or whatever, his eyes really lit up when I mentioned the name) and about working on the film in general.
  12. Okay, you're going to have to believe me when I tell you this, because it absolutely happened... It's kind of a long story but suffice to say I just met, in person, Rian Johnson (yes, THAT Rian Johnson), and I just had to ask him what it's like working with John Williams. I wish I could remember his exact words, but something to the effect of it's been incredible, and also something about how when the orchestra plays the cues for the first time every applauds him when they finish. He said it's amazing that John's in eighties and still sharp as a tack. I also believe the words genius and surreal were used (or something like that). Basically he's loving the experience (and I'm sure we'll hear him say as much soon enough when people start interviewing him).
  13. Similar, but not quite the same.
  14. Damn, that transition really is rough, didn't remember it being that bad. It honestly seems like they didn't even try there. Not sure what you guys mean by the "Trust Goes Both Ways" section. Isn't that just the end of "Hope"? Interesting to hear and finally confirm this is a new end title recording (I actually quite like his interpretation of the latter part of it). So I guess this makes this the first Star Wars film since The Phantom Menace to not feature any music tracked from a previous Star Wars score then.
  15. Watched the film again and liking the score more each time. This time around I picked up on some good unreleased stuff, namely an action version of the Whills theme (when Chirrut first kicks stormtrooper ass), and some more bits from the final battle (including another Rebel fanfare appearance, though it sounds like that could have been tracked). Editing seems pretty minimal from what I can tell so far. I did notice a cut during the "Jedha City Ambush" scene, and I have a feeling some of "AT-ACT Assault" was rearranged because the "Battle of in the Snow" reference happens when K-2 is doing things unrelated to the AT-ACTs, which sort of negates the purpose of the reference. I'm sure there's plenty other things too I haven't noticed yet.