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  1. From what I understand, yeah it was supposed to transition to the Leia scene, which leads me to believe that the cue was intended for that deleted scene and they must have figured either way it was a good piece to use for Luke's sadness and for transitioning to the Leia scene (which it does in the theatrical). Makes me wonder what was there initially for the "time for the Jedi to end" scene.
  2. Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    3v2 is a little lopsided. If we're talking TPM and AOTC vs TFA and TLJ, it's definitely the latter. TPM and TFA are about on par, but TLJ is soooo much better than AOTC. Considering it's also better than ROTS, I'm going to say sequels. Unless IX is shit, I doubt this will change.
  3. Isn't this all already in the film? First half from after the scene with Snoke, when Luke says go away (right before the daily routine montage, also on the OST), and the second half is from when Luke says it's time for the Jedi to end.
  4. Sometimes I wish the moderating here was a bit more strict. I don't come here to read about people's opinions on the movie, if I did I'd visit that thread. If I'm in a thread for the score, I want to read about the score, not the same tired and ridiculous complaints I've heard for the past few months.
  5. This has probably been mentioned before, but does the Emperor's theme get another, more subtle statement during the second lesson? Don't have the film to check but I assume it's when Luke mentions Sidious.
  6. I actually thought the tracking was the other way around... although not that part, but the part when they stop firing/Poe lands in the hangar (as that wasn't on the OST version of Escape). This was my thought watching the film months ago though, will have to investigate again.
  7. Highly unlikely the MA file isn't 23.976.
  8. Really enjoying this cues, thanks guys. That lightsaber track is just fantastic. Really cool to hear that "Desperation" theme or whatever pop up again in spots I never caught watching the film. Shame some of these were left off the OST/FYC. Gotta say, really love that rendition of the Emperor's theme (even if the rest of the cue is uneventful), the string that accompanies, while nothing crazy, really adds a lot.
  9. This isolated score track is a godsend, been waiting for Star Wars to do one of these for a long time.
  10. I bet a very significant portion of filmmakers today grew up listening to JW soundtrack albums.
  11. Do you think no one asks for Williams anymore?

    Scores for smaller drama films tend to be pretty minimalist no matter what, even if they have an orchestra.
  12. (Rian also mentions that JW called him baby) So are we to presume that JW and his music editor basically said "fuck it" and went with the TFA recording, and Rian has just been assuming this whole time that it was new? Or is there any chance still that it is a new recording in the film itself?
  13. Yeah, Across the Stars is one of JW's all time best themes. ROTS is a much closer call, though Battle of the Heroes is better (and more prominent) than the best TLJ theme, and so is the lament. TLJ is better overall than both, though.
  14. Darth Maul's motif is pretty debatable I think. And I feel like there's at least a couple more motifs in TLJ. Though on the whole I do think it's pretty disappointingly light on new themes, probably the worst of the saga in this regard.