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  1. I think the score is pretty good actually, and he says it right there, the ideas of a Star Wars score has been marinating in his head for decades. Maybe not that specific story, but it's not like he was working from scratch at go.
  2. Yeah I've just been really loving it all. Have to say I might like it better than the original too.
  3. Sounds a bit like Keys theme. If it counts, I'd definitely echo what others have said: the droid motif (from ESB).
  4. Cinema's greatest power is in its ability to inspire emotion (of any kind). If you're asking to what end, sometimes experiencing emotion is an end unto itself - there's a value to catharsis. Beyond that I definitely think empathy is a big part of it, whether that be a large scale empathy for something like slaves in 12 Years a Slave, or small scale empathy like a lonely kid in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Whether you find a certain film emotional or not, well that ends up on you. Not to say it's your job to find the emotion, you really shouldn't have to put much effort in looking for it beyond generally engaging with the film closely/paying attention. If you find yourself straining to feel the emotion, either it's just not speaking to you for whatever reason because of who you are, or the filmmakers have failed in some way. The more films you watch the more you'll be able to tell the difference between the two, and the wider variety of films you'll be able to relate to and experience the emotion first hand rather than on second thought.
  5. The first that comes to mind: One of my all time favorite cues.
  6. I think it's possible Diane set up Janey-E and Dougie in the first place (remember she's in cahoots with the bad Coop, who seems to have ostensibly manufactured Dougie). Also, I'm consistently surprised when I read this thread at how surprised people are by this season. In all honestly, it's not nearly as slow or as weird as I thought it would be (have none of you seen Inland Empire?). I'm loving it all, and this ep was one of the best of the bunch.
  7. In TFA, the Rebel Fanfare was pretty much only used for the Falcon and Luke's theme got a couple plays for Han, so you never know.
  8. The beginning of Slave Children's Crusade might be one of my all time favorite Spielberg/Williams combinations of visuals and music. I also like the Rathtars. I didn't think these were necessarily unpopular opinions but I guess they are here?
  9. Seems a solid choice. I'm not super familiar with his scores so don't have strong opinions one way or another, but I'll take this site's collective word for it. I'm mostly glad Zimmer isn't doing this. Not that I don't want him on Star Wars, but he doesn't seem like he'd be a terribly good choice for Han Solo. Also, thinking about Han Solo, it'll be interesting to see thematically what, if anything, gets carried over. I'd say we might see a healthy amount of the Rebel Fanfare and the Main Title (what with their having essentially evolved into all encompassing hero themes) and not much of the Force Theme, but then again I thought the same thing about Rogue One and we got the opposite. Most intriguing is the fact that Han never got a proper theme - or did he? I suppose this will probably put to rest the oft floated (and absurd) idea that Han and the Princess is a theme for Han.
  10. Let's hope so, at least.
  11. Sounds weird but films like these almost need training to watch. What I mean is, if all you've seen is typical straightforward films all your life, then you jump into this, it's not going to make sense. Malick speaks in a different sort of visual language than most filmmakers. The more films you see with that kind of vernacular the more fluent you will be and the more prepared to decode the films' meanings.
  12. Isn't this exactly what they're doing for RPO?
  13. The fact that it was tracked was distracting, but I find that bit in Ways of the Force completely emotionally underwhelming (whereas the older piece gives the moment the power it needs). There is also something to be said for Rey finally accepting her destiny in that scene (as Luke did in his).
  14. The prequel scores would have been better with little to no choir. The Burning Homestead edit in TFA is a better fit than what Williams wrote for that moment.
  15. Not a question of which is better (technically speaking, film is better in some ways, digital in others). They're simply different formats, what's more important is how they're used. Though we all have our preferences. I've always loved the celluloid look.