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  1. Haha wow sorry wouldn't have asked if I knew you would be a dick about it. For most people on the site it's not a very hard request, considering the fact that you don't need to watch the film, you just need to be familiar with the soundtracks which I would have assumed you were.
  2. Luke's secondary motif? If you talking purely recordings I think that's pretty obvious as the quality is nothing near that of the original orchestral recordings. Original is a strong word to use those when there are so many direct quotes in the music.
  3. Yeah I hear that.
  4. What are you referring to? The music before Luke's theme or the music before the Force theme? The former doesn't seem to be a direct quote of anything though is reminiscent of a few different TFA things. The latter is straight from the original cue.
  5. Well I'm hoping this time, if he's actually composing it as a send off, he does more than just recycle an old arrangement like for ROTS. As for the OP's question, it's certainly possible. TFA's suite is really quite something. Here's hoping we get more of that.
  6. Star Wars - "The Throne Room and End Title" Also worth mentioning (not my favorite score though close), is E.T. - "Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye" (or "Adventure on Earth"), which might possibly be his best track/cue ever.
  7. From my understanding, Lucas pretty much just visited Lucasfilm one day, saw that concept art and said it was cool, and they made sure to put it in the movie somewhere because he "endorsed" it.
  8. The simple truth is that Lucas kept changing his mind. As with the development of any story or set of stories things constantly evolve and change. The 7 saga films we have so far were all initially conceived to be very different than how they ended up. At this point, what Lucas planned doesn't really matter at all, because what Lucas planned was a whole lot of different things and the Star Wars franchise has simply moved beyond that.
  9. Avatar 2 in November '19 probably makes the most sense. On the other hand, it seems like Disney might be considering bringing SW back to its traditional Memorial Day weekend slot (which I think would be a mistake) so who knows.
  10. I thought about it and there's certainly an argument to be made but I personally thought of it as more the end of the second. ESB's definitely one where they aren't completely beholden to rigid structuring though, so it's definitely up for debate. Anyway the third act begins somewhere around that spot.
  11. Yes. And the third act encompasses more than just the climax through to the end. These are of course up for debate but third acts for the films approximately start in TPM starts when they leave Coruscant. in AOTC when they leave Tatooine in ROTS right after Order 66 in SW when they leave the Death Star in ESB when Luke arrives on Cloud City in ROTJ when the fleet enters hyperspace in TFA when they leave Takadonna So if we're really talking about music for the third act, it's a bit more extensive than what's in the poll.
  12. It's great stuff, for sure. But I don't think The Arena really holds a candle to Battle of Yavin when it comes to action music, for example. I've heard those SW cues a bajillion and a half times too but only because they're so fantastic.
  13. How anything in AOTC better than Battle of Yavin or The Throne Room I'll never know.
  14. The arena tracking and the Geonosis battle tracking. I'm a big fan of the pre-credits cue, but I don't know, I think it may be a little overrated here. I mean, it's great, but it certainly isn't good enough to make AOTC have the best third act of any of the SW scores (I mean seriously?). And I think either way the end credits isn't really on par with the others. Simply put, in my mind its not a true suite (as its just one theme). An amazing theme for sure but I tend to want and expect more from the end credits.