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  1. Yeah, Across the Stars is one of JW's all time best themes. ROTS is a much closer call, though Battle of the Heroes is better (and more prominent) than the best TLJ theme, and so is the lament. TLJ is better overall than both, though.
  2. Darth Maul's motif is pretty debatable I think. And I feel like there's at least a couple more motifs in TLJ. Though on the whole I do think it's pretty disappointingly light on new themes, probably the worst of the saga in this regard.
  3. Ultimately a pretty good FYC! Most of my wanted missing cues are here - the March of the Resistance for Holdo's speech, the escape pod bit (which is much better than I remembered), Holdo's sacrifice, and Rey's theme at the start of "The Last Jedi." Then of course there some other welcome additions - one of the missing Poe's theme statements in "Escape," "The Master Codebreaker," etc. The main ones we're still missing would be - Rey training - Holdo and Leia's goodbye - Poe's speech There of course some other great missing bits - Finn and Rose sneaking away from the Resistance, at least one of Rey and Kylo talking, one of the Luke/Rey scenes I think, sneaking around on the star destroyer, the "You Need a Pilot" reprise, when the Resistance sets up shop on Crait, other things I'm forgetting - and whatever's in the deleted scenes. It is a shame we didn't get the full beginning of "Escape," or the full "The Supremacy" cue, but honestly we have a fair amount at this point.
  4. Yeah, it's a short bit, the Resistance is going through the tunnels and she's piloting the Falcon looking for them while R2 searches using the tracker. Rey's theme is played here in a big (albeit brief) way, first the the intro, then the main part of the theme. Oh, also, I'm like 50% sure I heard a quick appearance of the map motif in one of Luke's scenes.
  5. It always sounded like Rey's theme to me. Having seen the film again, it's what I figured - we see Rey at this exact moment. We actually get Luke's theme a decent amount in this - just not so much on the OST. At least a couple of them were Leia moments, but yeah I don't think any Luke.
  6. So after seeing the film again, I noticed a few more unreleased bits that I quite like (well, all the unreleased bits I like, but here are a choice few): - There sounds to me like an additional, more subtle Poe's theme cut from "Escape" when he first appears that's really cool - The March of the Resistance variation that plays over Holdo's speech is one of the best in the score, I think, and not on the OST - The "On the Inside" motif is all over this score and the unreleased cues especially, the best being the scene where Finn and Rose sneak away from the main ship - Probably the best version of Rey's theme not included on the soundtrack, besides the training bit, is when she's in the Falcon searching for the rest of the Resistance
  7. JW: "But Rian baby, I don't want to quote Battle of the Heroes here." RJ: "YOU MUST FOLLOW THE TEMP TRACK EXACTLY." Yeah that seems plausible.
  8. That's not a good description of the movie in any way.
  9. Finn's not in that scene... but then again it was never actually definitively stated to be his theme. That moment focuses on BB8, who of course is also prominently featured during the "Finn's theme" scenes in TFA, so yeah it could be JW quoting that motif.
  10. He doesn't just mention that they recorded the main title again, he makes a big deal of it, talking about how it's slightly different, film to film. Really weird (it must be different in the film itself, right?).
  11. I get that, which is why I didn't think disagreeing with calling it a theme for Holdo would be misinterpreted as a personal insult or anything. Just trying to be a part of the conversation in dissecting the film. To that end I think this might be it in The Supremacy at 0:36 The Supremacy at 1:09 The Battle of Crait at 2:48
  12. Hopefully next time you'll understand to handle the conversation better too.
  13. I can handle people being dickish, especially if in a joking manner (which is common on this site) if there's a reason for it. I didn't think I was being "cryptic" or calling an opinion "inaccurate" (yes I used the word "accurate" but I didn't mean it in a harsh way). I guess what I meant/should have said was "I don't think ascribing the theme to Holdo quite makes sense." I thought it was pretty clear that's what I meant. Guess I should choose my words better. You probably should too.
  14. I don't think that's a fair interpretation of my posts at all. I said I didn't think it was Holdo's theme, you asked why, and I said because it was only used for her once. Then you were a dick to me.
  15. I don't see why you have to be a dick about it. All I'm saying is that it appears at least five times on the OST and I think only one or two of them have to do with Holdo. "Desperation" makes sense to me.