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  1. I think you two might be referring to different pieces, crumbs seems to be talking about the main cue heard during the opera scene, not the short snippet that's heard while Anakin is entering the opera house.
  2. I believe it was a Benny Goodman record. Not sure which. As for that Galaxy's Edge piece, definitely not Williams, also not Ross: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8528161/disneys-star-wars-galaxys-edge-cantina-music-album-playlist-one?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral So they're releasing potentially multiple in-universe music albums for the park - hopefully the orchestral music will find a release at some point as well.
  3. As "forgetful" as Williams apparently is, his TLJ score ended featuring a hell of a lot of returning themes. I'd be a little surprised if we got anymore than what was in that. Maybe one or two extras, but I'm not getting my hopes up for something like the ESB droid motif, personally. That's seems incredibly improbable.
  4. Am I mistaken or isn't the potential third motif being discussed part of that scene as well (playing right before his second theme and then in parallel with it, as in the TFA finale)? I'm not sure if calling it a motif or theme is accurate (I agree I wouldn't know what it signifies specifically that the other two don't), but it certainly seems to be related to Kylo's two themes, even if it doesn't always play at the same time. Perhaps a good comparison would be the rhythmic section that opens the Imperial March - what do we usually call that?
  5. I don’t think a win is impossible, depending on the competition and quality of the score. If Disney decides to make a big deal of it, the fact that this is his last SW score and he hasn’t won in 26 years could be compelling narratives for voters.
  6. Trying to avoid the trailer but always like hearing the music. Seems like this might be a quality upload of the music only? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1neOF-mYgk As for the end bit, Dies Irae vs. Kylo's theme, it might technically be Dies Irae but the way it starts out is clearly meant to evoke Kylo's theme. Certainly the same kind of instrumentation you always hear. Not that it matters of course. Anyone reading into that is wasting their time. Highly doubtful the people making the trailer know all that much more about the movie than anyone else does, and they definitely have no idea what JW's score will sound like. Have they even started recording yet?
  7. Little late here, but Abrams has stated that "Who's Luke Skywalker?" was a line from Rey when she meets Finn that was reshot and replaced with "Luke Skywalker, I thought he was a myth."
  8. Finally saw Williams perform and I must say I really spoiled myself here. Seeing him conduct the last 15 minutes of ET with Steven mfing Spielberg on stage will be something I’ll never forget.
  9. Also, the Rebel fanfare is teased throughout, with these being potential quotes :59-1:17 1:48-2:11 -- :31 also seems to be a hint but probably doesn't count. The leitmotivic sense is beside the point (I believe that was a discussion that's been had). I just mean usually you'd see a distinction made between Rey's theme A, Rey's theme intro, Rey's theme B, etc. in write ups like this.
  10. Is this the Imperial theme? The brass in Spaceport at 1:04 Also, the list is great. One question, would it make sense to distinguish between Han Searching A and B section?
  11. Yep, that bit in Corellia Chase got me thinking of their connection in the first place. Good stuff.
  12. Here’s a question, it’s seems like people feel like the two main sections of Han’s theme are melodically different enough to be separate ideas, but what about the third section? To my untrained ears, it sound like a halfway point between the two - like it could be a B section to either theme. So what’s the analysis of the third section from people who understand music composition?
  13. This all makes sense to me, though I'm not sure why the B-section of the main title qualifies and Rey's doesn't.
  14. So where do we end up on the "is it two themes or two parts of one theme" debate now that we've all heard it? I'm no expert, but from what I hear there is a first distinct melody (the "heroic" one), then another (the "searching"), then finally a third (which is more clearly a counter melody to the "searching"). The fact that the searching theme seems to have it's own B section makes me think that it's two themes, but then again the searching theme itself feels like a B section to the heroic theme. I don't know, I really don't know much about this stuff. All I know is that Rey's theme has like 5 different sections, so I'm inclined to say they're all just parts of one theme.
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