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  1. Thank goodness I don’t have kids’ college funds to worry about!!
  2. (Resisting the urge to nitpick some of the “technical” posts above...)
  3. No one's mentioned that the "theme from Born on the Fourth of July" will also be recorded at this session, apparently, per the video introduction for the campaign.
  4. thx99

    Your favourite videos of JW conducting

    This moment... but he's very expressive throughout the various clips where he's conducting, particularly during the rehearsals.
  5. I've run into a bug editing links that I've associated with a bit of text in a post. So I type the word LINK, highlight it, and add a URL to it by clicking on the "Link" icon. I end up with this: LINK. Now if I want to edit that link, I usually double-click on the text or place my cursor in the text and click the "Link" icon again. Both ways result in the following error:
  6. No, Intrada released "The Mission" on Anthology 3 of its 3-volume Amazing Stories releases. I was merely pointing out that it was also included on the Last Crusade bootleg.
  7. I know you're referring to films, but don't forget Amazing Stories: The Mission that was also included on the Last Crusade bootleg.
  8. I suspect it was a videoclip that started prematurley, then the piano bit, then the start of the live performance. But the videoclip included pre-recorded music? Strange!