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  1. The short version that appeared on the 1988 Summer Olympics CD was the first commercial release of the piece in any form. However, the short version is just an edit of the full version which was originally recorded and included in the leaked recording sessions. The full version was featured in the closing credits for the NBC broadcast, though (the portion that was cut for the short version starts around 2:21 of this video): https://youtu.be/o8KzNM0F0o8?t=141 The longer version that appeared on the 1996 Summon the Heroes CD was the first commercial release of the piece in its full form, albeit a re-recording. Clear as mud, right?
  2. Nah, the CD isn't all that rare. It was all over the place around the 1988 Olympics and in the bargain bins after that. And there are a number of listings currently on eBay for less than $10: https://www.ebay.com/sch/176984/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=1988+summer+olympics+album&LH_TitleDesc=0&LH_TitleDesc=0
  3. “Olympic Spirit” was first released on CD in 1988, 8 years before the “world premiere” of the extended version was featured on the Summon the Heroes CD in 1996.
  4. Hooten was introducing the orchestra to those of us who were in attendance. The couples on either side of Williams were the largest donors to the project, while the three of us in the back, and a fourth gent not pictured, were the Kickstarter donors who contributed at a level that allowed us to attend the sessions. The dark-haired gent to my left, with his head down, is composer Daniel James Chan, who recently won an ASCAP award.
  5. Well, there was a harpist (Joann Turovsky) for the Trumpet Concerto...
  6. Yes, sadly. That might have been one of the reasons it was chosen to fill out the EP a bit more. I'm not complaining, though, as I absolutely love the piece and Hooten's performance/recording!
  7. Hooten mentions in his IndyCast and Legacy of John Williams interviews (both excellent!!) that he and Williams discussed taking the piece at a more leisurely pace, compared to the OST.
  8. Not sure if "cute" is the word, but regardless, it was evident at the sessions that Williams hadn't revisited BotFoJ in some time. After a preliminary run-through of the entire piece sans Hooten (which was recorded), he came into the control room to discuss aspects of the performance and piece with Shawn Murphy. BTW, @lairdo, I really enjoyed the interview and loved hearing Hooten discuss the genesis of the project. Jerry Cole and David Paul (another donor) and their wives were in attendance. I didn't get to speak with them, but I overheard David Paul, I believe, speaking with Williams about having worked with him back in his television days. Stanley Wilson's name was mentioned at one point.
  9. Would be very happy with a revisit/remaster of Monsignor. As I recall from a forum post or private correspondence with Nick Redman, he had located the full sessions or at least something more than just the album release. But there may have been some licensing concerns.
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