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  1. thx99

    RIP Nick Redman

    This is incredibly sad news, indeed. As I wrote on Facebook, he was a champion among champions when it came not only to film music but really, all things film. As with most folks, the Star Wars box set was my first real introduction to his name, followed by the DCC release of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The rest is history. I was privileged to have had dinner with Nick and his wife Julie Kirgo on a few occasions while visiting LA. Preceding one of these work trips to LA, a mutual friend of ours had arranged an introductory call between me and Nick. I was nervous as hell to speak with him, but he couldn't have been nicer and graciously agreed to a dinner meet-up in Santa Monica. Nick and Julie picked me up at my hotel in Julie's MINI. Nick kindly gave me the front seat (I being taller than he) and before we even pulled away from the parking lot, he handed me a stack of CDs he had produced/been involved with for Intrada and Varese. I was floored!! We ended up at a sushi restaurant, and enjoyed great food while getting to know each other through diverse conversations. Nick was very much an American. He said he never looked back once coming across the Pond. (As an aside, John Leguizamo strolled into the restaurant during our meal.) My girlfriend (now wife) and I also spent some time in Chicago with Julie and Nick during the wedding weekend for our mutual friend. Here I am standing behind Nick during one of our breakfasts together: Our mutual friend had arranged for a film music "Name that Tune" game during the rehearsal dinner, and I and the other gentleman pictured above teamed up against Julie and Nick. We had the distinct honor of besting Julie and Nick in the game, and it became a running joke whenever we spoke after that. Nick was so very warm and direct, albeit somewhat quiet, and I found myself trying to make him laugh because he really lit up when he did so. His knowledge and passion for film and film music was unparalleled, yet he was never boastful. His love for Julie was evident. They were a perfect match, personally and professionally. He made an incredibly positive impact on my life beyond the many projects in which he was involved, even though I certainly didn't know him as well as others here on JWFAN and elsewhere. RIP Nick.
  2. Yep, more recently, they've just posted 30-second samples from the commercial release. Boo!!
  3. NEW SONG/SCORE AVAILABLE Amazon Studios LINK 1 or 2 Beautiful Boy [Song - "Treasure" (Sampha & Sampha Sisay), 04:39] Suspiria (Thom Yorke) [25 cues, 1:20:28] Also, along with the Suspiria MP3 files, there is the following file (Chopin's Polonaise) but I'm not sure if it goes with Suspiria or one of the other Amazon Studios films: https://www.amazonstudiosguilds.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Chopin_Polonaise_Temp_Track.mp3 Anyone with insight on which film this Chopin track would be linked to (if any) on the Amazon Studios page? Thanks in advance!
  4. Solo has been disqualified for not meeting the submission deadline, so unless some FYC CDs snuck out, it's even less likely there will be MP3s on the Walt Disney Pictures site. https://variety.com/2018/music/awards/scores-ruled-ineligible-for-oscar-green-room-solo-1203085221/?fbclid=IwAR1-gIQ_dbtCLghScqsyop5ebQDJTb5iU8NcTY9h0p34GWqkDVAZax0CJ7w
  5. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE Annapurna Pictures 1, 2, or 3 Destroyer (Theodore Shapiro) [18 cues, 46:11] If Beale Street Could Talk (Nicholas Britell) [18 cues, 39:21] Sisters Brothers, The (Alexandre Desplat) [20 cues, 52:54] Vice (Nicholas Britell) [24 cues, 43:32] Paramount Pictures LINK 1, 2, or 3 Quiet Place, A (Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders) [37 cues, 1:13:09] As I stated above, go to the actual score page on the Disney site and play the cue that you're trying to download. Then re-try opening the direct MP3 links I've provided. If you see additional characters in the link (like "%EF%BB%BF") after you paste it into the address bar, delete them and try again. Or try a bulk downloader add-on in your browser or a program like JDownloader.
  6. I will double-check them tomorrow, but I’ve been experiencing real issues with “phantom” characters being added to the links in the initial post, most likely by the message board software. I copy the link as I’ve posted it, paste it into a new browser window, and the link fails due to additional characters which are not visible in the text I copied being added in. Here’s an example,with track 11 of Mary Poppins Returns: Text copied: https://www.waltdisneystudiosawards.com/media/toplay/mp/score/11_MagicPapers_pt2.mp3 After pasting into the address bar and hitting enter, the test changes to the following: https//www.waltdisneystud%EF%BB%BFiosawards.com/media/toplay/mp/score/11_MagicPapers_pt2.mp3%EF%BB%BF The additional “%EF%BB%BF” characters appear to refer to “byte order markers” which are added into the copied/pasted link for some reason. And they kill the link. Also, the Walt Disney site is a bit fluky. I seem to have better luck accessing the individual MP3 links AFTER I play on one of the files directly from their site. Regardless, JDownloader had no issues whatsoever downloading all of the Mary Poppins Returns and Ralph Breaks the Internet MP3 files from the links above.
  7. NEW SCORES/SONGS AVAILABLE Walt Disney LINK 1 or 2 Mary Poppins Returns (Marc Shaiman) [29 cues, 47:36] Mary Poppins Returns [Song – “The Place Where Lost Things Go” (Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman), 03:44] Mary Poppins Returns [Song – “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” (Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman), 07:03]
  8. NEW SCORES/SONGS AVAILABLE Walt Disney LINK 1 or 2 Black Panther (Ludwig Göransson) [28 cues, 1:31:08] Black Panther [Song - "All the Stars" (Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Tiffith, Mark Spears, Solana Rowe, Al Shuckburgh), 3:52] Ralph Breaks the Internet (Henry Jackman) [17 cues, 40:37] Ralph Breaks the Internet [Song - "A Place Called Slaughter Race" (Alan Menken, Phil Johnston, Tom MacDougall), 03:28] Ralph Breaks the Internet [Song - "Zero" (Imagine Dragons), 03:32] NOTE: Four cues from the Black Panther score which are featured as MP3s on the Walt Disney site are NOT on the Black Panther FYC CD, pictured in the spoiler below: 02 Njobu 03 Royal Talon Fighter 14 Outsider 18 Loyal to the Throne
  9. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE Walt Disney LINK 1 or 2 Black Panther (Ludwig Göransson) [28 cues] Ralph Breaks the Internet (Henry Jackman) [17 cues] I can’t ID the correct link to track 5 for Ralph Breaks the Internet on my iPad, so I’ll correct it tomorrow (or will update it tonight if someone can provide me with the correct link). There are also songs available for both films, and I will add them tomorrow.
  10. You didn’t post the picture, @Disco Stu!
  11. Nice!! Same with Colette (Thomas Adès), I believe, though only 6 short cues are featured on the FYC site. Edit: And On the Basis of Sex (Mychael Danna) as well.
  12. NEW SCORES AVAILABLE Focus Features LINK 1 or 2 Mary Queen of Scots (Max Richter) [15 cues, 49:05] Walt Disney LINK 1 or 2 Incredibles 2 (Michael Giacchino) [18 cues, 1:03:24]
  13. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE [Kudos to @Jay for the heads-up on this!!!] Walt Disney LINK 1 or 2 Incredibles 2 (Michael Giacchino) [18 cues] [I’ll update the main thread over the weekend.]