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  1. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE STX Entertainment Molly’s Game (Daniel Pemberton) [16 cues, 41:30]
  2. Most likely a voting member of AMPAS (for the Oscars), or of BAFTA or HFPA (for the Golden Globes).
  3. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Universal Pictures Split (West Dylan Thordson) [22 cues, 59:47]
  4. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Bleecker Street Breathe (Nitin Sawhney) [5 cues, 06:56] Man Who Invented Christmas, The (Mychael Danna) [5 cues, 07:17]
  5. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Universal Pictures Despicable Me 3 (Heitor Pereira; original songs & themes by Pharrell Williams) [38 cues, 54:31] Fate of the Furious, The (Brian Tyler) [29 cues, 1:17:38] Get Out (Michael Abels) [41 cues, 56:44]
  6. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Amazon Studios Wonderstruck (Carter Burwell) [31 cues, 1:03:39]
  7. NEW SCORE/SONGS AVAILABLE Walt Disney Beauty and the Beast [Song - “Evermore” (Josh Groban) (3:10)] Beauty and the Beast [Song - "How Does A Moment Last Forever" (Celine Dion) (3:38)] Cars 3 (Randy Newman) [21 cues, 50:22] Cars 3 [Song - “Ride” (ZZ Ward, Gary Clark Jr.) (4:03)] Cars 3 [Song - “Run That Race” (Dan Auerbach) (2:44)]
  8. Shazam ID'ed it as a version conducted(?) by Paul Mauriat:
  9. NEW SCORE AVAILABLE Focus Features Victoria & Abdul (Thomas Newman) [32 cues, 46:19]
  10. NEW SONG AVAILABLE Universal Pictures Fifty Shades Darker [Song - "I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker)" (Zayn & Taylor Swift), 4:05]
  11. The version @Jilal linked to previously is very slightly higher in amplitude, which caused some brief areas to be clipped. Otherwise, they are nearly identical. Both 128kbps MP3 so compression artifacts are noticeable.
  12. John Williams Discography

    Hmm... that's the cover I have as well, purchased in the US.
  13. And thank you for your appreciation!! Fat chance of that happening, but wouldn't it be marvelous if it did!!