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  1. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Anyone else notice how the first few bars of this sound like Marion's Theme from Raiders? Pretty cool.
  2. Since the FYC track added music to the begining of the cue I assumed this would have encompassed the whole sequence. But as you pointed out it does not. Thanks.
  3. Was not this the sequence in the film where the Emporers Theme is briefly quoted? I thought we would hear it with the extra material at the begining of the cue. Must have been an insert.
  4. I was sure the quote of the Emporers Theme would show up in the expanded version of A New Alliance but alas no.
  5. I don't know how to describe it in musical terms but that rapid brass flourish at 3.44 in 'The Battle Of Crait' that leads into 'Here they Come'...... thats John Williams and thats Star Wars!
  6. Err, sorry. Just say'in. After seeing the film it seems the only thing that hasn't gone off the rails is Williams music.🙄
  7. It's scored for the appearance of the rebel blockade runner being pursued by the Star destroyer. As Williams pointed out in the original 77 album notes it's the rebel spacehip fanfare. Hence its appearance when the Falcon enters the death star.
  8. I do like the cue ' A New Alliance'. It's a more familiar William's setpiece and features a nice throwback to 'Saving Willie' from Temple of Doom. Though I fear it's been cut short?
  9. I always thought Luke's Rescue (Snow Speeders Take Flight) in ESB worked way better than the tracked Hyperspace cue ultimately used. The only misstep seems to be the end when Luke is in the rejuvenation tank.
  10. John Williams scores to suffer the least editing?

    It may have been mentioned already but Saving Private Ryan is pretty much edit free and bar one short cue which may have been tracked its all on the album Miracle!
  11. Ennio Morricone - The Hateful Eight

    I haven't heard the FYC yet, but it may present the music as used in the film. From memory, its somewhat different to the pieces as presented on the commercial album. For starters I think there is a cue after the Overture (which may be the first minute or so of the Neve track) which then segues into the titles.
  12. Williams has definetly got his game on here. IMO 'The Bombing Run' is as wonderful and exciting as anything Williams wrote for 'The Last Battle' in A New Hope. There may even be a little nod to the launch from Yavin sequence in there. I haven't had this much fun listening to a score in ages.
  13. It appears there is a section at the end of 'Follow Me' on the FYC that is in fact a tracked section from 1.59 - 2.09 of the same cue, It occurs right before the segue into 'The Falcon'.
  14. G,day from Sydney , Australia

    Hi all Been aware of Wiiliams' music since re-runs of Lost In Space around 1972 and been a huge fan since Jaws in the mid seventies. Have been a lurker here for the last couple of years but all the current Force Awakens euphoria forced me to join up. Thanks.