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  1. Ranking JW's 21st century scores

    Hmmm. I must confess I haven't listened to them all . . . . Of the ones I can remember TFA Tintin AI Harry Potter 1 RotS Book Thief Harry Potter 3 AotC
  2. Which JW score has the best action music?

    Hmm, Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back had some great cues that sort of mixed the "dazzling complexity" with the thematic stuff. I also really liked the Tintin action cues, especially "Falcon Chase" and the pirate battle.
  3. I'm torn apart with torn apart. Maybe I'll do an edit and mix the two. . . . For Ways of the Force I go with the FYC because I listen to it especially because the X-Wing attack cue on it is MUCH better than the concert Scherzo track. The Scherzo seems like they just put Luke's theme in there every second bar. The FYC reserved it and used it in really nice spots.
  4. I've really been wanting to learn this on piano but it's not been officially released . . . does anyone have it?
  5. Agreed. When Williams puts Poe and Finn's themes (motifs) together in the credits they really blend well, better than the Force theme and Rey's mixing together IMO. Hopefully there will be more Poe in the next film.
  6. Which SW score has the best action music?

    Empire. Asteroid Field, Hoth, and Could City win it. A New Hope comes second with Imperial Attack, Chasm Crossfire, TIE Fighter Attack, and Yavin.
  7. Every statement of Poe's theme. I Can Fly Anything as they blow up the laser cannons, The Resistance as he goes on a 10 kill streak, and The Journey Home as he flees the Starkiller with the rest of the Squad. Poe's theme is my favourite theme in the movie. The first horn phrase when the Star Destroyer eclipses Jakku. Rebel Fanfare at the Falcon reveal. The Rebel Fanfare is a great theme and it was used really well here. The opening of The Resistance. My favourite scene with some great music. Kylo's theme as he lands on Takodana. The Abduction as Finn runs screaming "Rey! Rey!" The first 1:20 of Ways of the Force on the FYC. Pretty much Scherzo for X-Wings but IMO better as it saves Luke's theme for some great moments. A great scene too as the X-Wings attack the trench. Poor Ello Atsy . . . Kylo's second theme (6 notes, triplets I think, followed by a note a semitone below) as he shows up in the forest on Starkiller. Han and Leia's theme at the end of The Journey Home. Honestly the only moment in the score that makes me tear up when listening to it.
  8. Scherzo for X-Wings

    This track really grew on me too. I don't like it as much as the beginning of Ways of the Force on the FYC but it's still pretty good. Honestly I think the only bad part of it is Luke's theme. It takes away from the other scoring. That's why I like the FYC version, it only has a few statements of Luke's theme and in good spots. Also, sort of OT, but do i hear Escape From Naboo right after the first time Luke's theme plays in the FYC version?
  9. Agreed! Great movie, I love it! Speaking of which: Does sound a bit like March of the Resistance.
  10. What are your Top 3 Force Theme renditions?

    Forgot about that one! It's really good.
  11. No shame! That's a great arrangement, wish I was skilled enough to play all those sixteenth octaves. *Gets back to TIE Fighter Attack and Rey's Theme*
  12. Zaralyth you're leaving BC fot New Zealand? would you please leave the FYC behind for me please . . . .
  13. NAME: you can call me Flare LOCATION: BC Canada AGE: 15 GENDER: Male PROFESSION: high school FAVOURITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Star Wars, especially Empire and Force Awakens, Tintin FAVOURITE NON-WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Incredibles, Star Trek (2009), most older movies (70s and earlier) FAVOURITE OTHER COMPOSERS: Giachhino, Desplat, Newman, NOT Zimmer FAVOURITE FILM(S): Star Wars Saga, Grand Budapest Hotel, Bridge of Spies, Star Trek II, others . . . FAVOURITE DIRECTOR(S): Steven Spielberg, Abrams, Wes Anderson, SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Reading, Film Music, Piano, school band, amateur filmmaking, hackerspace VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: last week (Dec 2015)
  14. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Just rewatched a New Hope. This section at 0:46 really stood out for me. Amazing scoring!