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  1. I’ve heard that it’s completely mismarketed and actually much in the vein of the first film. I still need to see it myself. 1. Mandy 2. Mission: Impossible - Fallout 3. Isle of Dogs
  2. Koray Savas

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    Honestly the visuals look great. If they actually stick with the gritty angle it appears to be going for, should be good.
  3. Koray Savas

    What are you drinking tonight?

    It’s a common ingredient in cocktails to add frothiness.
  4. All he said is that he didn’t like how violent Django was.
  5. Koray Savas

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    Did it end up being a Cloverfield tie-in?
  6. Koray Savas

    Black Friday! - What do you believe in? - Part 2

    Superman Schindler’s List No Potter
  7. Koray Savas

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Pic isn’t showing.
  8. Koray Savas

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I watched The Princess Bride last night but fell asleep towards the end.
  9. Koray Savas

    The Official Intrada Thread

    It’s called the ignore feature!
  10. It’s worth it just for Episode 6. Technical marvel, that one. I still enjoyed my time with it, just personally felt the ending to be a bit vanilla compared to what was teased in the building episodes.
  11. It’s fine. At least there wasn’t a cliffhanger ending.
  12. Koray Savas

    The Official username change thread

    Yeah I was speaking more directly about societal labels in this instance, since the history of it is so widely known. Similarly, I don’t understand why the United Stares adopted the term American, despite it spanning 3 continents. The Spanish word Estadouniden is accurate, but we don’t have an English equivalent.