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  1. For fuck’s sake, I thought we were free of him when David O. Russell left the project.
  2. Shovel Knight is in its own tier of nostalgia throwback. It’s a legit 2D pixel art game. Those don’t get made anymore.
  3. Modern Warfare 2 and 3 fit that bill more with their optional missions like “No Russian.” This is consistent in its tone and gameplay. Tactical missions like Clean House and The Wolf’s Den are on the level of All Ghillied Up, for me. One of the best FPS campaigns of the generation, for sure.
  4. Finished the Modern Warfare campaign the other night. They took obvious inspiration from Sicario on this one. Tension you can cut with a knife. Some pretty heavy gameplay moments that left me taking breaks. A first for a game, for me. I think they handled the grounded tone quite well.
  5. If you’ve noticed they’re mostly the same CDs each year. Freebies or extra copies Jay is willing to giveaway in exchange for donations. Of course any one of us can purchase these titles outright for less money, but the ultimate point is to support the site.
  6. A couple of friends went back to Destiny, but not enough for me to redownload and jump back in. Modern Warfare for me!
  7. They took too long with pre-production so Bay bailed.
  8. Moonrise Kingdom, while great, is probably towards the bottom of my Anderson favorites.
  9. Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain
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