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  1. Koray Savas

    Does anyone else have a serious problem staring at women's breasts?

    Says the guy who’s afraid his dick will snap off if a woman is on top.
  2. Koray Savas

    Does anyone else have a serious problem staring at women's breasts?

    A lot of things are a turn off for you, mate. Sometimes it’s downright bizarre, but honestly just severe anxiety. Talk to your doctor.
  3. Koray Savas

    Does anyone else have a serious problem staring at women's breasts?

    You’re a decent BloodBoal replacement! And you like John Powell, so you have that going for you.
  4. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    What have you been playing recently? I still see you on Destiny from time to time. And also, did you get another Xbox after selling your first? Could have sworn I saw your name pop up at one point. People post pictures of Helen Mirren and Sigourney Weaver. There are no rules!
  5. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    We have a thread for that.
  6. Koray Savas

    James Bond #25

    Misogyny, really, but who cares? You have 50+ years of that character. Let someone try something new.
  7. Koray Savas

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    It was discussed in the pop and rock music thread, I believe. Brilliant video.
  8. Guess I’m the only one that likes the score.
  9. Koray Savas

    The Thomas Newman Thread

    I really wish that Roderick Jaynes won the Oscar for editing No Country to see the reaction when the Coens themselves would just come up to the stage again lol.
  10. Koray Savas

    New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2018?

    All releases are limited. It’s in the contract that the label is allowed to press x amount of copies. It’s up to the label to manage their business and only press up to what they think they will sell. The only thing Intrada stopped doing was telling us the numbers. FSM notoriously sold more than what they said their scores were originally limited to, because the demand was still there. I think they sold something like 7,500 copies of Kelly’s Heroes, which is ‘limited’ to 3,000.
  11. Koray Savas

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Bourbon and lemon x2.
  12. Has anyone actually seen the film yet?
  13. Koray Savas

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Have you seen any of his more recent stuff? He's done a couple, what look like, action thrillers. Wonder how those are. I always found him an odd fit in Behind Enemy Lines.
  14. It's easier to use Google and just add 'jwfan' to end of the topic you're looking for.