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  1. Koray Savas

    Happy birthday John Powell!

    CD player?
  2. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    I only played a little bit of Arkham Asylum, never played Arkham City, and fully played Arkham Knight. I’d say the combat is more satisfying in the Batman games, but swinging around the city here is intensely satisfying.
  3. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    No, to reach 100% was arduous in the tedious open world activities. That’s why I suggested to stick to the story if you want a mean and lean experience. To do everything would probably take 25-30 hours. The story is well told and has some fun boss battles.
  4. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    Just reached 100% in Spider-Man. Quite pleased with it overall, though unless you’re a madman like myself, stick to the story missions and side quests for a better experience. Impressed with John Paesano’s score; might just be my favorite Spider-Man score. Bizarre that it has no album release.
  5. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    I kinda like its streamlined look. Without spoiling the story, the game changes based on your decisions from the first playthrough.
  6. Koray Savas

    James Bond #25

    Whatever you say.
  7. Koray Savas

    James Bond #25

    This. There's no revisionist history with Quantum Of Solace, people always thought it was terrible and trying to mimic Bourne.
  8. Koray Savas

    DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Suicide Squad is indeed terrible. Whole film is a mess. Having abandoned the MCU after the first Avengers film, I thought I could at least be socially relevant by keeping up with the DC films. But after watching Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League recently, I can happily abandon this as well. I'll stick with real blockbuster filmmaking like Mission: Impossible!
  9. Koray Savas

    Video Game Thread II

    Isn't the gameplay just your typical point and click adventure game? I dug the animation style and loved the story and how it evolves over multiple playthroughs. Cool sound design too.
  10. Koray Savas

    Best film scores with an "ethnic" flair!

    Welp, there goes the thread.
  11. Koray Savas

    Best film scores with an "ethnic" flair!

    Gladiator The Lion King The Power Of One Black Hawk Down An Everlasting Piece Sherlock Holmes Casi Divas The Last Samurai Tears Of The Sun A World Apart Kung Fu Panda